Big Bet Winner / Weekly Round-up

It's a bit of a catch our breath day today, dear reader, as I summarise recent events, and look forward to my favourite race of the year: The Grand National. In today's post, I've got the image of that amazing betting slip that copped £30,906 for a £3 treble; I've another question for you; and I'm going to tell you what's coming next...

First up, you read about Geegeez reader Peter's stupendous Saturday punt earlier in the week. Well, he's been kind enough to send me a copy of both the original receipt, and Coral's settlement receipt (with the magic numbers on it!).

It turns out that Peter had made a 1 x 2 x 3 permutation on the three races (i.e. he had one horse running for him in race 1, two in race 2, and three in race 3). What is incredible - to me at least - is that the 100/1 winner was the BANKER in the first leg!!!

Anyway, enough bluster from me - here's that mega-slip:

100/1 Banker in amazing treble

100/1 Banker in amazing treble

And the payout slip...

10,301/1 Treble (!)

10,301/1 Treble (!)

I want a ticket that says, "Slip Returns 30,906"!

I'm delighted that it happened at all, and more so that it happened to one of us: a Geegeez reader. And, one last time, many thanks to Peter for gloating sharing this with us all. 🙂


My thanks also to the 339 of you who offered your thoughts on the preferred frequency of my ramblings. Amazingly (for me at least), the top preference was daily, which is truly gratifying and a little humbling actually. Getting over myself momentarily, I should point out that very close in second preference was twice weekly, and next in was every other day.

Your first 30 days for just £1

There was surprisingly (again, for me at least) few who requested just a weekly email, and a single person who wanted to read my bluster fortnightly... you know who you are! 😉

So, what does this mean? Well, I think I'll continue as we are. Which is to say, some weeks I'll send you an email every day, some weeks it'll only be twice weekly, and some weeks every other day. Rest assured, I'll not be emailing fortnightly, sir (or madam).

I've got another poll question coming up, and it's about something that I've been planning for ages, and hope will be the catalyst to really change a few people's lives. It certainly won't be for everyone, and I totally understand that. That's fine. In fact, it's absolutely necessary.

But for those who are truly seeking a step change in their life this year, from a business / working / lifestyle / work-life balance perspective, this will be a VERY exciting opportunity.

More in the next day or two...


One of the pages on Geegeez that doesn't see a lot of visits, which I think is a pity, is the Polls Archive. This page tells me what you're thinking, and is one of the most important for me on the whole site. It gives me an insight which enables me to shape Geegeez content specifically to what you ask for. Good, eh?

If you've not pootled over there, feel free to have a leisurely peruse from this conveniently located link: Geegeez Polls Archive.


And finally, the initial entry stage for the Grand National was today. It's my favourite race of the year, as I've said, and - last season being a horrible exception - I've got a pretty impressive track record in locating the winners (though I say so myself).

The weights are published on 16th February, at which time there is frantic activity in the betting markets as trainers whinge and flounce about the pounds allotted to their horses. Interestingly, you don't very often hear the handicapper whingeing about the trainers running their National hopes over hurdles or inadequate trips. (Sorry, had a bit of a soapbox moment there..!)

So, prior to the weight publication, and probably early next week, I'll share my preliminary thoughts, based on what the weights might be, and which horses might run. As you can tell, there are caveats aplenty at this stage. But there will also be some of those lovely big fat juicy odds on offer, should our early speculatives line up come April 3rd...

Stay tuned for that.



Your first 30 days for just £1
19 replies
  1. Peter says:

    Hi Matt, maybe there is a slight element of gloating from me, but let me assure you, and all the GeeGeez readers that if someone else does something similar on Geegeez no one will be more pleased than me. I’ve been gambling on horses for 32 years so I’m not exactly an overnight success.
    Best wishes from Pete.

    • Matt Bisogno says:

      Hi Peter

      No, no, no! Absolutely not suggesting that you were gloating. I know you’d be thrilled if someone else won, as we’re all very chuffed (and envious!) of your amazing win.


  2. craig robbo says:

    tell peter well done n fro some the tips this way could do with a winner o 2 ha

  3. Joyce says:

    Just want to add my congratulations to Peter, well done buddy!

    and why shouldn’t you gloat, you deserve to, after all, how many

    of us get to spank the bookies!……….

    p.s fancy anymore 100/1 shot, let us know….lol

  4. billy says:

    That ad Matt for the Racing experts was so American ie. big scroll down page-was only 100 you said, now taking on more in the e mail you sent-cast iron guarantee at the bottom.
    It just sticks out that you want the £47.
    I thought this whole site was worth more than that?
    I understand you are trying to make a living but come on…..


    • Matt Bisogno says:

      Hi Billy

      Thanks for your comments. Forgive me, but I’m not sure what your point is? It sounds to me like you’re seriously interested but don’t want to risk being taken in. That’s fair enough. Who does?!

      I can tell you that there is massively more value than £47 in there, and that I did put the sold out sign up for the weekend (it was only open six hours before I sold the hundred I was going to sell). The reason was I wanted to make sure the big files with the video on them didn’t, excuse me, bugger up with 100 users.

      They didn’t, so HRE is open again now. No big sneaky BS.

      Regarding my guarantee, if you can find anyone on any forum who has been refused a refund on a product they bought from me, please let me know so that I can sort them out.

      I’m very proud of my business, and the way I conduct it, and I understand your scepticism, which – let’s face it – is necessary with horse racing stuff online.

      But my business is legitimate and every word of that sales copy is correct.

      Best Regards

      p.s. OF COURSE I want the £47! This is my business. And, obviously, I think it’s more than a fair trade for the content in HRE. If you don’t agree, you’ll get your cash back.

    • Matt Bisogno says:

      Hi Alan,

      I’m genuinely sorry to hear that my reply has saddened you. I’ve also no idea why. I was being completely (brutally?) honest. I don’t see what’s wrong in offering much more value than the asking price and wanting to sell to as many people as possible (without detriment to the service delivery).

      Without meaning to sound self-important, I wish that more people invested in that information because I think that more people would then have the relevant information to stop them being taken in and to create their own successful betting systems.

      I’m always willing to receive criticism, so if you can be specific about what saddens you, do please let me know.


  5. steve says:

    Sorry folks if this is in the wrong place but its the first time I’ve used the internet in several weeks and I am very tired.
    On 23rd of Dec a car left the A180 at speed and entered a layby where I was trying to comfort an hysterical driver who could not cope with the icy conditions. The car ran over me, took me under its wheels, down the layby and back on to the motorway. My left hand is smashed. My left foot damaged and minus a toe. I eventually lost my kidney after three operations. It broke my left leg and right arm, damaged my balance and left me with a stutter. I have had pneumonia and an resistant strain of ecoli infection. The pain had been indescribable largely because my bladder was completely blocked by clots as my kidney rotted.
    This isn’t a tale of bravery. I cry a lot now and am quite depressed as I am exhausted and can do nothing much for myself.
    Apart from a long list of injuries it has left me with a fear that others will be hurt through driving too fast or taking chances. Learn from my experience. Enjoy life but please always take care.
    If this is in the wrong place please move it Matt and keep on doing what you do best…squeezing the maximum of fun out of life.


    • Matt Bisogno says:

      Hi Steve

      That is a truly dreadful cautionary tale and, with cold weather again coming in, I hope that people do heed your message. Moreover, I wish you as speedy and full a recovery as possible, and hope that you’ll be squeezing your own fun out of life again ASAP.

      Best wishes,

  6. john rose says:

    so unfortunate !!?? but what a brave man
    i would like to wish him well he needs some good fortune he definately deserves it

  7. kevin hogan says:

    hi matt,firstly a very speedy recovery to steve,and i would just like to say theres nothing wrong the way you operate your service at all,regards kevin

  8. Connor says:


    That really is a horrific tale and I really do wish you a full recovery. Remember to try and be as positive as possible, and with any luck as Matt said you’ll be enjoying life again soon. All the best mate…

    Connor Gallagher

  9. Ronnie Nicolson says:


    Just wish to add my best wishes for your recovery from what must have been an awful experience.

  10. William says:

    Hey Steve, I hope you get well soon, but just take your time in doing things, a truly shocking experience you had and all because you played a good samaritan, you will be recompensed for this mis-fortune, i’m sure, keep us all posted on your progress, please.

  11. ron.goodall says:

    to steve
    i was depressed because i am waiting for money which i need to pay
    my bills i am self empoyed driver my business has struggled for over
    12 months had to stop my grandson just before christmas anyway it
    nothing to reading your storey if their is a god i do hope he heals your wounds wishing you a speedy recovey and keep us all updated
    in the future ron.goodall

  12. john cutler says:

    To Steve
    May your god be with you & may he comfort & help,
    best wishes for the future in all things. I say a prayer that things only get better.
    John C

  13. Billy says:

    Best Wishes for your recovery Steve,hope you get well soon.
    Its really that American sales pitch but I,m sure your guarantee’s
    sound enough!
    I personally dont like buying systems generally etc..although you seem to have reviewed it well and this site is good from a punters point of view.
    I like the FP system myself but wonder will it hold up or would a
    few dodgy days wipe it out?
    I know its got the built in safety features you mentioned and seems to have stood the time test.
    Have you checked it lately?

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