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...is taking a little longer than expected, but here is the...

...Geegeez System Trials Roundup for 22/06/2016.

In the last three weeks, I've got married, been on honeymoon and watched our 8 active trials lose some £563.97 between them! The easiest way to bring this feature up to date is to give you a quick overview of all eight's activity since I was last here. So, in descending order...

  • Gold Turf Racing made £128.04, courtesy of hitting 6 winners from 20 bets (30% SR), as documented in Phil's review.
  • Biscayne Bets found 19 winners amongst their 115 bets (16.5% SR) and although that's a lower strike rate than their average, Ernest's review shows that it was still good enough to generate £75.00 profit.
  • Early Odds continued their fine run of form in my absence and a quick look at James' review shows they has 23 winners from 110 selections (20.9% SR) and this is roughly in line with their previous strike rate and meant another £51.11 was added to the kitty.
  • Banker Bets' review came to an end during my absence, but not without our reviewer Ray Pearce giving it a glowing recommendation. This steady bank builder hit another 15 winners from just 18 selections (83.3% SR) on their way to adding another 2.52pts to their bottom line. It's worth mentioning that our nominal £10 staking plan doesn't really show Banker Bets in a true light, a point expanded upon by Ray in his excellent summary.
  • Shane Murphys Irish Tips didn't fare as well as the four above and is the first of 4 loss-makers to discuss, as their 9 from 36 record (25% SR) documented in Iain's review, left them some £67.40 short of breaking even over the three week period.
  • Irish Fancies also failed to shine from across the water, losing £90.14 in just 9 betting days, because Chris's review tells us that they only managed to find 4 winners from their 19 selections ( 21.1% SR).
  • Racing Specials' performance during my break can hardly be described as special, I'm afraid with losses of £173.82 accrued after a poor run of form that saw them hit just 8 winners from 52 (15.4% SR) and Barry's review has all the details for you.
  • And then we come to Flat Attack, who were spectacularly well adrift of the rest of the pack, losing a mammoth £511.96 over the last three weeks. And that's at a staking plan of £6.50 per point, meaning a loss of 78.76pts in reality (3.75pts/day). A glance at David's review shows the problem immediately : a strike rate of 20.4% (23 winners from 113) is well down on their previous average of almost 35% and that's the root of the issue for me.
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And here's how all of the above affects our "league table"...

System Profit Service Days Trial days Weekly P/L Full Review
Early Odds £586.11 (at day 52) 52 £51.11 Click Here
Biscayne Bets £473.50 (at day 53) 53 £75.00 Click Here
Gold Turf Racing £176.46 (at day 28) 28 £128.04 Click Here
Banker Bets £142.10 (at day 60) 60 £25.20 Click Here
Shane Murphys Irish Tips £53.48 (at day 43) 43 -£67.40 Click Here
Irish Fancies -£219.42 (at day 28) 28 -£90.14 Click Here
Racing Specials -£247.81 (at day 37) 37 -£173.82 Click Here
Flat Attack -£579.68 (at day 47) 47 -£511.96 Click Here

As usual, clicking the name of a service takes you straight to their home page, whilst there are links to every review above.

The above is pretty self-explanatory, but I'm going to leave you with a request to revisit Ray Pearce's review of Banker Bets. The reason behind this request, is that the returned profit of £142.10 over 2-3 months isn't a true reflection of how good this steady bank builder really is. Backing short-priced winners never grabs the headlines, but both Ray and I think this is worth a place in your portfolio.

Ray's review is right here and it highlights all the bets to date and it also carries Ray's excellent explanation of why he thinks it's a winner!

So, until next time,
Chris & the review team.

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