British Champions Series Fantasy League Competition

The Racing Post and Daily Telegraph have combined to run a Fantasy Racing competition using the QIPCO British Champions series of races to award points. It’s quite simple to enter, and you can have up to three stables at no charge.

The competition has five pools of trainers, and five pools of jockeys, ranged according to the potential strength of their hand in this year’s series. You choose a trainer and a jockey from each pool. You score points if your jockey has a ride, or your trainer a runner, you score points, with the number increasing for those in the less likely pools. If they win or are placed, there are additional points, based on a multiple of the SP.

A winner from Pool A gets you 3 x SP, a place 2 x SP. But if it’s a Pool E jockey or trainer, then you score 25 x SP for a win and 9 x SP a place.

But that’s only half the story. In the 48 hours before each race in the series you choose two horses from those declared. It doesn’t matter whether they are connected to your rider or trainer. It’s important to do this or you’ll lose points. For these horses, a win is worth 10 x SP and a place 3 x SP.

Thank goodness I don’t have to work that lot out! You can enter at There’s some very useful guidance on strategy from none other than Frankie Dettori. As he makes clear, Frankel may win several races, but he’ll be such a short price that he won’t win you many points, not least because both Henry Cecil (trainer) and Tom Queally (jockey) are both in their respective Pool A.

Why not have a go? The first race in the series is the 2,000 Guineas on 5 May, so be sure to enter by then. The Geegeez team has set up it own league, just as we have for the football season, so do join that as well. The league is called Geegeez Super League and the PIN code is 8000219.

As an incentive, Matt will put up three mini-prizes of a couple of racing books for the May/June, July/August and September/October periods, with half a dozen books for the overall winner.

Good luck!

Your first 30 days for just £1
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  1. Graham says:

    Hi Matt, just put my 3 stables in the league, hope I’m not bottom like my Wolves team!!!

  2. Jim says:

    Hi Matt

    Are you restricting your stable entries to one or three??

    I’ve put 3 in but can remove 2 if you want to have a fairer set up.


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