Bookie Annihilation Update

I checked the Bookie Annihilation results yesterday and, with a wager in almost every race, we just about broke even to industry SP. A profit of a couple of points would have been made at Betfair SP.

Bangor = +1.35
-1    1.55 Pinerock e/w
+2.5    2.25 Magnetic Pole e/w
3.05 no bet
+1.85    3.40 Alazan / Sweet World dutched
-1    4.15 Fealing Real e/w
-1    4.50 Frosted Grape win

Salisbury = -0.54
-1        4.55 Calypso Star / Lady Willa dutched
+1.21     5.25 Morache Music / Park Ballet dutched
6.00 no bet
+1.25    6.30 Royal Exchange win
-1    7.00 My Manikato / Warlu Way dutched
-1    7.35 Joseph Lister e/w
8.05 no bet

Sandown = -1.7
-1    2.05 Master Macho / Millyluvstobougie dutched
2.40 no bet
-1    3.15 Arc Light / Muntasib / Noonenose dutched
-1    3.50 Major Phil / Truism
+0.6    4.25 Calipatria e/w
+0.7    5.00 Park View / Aquarius Star / Kensei dutched

Wolverhampton = -0.4
+1.37    6.45 Fantasy Fighter / Cavitie dutched
+0.24    7.15 Two Feet Of Snow / Venus Empress dutched
-1    7.45 Bachelor Knight / Little Libretto dutched
-0.01    8.15 City Ground / Norman Orpen / Broadway Dancer         dutched
-1    8.50 Join Up / Out Of Nothing dutched
9.20 no bet

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York = +0.8
-1    1.45 Bay Willow / Zuider Zee dutched
-1    2.15 Distant Memories / Harrison George / Rainbow Peak             dutched
+1.72    2.50 Red Jazz / Yaa Wayl dutched
-1    3.25 Equiano / Fleeting Spirit dutched
+3.08    4.05 Edmaaj / Moriarty / Ollon dutched
-1    4.40 Deauville Flyer e/w

Total = -0.49 points to industry SP.

Winners at Betfair SP were 5.5 (9/2 against ISP of 4/1),  3.27/1 vs 11/4 ISP, 2.56/1 vs 2/1 ISP, 13/8 vs 5/4 ISP, evens vs 10/11 ISP, 10.5/1 vs 8/1 ISP, 3.84/1 vs 7/2 ISP, 0.77/1 vs 8/11 ISP, 5.08/1 vs 5/1 ISP, and 12.51/1 vs 12/1. These prices were all bigger than industry SP (ISP) after commission, with the exception of the last two which were very marginally less.

Day one summary: a LOT of action as outlined, some nice priced winners, lots of interest for those watching the races all day, and a small profit at Betfair SP.

If you watch a lot of racing and like to bet from race to race, Bookie Annihilation might work for you. But if you don't, it won't be as it is a high maintenance affair with little upside (but probably little downside too).

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  1. Lars says:

    Hey Matt
    Thanks for the update. The affiliate mails seems to forget to mention the fact that there are loosing bets as well.(surprise surprise). Nice to see a statement with facts.

  2. marilyn says:

    I have bought this, and based on results so far, my first inclination is to send it back, too many bets, huge bank needed to make a good profit etc etc. However the guarantee is for 6 weeks, so plenty of time to claim a refund, so i think i will apply this to a specific race type ie maidens, claimers, 10 runner handicaps, you get the picture, and see how it fares, as that could be a way forward.

    Any thoughts, please share.

    Regards all,


  3. Peter Colledge says:

    Blimey Matt I have to admire your diligence. I too looked at the list you provided and I glanced down occasionally at it. I have to say backing a 2-1 shot ew is not my scene nor is dutching the top three in the betting. I also don’t like the title of the piece. Bookie annihilation would be the end of betting…at the moment we have the ying and yang provided by WillHill etc and Betfair…a perfect combination. I wonder how many bookies are digging themselves a nuclear-bomb proof shelter. (0 might be the answer). All the best, Matt.

    • Matt Bisogno says:

      Hi Marilyn,

      Yes, due to the sheer volume of racing, I think some sort of specialism might be the answer. But as to which races will fare best, that’s a whole different question. I guess because of the available prices, handicaps might be the way forward, but that’s not based on any science whatsoever!

    • Matt Bisogno says:

      Hi Peter

      No, you’re right. There are certainly some anomalies with the staking approach and I think most people would choose to leave those races alone in reality.
      As you say, it’s unlikely too many of the bookmaking fraternity are in fear of Armageddon… actually, I reckon we might see a product called Betfair Armageddon one of these days! 😉


  4. Fred Ives says:

    So many systems are available and I have yet to find one that will annialate bookmakers. When this happens no one will bet any more either with all the bookmakers or any of the exchanges it will be the end of betting as we know it. Will this be a good thing? Well it should be, then maybe the world would be a better place and all the gambling losers would spend more of their money on their families. For me though I know that betting will be with us forever and ever and I love the risk of doing it and I love the daily challenge of pitting my wits against the oposition on betfair, systems generally lose money in the long run the answer is to try to have a built in FAIL SAFE on the system that you are operating. I am working on this at the moment with a system that is going great guns.It takes more patience than anything that I have tried in the past and any other system that I have been involved with. Soon it will be offered for sale. Fred Ives, thanks Matt

  5. anthony says:

    Hi ‘Betting System Truths’ says to avoid this like the plague!

    This is not my website just one I use among others.

  6. Catweazle says:

    Hi, i found the system in googles cache. There was one of the X upsell-pages of the annihilator stored 😉
    The idea isn’t so bad but as other people here saying, the system needs some more rules. In fact, the 2.nd selection on the “other” website is very subjective and should be ignored.

  7. Fred Ives says:

    In passing just a little tippet that I did not know about betfair, until it back fired on me and guess what at the time when I had a winner, wouldn’t you know.
    The rule 4 that when a horse is withdrawn.
    With bookmakers this charge of a % in the pound deduction is taken off of the win money.
    With betfair they calculate it in a different way. If for instance the horse you back wins and you were getting say odds on betfair of 1.75, you would think that if it was 10% deduction it would be calculated as 10% of the win money I.E. 7.50%. which is 10% of .75.
    With Betfair they do not calculate it like that, instead they calculate it as 17.50%. 10% of the win money together with the added initial stake. If you think I am wrong in any way please help.
    I have emailed Betfair twice about this but had no reply. And to begin with I thought they had made a mistake and spoke to someone who assured me that this is the way they calculate their bets.
    When you think about it, why should Befair implement this rule, when you strike a bet on Betfair you are doing it against someone else and if either wins or loses this does not affect Betfair. they still get their cut whatever side of the bet wins reguardless of whether there is a horse withdrawn or not.

    This may not be appropriate for this article but I had to get it off my chest as it were.thanks matt Fred Ives.

  8. ric says:

    Hi Fred, I don,t know the percentages but i do know that Betfair return money to the layer in this situation.

  9. maneman says:

    Bookie Annihilation!?

    Don’t make me laugh, the only thing this will annihilate is your bank balance!




    • Matt Bisogno says:

      Guys, I assume you have this product to say it’s rubbish, right?

      I don’t believe it’s going to make massive profits, but I don’t think it will lose you much either. It’s not my cup of tea, but there are definitely some people to whom this might appeal. Those who watch a lot of racing, and like to bet race to race will get something from it.

      But it’s certainly not a portfolio system.


      p.s. whilst I don’t especially like the brazen marketing bluster that accompanies these systems (in fact I detest it), I do think it’s necessary to judge each one on its merits – such as they are or might be – rather than judge the book by its cover.

  10. Ben says:

    To be honest guys I dont think this system is that bad. I had a chance to watch a lot of racing yesterday and came out 16 points up from 19 bets. Will monitor today and let you know results tomorrow.

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