Bookie Bomber System Review

Bookie Bomber System Review

Bookie Bomber System Review

The Bookie Bomber System is apparently a betting system for horse racing anywhere in the world, that garners between 73% and... 100% (!)... strike rate. So the Bookie Bomber system sales copy tells me anyway.

And yet, despite this pure brilliance, it is only £29. And there are only 200 available (and yet it's still up for grabs as I write - how bizarre).

The Bookie Bomber system is eight pages of pdf long, and contains example screenshots of one possible race and qualifier. Although the race result is not shown, I can tell you the horse finished fourth of six... Of course, horses lose. And system horses lose. Even systems that get up to 100% strike rate (ahem), apparently.

However, to use a losing example without even showing the result lacks credibility, substance, professionalism, integrity... well, we are not talking about credible substantial professionals here, nor are we talking integrity.

Bookie Bomber is a steaming pile of excrement, and will make you poorer than the £29 it cost you.

Oh yeah, and it has a 'dream car' in the sales copy, as well as an actor (and a very good one at that) telling you 'his story'.

Bookie Bomber gets a big thumbs down from me, and I encourage you to paper trade for at least a month if you've bought it. I'm confident you'll be emailing the refunds squad at Clickbank by the end of that period. If you're not, do please let me know along with your detailed betting records of using the Bookie Bomber.

I'm especially interested if you're trying to use this system anywhere but in the UK.

Your first 30 days for just £1
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  1. Derek
    Derek says:

    Hi Matt,
    Iv’e been trialling Bookie Bomber for a review site for some six days now, and it looks like a pile of trollop! It’s currently showing nearly a 13points loss in that time and not looking good! Looks like he he borrowed the car from a rich pal, because he is certainly not going to be able to buy one using this trash. Still early days but not too hopeful.

  2. Brian
    Brian says:

    HI Matt

    Can you direct us how to get refunds out of clik bank on this bbokie bomber and also I signed up fr the inner circle… What a fool I am… Dont know why I got sucked in on this one but did..

  3. Ray
    Ray says:

    Funny story…
    I was actually looking for a review of this when i come across i guy’s comments saying how crap this system was and he give me the link download,and after six days just like yourself Derek i can confirm you will not be giving up your day job with this one,you would probably need a second income to keep going with the bookie bomber,also very unprofessional.

    If i dont come across a decent system soon im going to give it all up & take up badminton or something like that haha.Im just not enjoying betting at the moment,well here’s hoping people


  4. Maneman
    Maneman says:

    Don’t need to buy it or try it, it’s blatantly obvious from the email that it’s total and utter crap. Also, take a look on UK betting tips if you don’t believe me.

  5. Simon
    Simon says:

    “I have for sale 200 Geese that lay golden eggs – only £29/£35/£45.”
    Yeah, right.
    Has nobody read ‘Twice Shy’ by Dick Francis?
    Does anyone really believe that there an easy system that will beat the bookie?
    If you seriously want to make money in Racing then you’ll have to work for it!

  6. lizzy
    lizzy says:

    The vendor says that he feeds his family with the profits from this system!!!
    I did have two days with good results and then it took a dive and is running at a loss. Will be paper trading for the next few weeks and then probably heading over to clickback for a refund once again!!

    I paid for the inner circle club as well – but have not received any correspondence from the vendor about this, despite several emails to him. So will be informing clickbank that this seller is a fraud.

  7. MY
    MY says:

    I have been getting quite good results with this system, out of 8 days I have had 5 winning days and 3 very small losing days I am about 8 points up. Don’t know what I am doing different to you all. The system instructs that you place each way bets not win bets and where there are more than one possible sellection I am when practical covering both sellections. I will update this post in a weeks time if my opinion has changed I will say so.

  8. sandoz
    sandoz says:

    I have seen the rules of this system:
    when you give rules for a system, they must be accurate and without any ambiguity, which is not the case here: they are so vague that you have no chance to get the same results as the system author, or any one else .
    One rule says:
    ” -Have ran between 1 or 2 times in the past month (doesn’t need to be 100%
    down to the 30/31 days of the month… Just look at the months last ran, if
    they’re from the current or the previous month, that’s fine!):”

    that is, have ran between 1 time or
    have ran between 2 times.
    what is this gibberish?
    If it has run 2 times it has necessary ran 1 time
    Did the author mean at least 1 time , but no more than 2 times?
    Are we sure that 3 times is excluded?

    Also, is it really 30/31 days … or more, as suggested by what follows, that is, if we are the 17 of june, and the last race is the 6 of may, it’s ok, but
    6 of may takes you back more than 40 days !

    From this rule depends the next one, based on the horse position: here , you are given the choice, either some value or another one, it’s up to you !

    -Also, works anywhere in the world: where is the proof?
    A SCAM !

  9. John
    John says:

    I have only tryed it 3 times dummy runs that is

    first lost

    seconed won

    therd cam in second


  10. Christopher
    Christopher says:

    Hi Matt,
    I did’nt buy bookie bomber, and i’m not
    going to. I have been getting e-mails for a
    system called ‘one a day wonder’

    Looks dodgy to me.
    Anyone know anything about this system?


  11. Jenny
    Jenny says:


    I have to agree with MY on this, as I am also getting good results, have been trialing for 6 days, and only had one very small losing day.

    Author clearly states that you have to give it a month to test.

    I have also ‘tweaked’ it slightly (naughty, I know), and I have found that leaving out the odds on selections gives better results.

    Also makes a very good place system on Betfair, and I will also test this more thoroughly.

  12. eddie reid
    eddie reid says:

    eddie. i bought it then after 1 race i got two services who told me wow 1 race and it won what a system go stright over and buy it before its sold out, i emailed the bookie bomber to point that the race in question whas not in the rules, he emailed me back saying sorry i made a mistake he then sent me another download link were he said he corrected the mistake, i did not download it , i emailed him to send my money back has quick has he can, I got no reply after 2 days i got in touch with paypal they got my money back in no time. Nobody in their emailes to this site Has explained to people that once you got to download you went to the page you are offered more rubbish only this time you will get no money back. Their all useing this ploy now ,yes you will get your first payment back, But when you signup for the second load of rubbish you wont. Eddie thank you

  13. Jon
    Jon says:

    99% of these systems work on the premise that there’s a sucker born every minute. And there is.

    As it happens, I got the rules of this system for free from someone who posted them up on a forum. I agree that the rules are (almost certainly deliberately) unclear.

    You can get most systems for free from certain forums, where members swap systems among themselves. One such forum is mentioned in the posts above.

    Cave emptor.


  14. rioja158
    rioja158 says:

    Have bought systems in the past and only found one that works. The secret is Strike rate and I am currently running 3 winning systems with 62%, 60% and 40% SR. It takes hard work, studying form and trends to be successful, trust your own instincts and stop parting with your hard earned money to con artists!. The most important thing is, don’t give up; there is money to be made but think long term and modest profits!

  15. jlfg
    jlfg says:

    have been on the site, also bought the product, have gone by all instructions, first day 1 winner, 2nd day No winners, 3rd day NO winners, 4th dayNO winners, 5th day1 winner, person is talking a load of crap, i still have my job AND will NOT be giving it up AFTERALL, complete rip off, the strike rate gets lower and lower.

  16. Catweazle
    Catweazle says:

    Oh, another superb laying system with 13 points in 6 days! Thats about 780 points in a year. Let’s make millions, billions & zillions.

  17. Graeme
    Graeme says:

    you would think that with a betting system review site potential buyers would read up a what a system is and does and if it is a scam yet here we are with yet another piece of dross so obviously there is a market for it. Come on people get SOME intelligence and think the old maxim; if it looks too good to be true……

    If you fall for photo’s of flash cars and posh homes on a carribean beach the system “author” has purchased after a few months from facing “bankruptcy” then more fool you.

  18. James
    James says:

    James. Silly me I bought the Bookie Bomber have had no winners yet. Tried it for the last 2 weeks.
    What a load of rubbish. How do I get my Money Back?

  19. RJ
    RJ says:

    SOLLUTIONS TO ALL RUBBISH TIPPING SYSTEMS instead of backing there tips why not LAY them instead good luck all RJ

  20. Jack Crompton
    Jack Crompton says:

    Are the people who are making a success of this ‘system’ perhaps using it as a laying system?
    Re Betclick: if you buy too many crap systems and then claim your money back, they mark you down as a freeloader and start refusing to refund you.
    Fortunately, I have my spam filter set to destroy all this rubbish. As someone has already said, making money from backing horses demands hard work. If you think a system looks interesting (very few of them actually do), there are honest and independent reviewers out there (ie not on the crooks’ payroll) who do the testing for you. Obviously, Matt is one of them, but he can’t cover every piece of ordure that emanates from these villains.
    Keep on trucking (whatever that means)

  21. Cristian
    Cristian says:

    I’ve bought both the system and inner circle subscription.
    I’ve tested for 9 days.
    The Bokie Bomber System Failed.

    Instead laying the horses (<10 runners races) gives me a 101,31% profit.
    start bank $100, lay liability 20%*bank.

    Something interesting was in races with more than 10 horses, and betting all qualified horses.
    17.06.2010 22 bets / 5 winners
    1). win odd @ 3,7 (matched betfair)
    place odd @ 1,62 (matched betfair)
    2). win odd @ 22 (matched betfair)
    place odd @ 5,5 (matched betfair)
    3). win odd @ 7,2 (matched betfair)
    place odd @ 2,38 (matched betfair)
    4). win odd @ 4,3 (matched betfair)
    place odd @ 1,51 (matched betfair)
    5). win odd @ 70 (matched betfair)
    place odd @ 12,5 (matched betfair)
    18.06.2010 20 bets / 1 winner
    1). win odd @ 5,8 (matched betfair)
    place odd @ 2,06 (matched betfair)
    19.06.2010 12 bets / 0 winners
    20.06.2010 9 bets / 1 winner
    1). win odd @ 2,4 (matched betfair)
    place odd @ 1,15 (matched betfair)
    21.06.2010 8 bets / 3 winner
    1). win odd @ 5,5 (matched betfair)
    place odd @ 1,77 (matched betfair)
    2). win odd @ 100 (matched betfair)
    place odd @ 6 (matched betfair)
    3). win odd @ 4,2 (matched betfair)
    place odd @ 1,42 (matched betfair)
    22.06.2010 2 bets / 1 winner
    1). win odd @ 2,76 (matched betfair)
    place odd @ 1,38 (matched betfair)
    23.06.2010 3 bets / 0 winner
    25.06.2010 9 bets / 1 winner
    1). win odd @ 14 (matched betfair)
    place odd @ 4,3 (matched betfair)
    26.06.2010 4 bets / 2 winner
    1). win odd @ 2,36 (matched betfair)
    place odd @ 1,24 (matched betfair)
    2). win odd @ 13 (matched betfair)
    place odd @ 3,5 (matched betfair)
    I betted on betfair 15 sec before starting of the race using betbotpro in simulation mode to use virtual money.

    EW in betfair:
    1$ on win market
    1$ on place market

    I could give you full detail about races and horses couse i noted down.

    The bookie bomber is not good for anything so i asked a refund from clickbank. They refunded both the bookie bomber and inner circle.

    For a refund, click on the email confirmation from clickbank purchase…and ask for refund.

    Thank You

  22. Cristian
    Cristian says:

    forgot to tell.
    I got the infos about horses from paddy power.
    I bet on betfair.

    I’m from Romania.

    Best regards,

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