Blog Offer and Job Offer

I've news of a couple of offers in today's short post, dear reader, one on a blog and one for a job...

First up, paging all Irish readers. Fancy yourself as a James Joyce, Oscar Wilde or George Bernard Shaw of Irish racing?

I will shortly be launching my new Irish site, and am looking for a knowledgeable and creative writer to produce a weekly 'digest' article for that site.

The digest should contain all the relevant major news from around the Irish racing scene, and perhaps a snippet or two from 'off the beaten track'. Tipping is not a requirement, and should not form part of your contributions.

I hope that it goes without saying that all article content should be original - plagiarism is a nasty (and wholly unnecessary) malaise and is most certainly not acceptable.

Compensation will be per article, and will be discussed with the chosen writer. This is an opportunity for someone who has a strong working knowledge of the Irish game - perhaps someone who is close to a stable, or already writes for a journal or website (though all-comers will be considered on their writing and experiential merits).

Going forward, there may be further opportunities to develop the scope of the role.

To be considered, you must be reliable and available to write on a regular basis (at least 45 weeks a year); have an excellent understanding of the Irish scene (ideally in the context of the British scene, as well); be able to demonstrate your prowess with the virtual pen; and, have good grammatical skills.

If you're interested in being considered for this, great! To apply, please email info@gee (remove the space in the previous), and include the following:

- a sample article based on either the previous week's Irish racing, or an editorial feature on an aspect of the Irish scene (e.g. a specific horse, or race, or tradition - whatever)

- a brief pen picture of yourself and your history / interest in Irish racing

- details of your availability, and level of writing experience

- any questions you have about the position.

Your first 30 days for just £1

That's it! I hope that some of you reading this from across the Irish Sea (or ex-pats this side of the water, or elsewhere) will be inspired to apply, as I reckon that racing over the water needs a few more independent voices.

IMPORTANT: closing date for applications will be this Friday, 2pm GMT. If you're interested, please don't miss the boat! 🙂


Next up, an update on the Betfair Renegade system. A better day today, with four selections all nicely stuffed out of sight. The system is now showing a small loss of 4.6 points to Betfair SP.

As the service is now off the market, I propose to conclude the review at the end of this week.

On the other service that is being tracked on the blog, Winning Selections, we seem to have been the kiss of death for that advisory, as they've now had the misfortune of nine consecutive losing wagers, including two second places in horse races yesterday. There was no selection today.

A number of readers have independently vouched for a) the accuracy of the results on the Winning Selections website, and b) their profitability.

If, like me, you're a contrarian, you might well see this as the ideal time to consider a membership! After all, after a bad run expect a good run (and vice versa). Should you share that view, the link below will be of some interest:

Time for a winning run for Winning Selections?


Finally today, and as alluded to yesterday and in the headline, I've got news of another blog with a special offer and a quiz!

Kev, a (very) long-standing reader of Geegeez, and one of the select few to attend my training workshop back in June, has a fun Christmas quiz on his new blog, 'The Racehorse Whisperer'.

Kev knows his onions, as a lay tipster for Canonbury Publishing for some time, and he's also been helping out on TTS for the last three seasons.

He writes very well, and his quiz might take some winning. There are prizes for the first and second placed entries, and it's free to enter.

There will be two questions on each of six days in the run up to Christmas and the first two were put up today. I'm confident I know the answers to these two, but I expect the questions to get tougher as the week progresses.

Can you beat me? Can you win it outright? To stake your claim, head on over to The Racehorse Whisperer.

(If you like what you see there, and/or you want to be sure to get all the quiz questions, you may also want to sign up for Kev's blog post email notifications. He'll never 'spam' you - or I wouldn't suggest you visit his site! - and, as I said, he knows his onions from his tomatoes, especially at the jumping game).

That's it for today. I'll be back later in the week with a look at the Queen Mother Champion Chase in my ongoing Cheltenham Ante-Post Preview series.


Your first 30 days for just £1