Big Prize Tipping Competition: Day 1

300x250_racing_orangeIt's competition time!

Many of you are already taking part in our £240 a month tipping league. If you're not, you can do so by clicking here (check the rules tab too!)

And over the next few days, courtesy of those generous fellows at 8 8 8 sport, we're running a separate tipping competition, with TEN different prizes up for grabs!

Here's how this will work.



1. Each day, or as many days as you choose to enter, you leave a comment at the bottom of the post with your selections for the nominated races that day. There will be three races per day, over five days. Wednesday, Thursday, Friday this week; and Monday, Tuesday next week.

2. Include in your comment your full name, 8 8 8 sport username, and your selections, by race.

3. You MUST have a 8 8 8 sport account - or register for one - to be eligible for this competition. Here's a great incentive if you don't yet have one.

4. The winner will be the tipster with the highest total profit to a 1 unit stake across the 15 races. You do not have to tip in every race but you will score -1 for each 'no bet' race. In the event of ties down the prize order, the highest priced winning selection will determine finishing order. If still a tie, the second highest priced winning selection will count, and so on.

5. The judge's (i.e. mine!) decision is final


Your first 30 days for just £1

New 8 8 8 Sport accounts (i.e. opened this week) qualify for free bet prizes, as follows:

1st – £120 in free bets

2nd – £60 in free bets

3rd – £40 in free bets

4th – £20 in free bets

5th – £10 in free bets

All 8 8 8 Sport accounts qualify for one of five extra prizes, as follows:

A copy of my forthcoming Under The Radar Trainers 2014 report (£27 RRP).

That's a total of £250 in free bets and £135 in Geegeez prizes, so £385 worth of prizes 😀

To clarify, this competition is open to all 8 8 8 Sport account holders. You MUST have an account with 8 8 8 Sport to be eligible for any of the prizes, as per the above.

To open an account - and get 20/1 Messi to be top scorer at the World Cup - click here


OK, if that's clear, Wednesday's trio of races are:

1.45 York
2.15 York
3.50 York 

(Nobody said this would be easy!!)

An example of how to submit your picks is in the comments below.

Good luck!!!


To open an account - and get 20/1 Messi to be top scorer at the World Cup - click here

Your first 30 days for just £1
93 replies
  1. michaelno2 says:

    Mick coulson
    1.45 clever cookie
    2.15 picture dealer
    3.50 thats is the spirit

  2. MICKOOOOOO says:

    Mick O’Sullivan

    1.45 Grandorio
    2.15 Royal Rascal
    3.50 New Bidder

    Read the instructions this time !!

  3. Nigel Goodwin says:

    Nigel Goodwin
    1.45 Hi There
    2.15 Fast Shot
    3.50 Shot in the Sun

  4. graham tucker says:

    Graham Tucker
    1.45 Grandorio
    2.15 Royal Rock
    3.50 Rogue Wave

  5. Copshaw says:

    Gary Cuthbert
    1.45 Global Village
    2.15 Secret Witness
    3.50 Shot In The Sun

  6. highlander says:

    iain anderson
    1.45 lahaag
    2.15 summerinthecity
    3.50 epic voyage

  7. Jimsmith78 says:

    James Stevens

    145 Tres Coronas
    215 Yeeoow
    350 Provident Spirit

  8. William Napier says:

    William Napier

    1.45 Tres Coronas
    2.15 Lancelot Du Lac
    3.50 Bretherton

  9. Alex dustan says:

    Made a mistake. Should be ware23 and not loganer a stated.
    Alex Dustan
    1.45 Grandorio
    2.15 Blaine
    3.50 Tea Leaf.


  10. Dick says:

    Dick Dann

    1.45 Cashpoint

    2.15 Royal Rock

    3.50 Slemy

    Good Luck to all Matt’s players

  11. Noel McPartland says:

    Noel McPartland
    1:45 York Rye House
    2:15 York Blaine
    3:50 York New Bidder

  12. SYDNEY71 says:

    Simon Parmenter
    1.45 – SILVERY MOON

  13. phyllis78 says:

    phyllis hutton

    1.45 Hi There
    2.15 Fast Shot
    3.50 Shot In The Sun

  14. MColebrook says:

    Martyn Colebrook

    1:45 Clever Cooke
    2:15 Royal Rascal
    3:45 Tea Leaf

  15. UcheNogan says:

    Fraser Harrison

    1.45 Tres Coronas
    2.15 Colonel Mak
    3.50 Shot In The Sun


  16. stuey26 says:

    Stuart Eyre – stueyre26:
    1.45 – Pasaka Boy
    2.15 – Fast Shot
    3.50 – Slemy

  17. dave whitehead says:

    David Whitehead
    1-45 Grandorio
    2-15 Blaine
    3-50 That Is The Spirit

  18. joeheal says:

    Try that again. . .
    Joe Healy
    1.45 clever cookie
    2.15 picture dealer
    3.50 new bidder

  19. Mark Shepherd says:

    Mark Shepherd

    1.45 Rye House
    2.15 Royal Rascal
    3.50 Tiger Twenty Two

  20. Colin Cliff says:

    Colin Cliff
    1.45 Pasaka Boy
    2.15 Secret Witness
    3.50 Two Smart

    • Matt Bisogno says:

      Too late, Gary, I’m afraid.

      The timestamp on this is 3.11pm, and the first two races had been run by then!


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