Bookie Annihilation Review: Betting System

Bookie Annihilation

Bookie Annihilation

My inbox has been stuffed with Bookie Annihilation plugs for a few days now, so I thought I'd bag a copy of this betting system and see what all the fuss is about...

Firstly, Bookie Annihilation (BA) is from the same team who produced Betfair Conspiracy, which I actually quite liked, so I had reasonable hopes for this one.

The Bookie Annihilation betting system costs a one off £37.99.

Download was a simple enough process, although it did involve the seemingly obligatory 'upsell' of another modules. I politely declined. Also, in order to receive your copy, you are requested to enter your name and email into an opt-in form, which is a little cheeky in my opinion.

BA is a backing system, i.e. betting horses to win (or place), and there are three possible staking options: win, each way or dutch, depending on how the criteria are met.

Your first 30 days for just £1

The criteria themselves are simple enough and involve examining the data from two racing information sites (but not the usual two), both of which are free to view.

This then presents us with between none and three horses to support in each race. Whilst BA suggests choosing the races you wish to back in, my view is that you probably need to be taking a look at all races and supporting horses accordingly. This would involve a lot of bets each day. Of course, you can choose to focus on one meeting, or just afternoon or evening, or whatever.

As an example, today would see us looking at the following horses:

1.55 Pinerock e/w
2.25 Magnetic Pole e/w
3.05 no bet
3.40 Alazan / Sweet World dutched
4.15 Fealing Real e/w
4.50 Frosted Grape win

4.55 Calypso Star / Lady Willa dutched
5.25 Morache Music / Park Ballet dutched
6.00 no bet
6.30 Royal Exchange win
7.00 My Manikato / Warlu Way dutched
7.35 Joseph Lister e/w
8.05 no bet

2.05 Master Macho / Millyluvstobougie dutched
2.40 no bet
3.15 Arc Light / Muntasib / Noonenose dutched
3.50 Major Phil / Truism
4.25 Calipatria e/w
5.00 Park View / Aquarius Star / Kensei dutched

6.45 Fantasy Fighter / Cavitie dutched
7.15 Two Feet Of Snow / Venus Empress dutched
7.45 Bachelor Knight / Little Libretto dutched
8.15 City Ground / Norman Orpen / Broadway Dancer dutched
8.50 Join Up / Out Of Nothing dutched
9.20 no bet

1.45 Bay Willow / Zuider Zee dutched
2.15 Distant Memories / Harrison George / Rainbow Peak dutched
2.50 Red Jazz / Yaa Wayl dutched
3.25 Equiano / Fleeting Spirit dutched
4.05 Edmaaj / Moriarty / Ollon dutched
4.40 Deauville Flyer e/w

That's a lot of action, unless you like placing twenty slips a day for small stakes (as many people do). There might also be angles here to just bet the single horses in races each way, or the win horses, or the two horses dutched.

Truth is at this stage, I have no idea. It took about a minute a race to go through those, which is not too bad at all - so that's about half an hour all done.

The approach is different, and interesting for that, and we'll see how these fare. I will update this post tomorrow.

You can take a look at Bookie Annihilator here.


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13 replies
  1. Robert Grimes
    Robert Grimes says:

    Hi Matt,

    I am retired, never gambled before, but I have been looking at your website for several months now, and others, but I find your reviews and comments very informative, no crap, tell it as it is, I like your approach to the betting game, humorous, serious and sensible
    I feel that I am getting to the stage where I can give betting a try, following your guidelines that I have read, by the way, what is `dutch or dutched` please.


    Bob Grimes

    Sales guys, please do not fill my inbox with non requested offers, I will only choose from Matts recommended sites, non requested goe`s to Junkmail

    • Matt Bisogno
      Matt Bisogno says:

      Hi Robert

      Thanks for the vote of confidence – much appreciated. 🙂

      Dutching is backing more than one horse in a race to win a set amount. For instance, if you wanted to win £10 and were betting two horses – at odds of 2/1 and 4/1 – you would bet £5 on the first and £2.50 on the second, a total stake of £7.50.

      And if you wanted to dutch your stake of £10, you would bet £6.25 on the 2/1 shot and £3.75 on the 4/1 shot. This would guarantee a return of £18.75 (and a profit of £8.75 – £18.75 returned minus £10 staked) if either of them won.

      Hope that makes some sort of sense.


  2. Neil
    Neil says:

    Here is an excert from a site that I get regular emails from who investigate systems:

    We have seen another product launched this week called Bookie Annihilation, it is from people we detail on our website who are responsible for a system pretty much every week, (they released such products as Betting Unleashed, Betting Sniper Profits, Betfair Conspiracy). It is a marketing set up that will cost you a lot of money over time and the name this week of the mystery “loser” that suddenly makes thousands is Andrew Collins. We recommend you avoid this product and also unsubscribe from any mail promoting it. Our Bad Mailing List which features down the right hand side of our website is a much looked at section and tells you who to unsubscribe from and the name Andrew Collins although a pseudonym joins that list . If you continue to receive mail then please let us know. We have had confirmation that a full investigation into these people is now ongoing and also into the company that provides the email service for allowing false names and addresses to be used repeatedly.

    I would advise caution !!

    • Matt Bisogno
      Matt Bisogno says:

      Thanks Neil. It is difficult to say for sure who is behind this product, as this is one of the vagaries of internet business: people can purport to be something (or someone) they’re not.

      In this case, I agree about unsubscribing from the mailing list, and my job is to review each system on its merits. Sometimes I’m able to use a database to check the likely profitability, but not in this case. So I’ll consider how it performs and offer a verdict, which is my way.

      Caution is a prudent strategy with ANY betting system / site, and this is no different.

      Best Regards,

  3. Peter Mack
    Peter Mack says:

    Having been a hobby gambler for about two years following Clement Freud’s philosophy I’ve undoubtedly consistently lost more than I’ve made but have had a lot of fun in the process and shall continue doing so.Even though I’ll probably have dabble on the dramatically titled Bookie Annihalator (in my opnion the only thing you could annihalate a Bookie’s with is WMD) I have come to the conclusion that the only way you can make money on systems is by either selling them or advertsing them on a site for commision.I’m thinking of setting a system which involves picking horses that are named after your favourite band,relative,pet,girlfriend etc.
    Do I have any takers?
    Always enjoying your column Matt…..

    • Matt Bisogno
      Matt Bisogno says:

      Ha, thanks Peter!

      As someone who both sells and advertises systems, I can confirm that there is money to be made there. However, I disagree that’s the only way to make money with systems, and my job – which is why I get paid for reviewing the products – is to try to sort the wheat from the chaff (from the utter dirge), and put people who want to buy systems in touch with those I think are most likely to work for them.

      I’m not always right, but I always offer honest candid thoughts first and foremost.

      Very pleased you enjoy the column, Peter. 🙂


  4. Neil
    Neil says:

    Hi Matt,

    Well the 1st 3 results are really encouraging arent’ they (hope you can detect the sarcasm !! :-))
    Love your column by the way and keep up the good work, you’ve given us all some good winners this year and I really hope that continues xx

  5. Alex Woolley
    Alex Woolley says:

    Hi Matt,

    Like the new format. How do I get access to your laying system?


  6. John Shuff
    John Shuff says:

    Hi Matt,

    I did a paper trial on the Bookie Annihilation system with yesterdays selections, this was the outcome;

    31 selections from 5 tracks (day & night racing)

    13 lost

    10 winners (win or placed)

    6 no bets (incl 1 of my own as it was advised ew but was odds on @ sp)

    2 break even.

    Winnings were £239.

    Losses were £195.

    Profit on the day £44.

    Staking was;

    £3win £7 Place on Betfair for EW bets.

    £5 win for win only bets.

    £20 max stake for dutching bets.
    All bets to Betfair odds.

    Considering that this involved me sitting out every race from the 1.45 @ York through to the 8.50 @ Wolve’s (a total of 7hrs 5mins) I’d say that’s not healthy for a profit of £44 over a 31race period.

    Even though I can see a possible reguar profit it’s a helluva long day and a fair bit of work for a very meagre profit.

    Just wondering if you did the trial Matt?
    John Shuff.

  7. Jah Brown
    Jah Brown says:

    Dear Matt
    I don’t think I can return to this site – the constant and annoying pop up everytime I visit does my head in. Can it be dropped please? If we want your systems, we are intelligent enough to find them without the awful patronising po-up. Thanks

    • Matt Bisogno
      Matt Bisogno says:

      Hi Jah

      I’m working on the pop up problem. Hopefully I might have a solution now, but please bear with me. Rest assured, I hear your plea and I am trying to find a mutually agreeable fix.

      Thanks for your patience.

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