Bringing You What You Asked For (Help Needed)

Last week I asked you three questions. More than 500 of you were kind enough to take time to reply. And your answers are below.

Your answers to my questions...

Your answers to my questions...

The three questions were about editorial, free registered content and Gold content. And the good news is that we'll be looking to respond to all of your #1 answers in the coming weeks.

However, on the subject of editorial, I NEED YOUR HELP (again). Here's why: I have a couple of ideas regarding people who fit the bill as potential new geegeez writers, but I don't get as much opportunity to survey the scribbling landscape as I once did. So, conscious that 6000 eyes are better than two (!), I'd love to know whose racing thoughts you enjoy reading.

As you can see from the image above, we're looking for a particular sort of content. The world is more awash with racing writers than ever, but most of them operate either in the 'tell you what you pretty much already know' or the 'romanticize the drama' spaces. Both are readable enough in small doses; neither are what geegeez is about, nor what you asked for in the survey.

No, what we're looking for is something a little more difficult to come by. I want your suggestions of writers who are:

- Contrarian
- Fact-based / data-driven
- Eloquent
- Topical
- Unafraid to challenge the 'establishment'

Your first 30 days for just £1

That, naturally, narrows the thousands down to, well, I'm not sure, but it's unlikely to be more than a handful. Examples on geegeez currently would be the likes of Tony Keenan and, occasionally, yours truly. With your help, we'll track "racing's most readable" down and maybe add them to the geegeez roster.

They might currently be writing for a mainstream print publication, a niche print publication, online for a big name, online for a no name, or simply on their own blog. Or... they might be you!

Whatever, if you know of someone that could fit this quite tight remit, please leave a comment below, and help us in the search for a (contrarian eloquent super)star. Don't be shy - there are no wrong or right answers, and the more options the better.

It has always been the intention of geegeez to publish great content, the like of which is not found in too many other places. With your help, we'll extend that intent a little bit further.



p.s. on the data side, we'll be offering Tracker functionality to ALL registered users in the near future. We'll also be ordering your tracked items in alphabetical order; and we'll hopefully be including your Tracker notes within your daily emails.

p.p.s. For registered Gold users, we're aiming to have actual vs expected included in reports this side of Christmas, as well as a few more pleasant (we hope!) surprises.

p.p.p.s. I have read all of your 'Other' comments - thanks a lot for those. Some of them will be introduced, a couple even referenced in the first p.s. above!

p.p.p.p.s. Writers. Pithy, interesting, thought-provoking racing writers. Who do you like? Please leave a comment below so we can enhance the author team. Thanks again. 🙂

Your first 30 days for just £1
31 replies
  1. bobbob says:

    Hi Matt,

    I subscribe to and enjoy contrarian views from a guy called Nick Pullen, who publishes via Oxford Press. He is certainly contrarian, has excellent rationale, and has put us on some big priced winners at times.


  2. Everyone calls me Paul says:

    Rory Delargy ticks all those boxes although he is pretty much everywhere already if you know where to look (Racing Consultants, Irish Field, William Hill radio – he’s on the latter now)

  3. teddybear says:

    I enjoy reading the articles Nick Pullen on the Winning Race Profiles website. He always takes the contrarian view, and if he could be persuaded to become a guest writer I think he would be popular among Geegeez members.

  4. Bill says:

    Love to see sites listening to readers can’t answer the survey this time round as personally I think I’ll be interested in all the options if they stand up to the quality I’m used to from geegeez (expect they will)

    I like new betting ideas so whichever writer has most useable info to share… Ie basics for system building using geegeez data and basic methods for shortlisting… I know most maybe all the tutorial videos show this but would be nice to see how others use different parts of the site

    Also how different parts get paired up effectively…
    Not sure of example I can use which works but something like using best of rar combined with pace ratings

    I’ll stop going on now was only wanting to say the 1st line lol

  5. dartguru says:

    I’ve also followed Nick Pullen in the past, thorough in his research and always an interesting read. Wayward Lad, though, is the best of the lot IMO.

  6. Jules says:

    OK Matt,hope you had a great time in states for breeders cup night,i read so much,but i like to think when i read i get a bit of knowlegde out of it so fact base data driven for me(and believe it or not over 7 years i no you via internet along with Micheal Wilding Winningmore Steve/Micheal Malcolm Pett Tony Hargreaves Preistly Bros James Fitzmaurice Ross Turner Clive Keeling Ian irskine Dave McCauley Sports Trader Jonathan Burgess the list is endless) i done courses with a lot of them and met some great and knowlegable people,and i like to look for angles that the ordinary punter aint got and value,which is a must for me,i hope thats what your looking for,P.S.also when i first started out it was you and your website MW puntology JB false favs that has got me where i am today so cheers son.regards Legs.

  7. Malcolm Caine says:

    I agree with bobob Nick Pullen is contrarian interesting and finds his share of good priced winners.He also writes Juicy Plums which tries to find big priced winners from 2 selections in a big race at the weekends. I think he probably makes a profit over the year but I haven’t tracked him long enough to be conclusive.

  8. andrewson says:

    Yup, Nick Pullen for me. Since I started with the horses many years ago he has been the only consistent throughout (alongside geegeez now).
    Certainly contrarian and profitable to follow also, so isn’t just offering an alternative view for the sake of it.

  9. Karl says:

    Would love it if you could get Nick Mordin to write some articles for us. I always enjoyed his columns in The Weekender. I believe he writes for the Irish Field nowadays, also Matt Tombs who did the road to Cheltenham articles on the oddschecker site was well worth reading in my opinion. On the subject of improvements would it be possible to incorporate a dutching/hedging calculator on site? I know there are plenty online already but I just like to have everything in one place. No problem if it’s not possible, Geegeez is still No 1 for me. Cheers

  10. irishrover says:

    Clive Keeling, as already mentioned ( What Really Wins Money).
    Wayne, who has his own tipping service (Northern Monkey Punter) is an excellent observer but he may have enough on his plate with his own service.

  11. Duncan says:

    Nick Morden and Nick Pullen would be my suggestions – endorsing comments above

  12. richard says:

    Hi Matt, I enjoy reading Ben Aitken’s stuff on dosage. I like the way he analyses races. Your guess as to whether he would be interested.

  13. Martin Doherty says:

    Would love to read Nick Mordin’s articles again. Systems and analysis, his articles in the Weekender over many years changed the way I approach my betting. I’ve stopped buying the Weekender now he doesn’t write for it anymore.

  14. Pete New says:

    Hi Matt………….Two people spring to mind in answer to your question, Ben Aitken talks a lot of sense, like yourself, and also Nick Mordin.

    Ben is in his element at this point in the jump season and I’m sure they would both provide some very good reading.

    Pete New.

  15. Matt Bisogno says:

    Thanks a lot for the replies. Here are the challenges…

    Nick Mordin – no longer writing, working for a big betting organization as I understand it. And, in any case, impossible to track down. I tried before!
    Nick Pullen – sadly contracted to another publishing house, so unlikely
    Rory Delargy – a very busy man but a possible
    Wayward Lad (aka Ian) – more tipping than anything, not really what we’re after
    Matt Tombs – interesting, though he’s mainly a tipster (and mainly on National Hunt)
    Northern Monkey – tipster
    Clive Keeling – reviewer/editor
    Alistair Down – one of the romantics! (possibly the best of them)
    John McCririck – if the votes had been for a name writer, I’d have been interested. He’s pithy, opinionated and, underneath the bluster, generally talks a lot of substantiated sense
    Ben Aitken – busy servicing his own client base, but agree he’s a very good read
    Lee Keys – his twitter looks entertaining but can’t find any of his writing
    Josh Wright – good writer and loves his stats, busy with his own business, which is going well

    So, at the end of all that, possibles are Rory, and Big Mac. I’m pursuing a few ideas elsewhere which I think would be very interesting, but it really is difficult to find a data diamond writer in the tipster rough…


  16. PAUL says:


    • Matt Bisogno says:


      Your response is a bit OTT, I feel. Of course I have thought about it. But my request was/is genuine, and the most likely future writer for geegeez is on that list and suggested by a reader.

      Please, if you want to get agitated by something on, can I politely suggest that this would not be it?!


  17. ATF65 says:

    How about Andrew Mount and/or Gerald Delamere? Although reading the above as they have contracts elsewhere this may not be possible. Andrew Mount in particular always offers an alternative view but it is always backed up by stats and trends that are not readily available to Joe Public who probably don’t have the time or inclination to collect and analyse all the data. Alistair Down is another good shout.

  18. bernard says:

    Clive keeling – alastair down-john mcCririck feel sure any of these could provide some interesting and informative articles. BIG MAC may be able to embarrass bookmakers into getting them to hold early prices for say 15 0r 30 minutes as he did with Pricewise.

  19. Mal Boyle
    Mal Boyle says:

    I think Mal Boyle’s stuff is pretty impressive but then again, I could be a tad biased!

    • Matt Bisogno says:

      Haha, absolutely agree, Mal. Very well said. He’s definitely on the list 😉

  20. Gallou says:

    From years gone by there used to be many a good insightful writer through the old SmartSig magazine, I know it’s now web based, but plenty of guys have shown a very good analytical mind when scribing on horse racing and betting angles. Just a thought, maybe others out there know current regular contributors to that platform??

    • Matt Bisogno says:

      Excellent shout, Gallou, thank you. I am trawling my old mags right now. Some really thought-provoking articles in the original SmartSig monthlies.

      Thanks again,

      p.s. I receive Smartsigger currently, and there are a handful of the original guys still chipping in.

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