GALOPIN DES CHAMPS (Sean O'Keeffe) wins The Martin Pipe Conditional Jockeys Handicap Hurdle Cheltenham 19 Mar 2021 - Pic Steven Cargill /

Cheltenham 2021: Profit and Loss

As has become a bit of an annual disclosure, below I share my Cheltenham wagering P&L. Last year was akin to a punting bloodbath, as can be relived here. Not only that but, having just re-watched that video, I recall being in the grip of coronavirus and just noted that both Minella Indo and Colreevy - backed to win decent sums a year ago - prevailed unbacked by yours true last week. Marvellous...

Anyway, that was then, this was a more recent then; happily a slightly better outcome, though still negative equity on the two-year span of things.


Your first 30 days for just £1

For those who particularly enjoy rubber-necking, or perhaps just want a spreadsheet in which to record your own bets, here's a link to the docco I use. Hope it's useful.


p.s. how was your week? Let us know about your betting triumphs and disasters in the comments below.

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Your first 30 days for just £1
42 replies
  1. Richard
    Richard says:

    Well done for putting up the results Matt. I always know how I am going to fare, I stopped backing there years ago. It would seem that you can cut out a lot of losers by not backing any runners trained in Britain though.

    • Matt Bisogno
      Matt Bisogno says:

      I wouldn’t be so convinced about the ‘not backing British horses’ argument. While there is a clear dominance currently for Irish horses, a) these things are cyclical, and b) they are factored into the market (se less winners can still equal profit).

      But yes, it was a difficult week if primary focus was on domestic runners!


  2. wattyk14
    wattyk14 says:

    Matt, Amazingly my betting week was very very minor. I love Cheltenham and always have. For the last 44 years I have taken a week off work to watch it. It is the one week I believe watching is my enjoyment. Betting is secondary. I much prefer to study the form of an 8 runner all weather handicap than a 26 runner Coral Cup Cavalry Charge at Cheltenham

    • Matt Bisogno
      Matt Bisogno says:

      Can totally get that, watty, and I sincerely admire your discipline in abstaining! 😀


  3. wattyk14
    wattyk14 says:

    The Grand National is the same. Most of my family and friends ask me for a “tip” each year. I always accomodate them . I have on occasions struck lucky with my method of considering the top 6 only as possible winners and then using my lucky dice.

    • Matt Bisogno
      Matt Bisogno says:

      Glad you asked, Phil. That’s actually an error relating to a sort on the bookie table. It was the mansionbet account that I closed, as they restricted me to pennies after two bets.

      Sorry for confusion.


      • David
        David says:

        I really wish this could be addressed, and bookmakers were made to accept bets, up to a certain liability of course. They behave in such an unethical manner, it’s unbelievable.

        • acranea
          acranea says:

          Don’t worry. The GC have finally grown teeth…& decided that punters are the problem. Affordability checks & cash restrictions will mean none of us will be able to get a decent bet on anyway.

  4. Bubbles180
    Bubbles180 says:

    A wonderful Cheltenham Festival for me thanks to Geegeez Report Angles and Query Tools Angles

    Day 1 5 Bets 2 Wins P&L -1.50
    Day 2 7 Bets 4 Wins P&L +45.75
    Day 3 5 Bets 1 Win P&L +3.00
    Day 4 7 Bets 1 Win P&L -3.25

    2021 Singles Bets
    24 Bets
    8 Wins
    Strke Rate 33.33%
    P&L +44.00
    ROI 183.33%

    8 #CheltenhamFestival Winners
    Appreciate it Evs
    Shishkin 1/2
    Bob Olinger 6/4
    Monkfish 1/4
    Heaven Help Us 33/1
    Sky Pirate 14/1
    Mount Ida 7/1
    Quilixios 11/4

    2021 Multiple Bets
    20 Bets
    2 Wins
    Strke Rate10.00%
    P&L +427.00
    ROI 2135.00%

    Shishkin/Bob Olinger Double Won
    Heaven Help Us/Sky Pirate Double Won

    • Matt Bisogno
      Matt Bisogno says:

      Well played, Bubbles – excellent stuff. That HHU/SP double is the stuff of dreams!!!


      • Bubbles180
        Bubbles180 says:

        They are but not when using your report suites and IE had a few near misses and a xouple of nice wins last few months but that wasthe biggest yet, looking forward to Saturday.

  5. Turbo
    Turbo says:

    Similar tales of woe for me with missed places and a severe case of “seconditis”! Down on the week but enjoyed the racing. I thought Allaho’s performance was the best of the week. Well done for putting up your punting story, I do enjoy seeing how others (with much more knowledge than me) approach their punting.

    • Matt Bisogno
      Matt Bisogno says:

      Hi Turbo

      Agree Allaho’s effort was incredible. To set a pace so fast it broke the spirit of the likes of Melon and Min, and then to sustain it to the line was hardcore!

      Seconditis is a terrible scourge that afflicts us all, alas. Hope you’ve bounced back since.


  6. sondrio2
    sondrio2 says:

    Thanks Matt for sharing your Chelts experience, same happened to me with Mansionbet, just do not get it as i lost the opening bet to get the free bets and managed to lose all 3 of them, but they’ve restricted me to the point its not worth using them.

    • Matt Bisogno
      Matt Bisogno says:

      It’ll cost them any chance of getting into the UK market, Sondrio. Bonkers from a business perspective, and lacking any credibility from a general bookmaking perspective.


  7. David
    David says:

    I had a 1/2 winner, a 20/1 winner and a 7/2 winner, plus 6 losers. Those are the prices I got, not the SP. All were £100 win bets except the 1/2 winner and one of the losers, which were £150 bets. So a good result, but it would have been different if the 20/1 shot had lost (I was very surprised that it won, though).

    • Matt Bisogno
      Matt Bisogno says:

      Excellent work, David. Interesting that you stake 1/2 and 20/1 almost to the same degree. Worked out ideally last week!


      • David
        David says:

        Yes, I may well be adjusting my staking again, a little bit. Probably wait till next year, though.

  8. David Jones
    David Jones says:

    I somehow managed to come out of Cheltenham with £108 profit and for someone who thinks a massive bet is a £5 win or £2.50 each way I was delighted. I only backed 5 winners the whole meeting but it does help when 2 of them are 33/1 and 25/1 ( ante post ). I still cannot get to the bottom of why Heaven Help Us was 33/1 having won a good quality race at Leopardstown on the last run. Personally I love Skybet they restricted me to 60p ew when I had had a losing 2 months with them !

    • Bubbles180
      Bubbles180 says:

      Agree their David HHU was way over priced based on that and previous starts in similar contests on better ground.

  9. alpha2
    alpha2 says:

    My Cheltenham was completely made by the County Hurdle but this race was also the cause of my greatest regret.

    I backed 4, all £10ew for Belfast Banter, Petit Mouchoir, Milkwood and Youraisedmeup. Cue great celebrations. I was feeling confident so also had a combo exacta but left out Petit Mouchoir in favour of Youraisedmeup. Cue gnashing of teeth.

    I had 3 other outright winners Put The Kettle On, Vanillier and Minella Indo, a few e/w places and many many losers but all told a great 4 days with GeeGeez as ever a constant companion.

    • Matt Bisogno
      Matt Bisogno says:

      Good work, Hugh – though obviously frustrating leaving that chunky exacta on the table. I presume you know the tricast paid 18 grand?! :-/

      Catch you soon,

  10. paul romain
    paul romain says:

    You asked for it..! Overall ended down 18%. Had a fantastic antepost book which didn’t deliver

    1.20 Supreme Novices’ Hurdle – RETURNS+23.73pts
    25pts win APPRECIATE IT ** WON 10/11 **
    8pts ew Blue Lord 11/1 Fell last clear 2nd GRRR!
    2pts ew Grumpy Charley 33/1 6th
    2pts ew (w/o fav) Grumpy Charley 16/1 5th

    1.55 Arkle Novices’ Chase – Returns -20pts
    20pts win (w/o fav) Captain Guinness 2/1 2nd
    2nd GRRR! got up to win bet near line only
    for another one to just sneak past on inside

    2.30 Ultima Handicap Chase – RETURNS +15.5pts
    20pts Happygolucky 7/2 2nd Another crossbar!
    12pts ew AYE RIGHT ** PLACED 3rd 11/2 **
    9pts ew ONE FOR THE TEAM ** PLACED 5th 17/2 **
    7pts ew Pym 11/1 unpl

    3.05 Champion Hurdle – RETURNS+70.78pts
    **NAP** 25pts win HONEYSUCKLE ** NAP ** WON 11/8 **
    12pts ew SHARJAH ** PLACED 11/1 **
    8pts ew Abacadabras 10/1 fell
    5pts ew Silver Streak 20/1

    3.40 Mares’ Hurdle – RETURNS+5pts
    25pts win Concertista 11/8 2nd nutted on line
    5pts ew INDEFATIGABLE ** PLACED 33/1 (4pl BetVic) **
    2pts ew Floressa 33/1 6th
    2pts ew (w/o fav) Floressa 22/1 5th

    4.15 Boodles Juvenile Handicap – Returns -38pts
    5pts ew SAGE ADVICE ** PLACED 20/1 **
    12pts ew Busselton 13/2 unpl
    9pts ew Homme Public 11/1 unpl
    3pts ew Curious Bride 28/1 unpl
    5pts ew Balko Saint 25/1 unpl

    4.50 National Hunt Chase – Returns -7.3pts
    **NB** 25pts win Next Destination 3/1 2nd
    6pts ew SNOW LEOPARDESS ** PLACED 16/1 **
    10pts ew Remastered 13/2 5th
    2pts ew The Mighty Don 40/1 6th

    0.1pt Tote Placepot 6 Winning lines – Returns -7.3pts
    1.55 SHISHKIN ** PLACED **
    4.15 SAINT SAM ** PLACED **

    5pts ew double – returns -10pts
    2.30 Aye Right ** placed 11/2 **
    4.15 Busselton 13/2 unpl

    5pts ew double – returns -10pts
    2.30 Pym 11/1 unpl
    4.15 Homme Public 11/1 unpl

    2pts win only Lucky 15 – Returns -19.6pts
    2.30 Happygolucky 7/2 2nd
    3.05 HONEYSUCKLE ** WON 21/5 ** 3x odds bonus
    3.40 Concertista 11/8 2nd
    4.50 Next Destination 3/1 2nd

    1pt ew Lucky 15 – Returns -25.8pts
    2.30 Pym 11/1 unpl
    3.05 Silver Streak 20/1 unpl
    4.15 Homme Public 11/1 unpl
    4.50 SNOW LEOPARDESS ** PLACED 16/1 **

    0.5pt ew Lucky 31
    2.30 Pym
    2.30 tomorrow
    (1/5th 7 places if 16 run 6 places 14-15)
    1.55 Thursday
    (1/5th 7 places if 16 run 6 places 14-15)
    2.30 Thursday
    SAINT CALVADOS (1/5, 5 places)
    1.55 Friday
    ECLAIR DE BEAUFEU (1/5, 5)

    5pts win Ballyadam 10/1 2nd
    1pt ew Soaring Glory 40/1
    1pt win Soaring Glory 40/1
    5pts ew Soaring Glory 20/1
    2pts ew Blue Lord 40/1………..aaarrrggghhh!! fell last when clear 2nd

    1.55 Arkle Novices’ Chase
    5pts ew CAPTAIN GUINNESS ** PLACED 33/1 **
    7pts win Captain Guinness 3rd

    2.30 Ultima Handicap Chase
    2pts ew AYE RIGHT ** PLACED 20/1 **
    2pts ew ONE FOR THE TEAM ** PLACED 20/1 **

    3.05 Champion Hurdle
    5pts ew Silver Streak 12/1 unpl
    5pts ew Abacadabras 16/1 fell
    5pts win Sharjah 22.0 Betfair 2nd
    5pts win Silver Streak 19.0 Betfair unpl

    3.40 Mares’ Hurdle
    5pts ew Dame de Compagnie 16/1 unpl
    3pts ew Indefatigable 28/1 4th
    1pt ew Dolcita 50/1 NR

    4.15 Boodles Juvenile Handicap
    1pt ew HOUX GRIS ** PLACED 50/1 **
    7pts ew Riviere d’etel 14/1 7th
    2pts ewHomme Public 25/1 unpl
    2pts ew Homme Public 20/1 unpl
    1pt ew Curious Bride 33/1 unpl
    1pt ew Soldier on Parade 50/1 unpl

    4.50 National Hunt Chase
    2.5pts ew Snow Leopardess 33/1 4th

    1.20 Ballymore Novices Hurdle RETURNS 71.88pts
    25pts win BOB OLINGER ** WON 15/8 **
    5pts ew Keskonrisk 14/1 unpl
    1pt ew Does He Know 66/1 unpl
    5pts ew (w/o fav) Keskonrisk 12/1
    2pts ew (w/o fav) Does He Know 40/1 4th

    1.55 Brown Advisory Novices Chase
    15pts win (w/o fav) Sporting John 11/4 fell
    5pts ew (w/o fav) Dickie Diver 13/2 3rd

    2.30 Coral Cup RETURNS 31.2pts
    12pts ew GUARD YOUR DREAMS ** PLACED 8/1 **
    9pts re Sneaky Getaway 14/1 unpl
    4pts ew Shakem Uparry 28/1 unpl
    4pts ew Palmers Hill 33/1 unpl
    2pts ew Shang Tang 40/1 unpl
    1pt ew Nelson River 100/1 unpl

    3.05 Champion Hurdle – RETURNS 140pts
    10pts ew PUT THE KETTLE ON ** WON 10/1 **
    5pts ew Rouge Vif 25/1 unpl
    3pts ew Notebook 33/1unpl
    5pts ew (w/o fav) Rouge Vif 9/1 unpl
    3pts ew (w/o fav) Notebook 16/1 unpl

    3.40 Cross Country Chase Returns 32pts
    10pts ew SOME NECK ** PLACED 11/1 **
    7pts Le Breuil 14/1 pu
    4pts ew Hogans Heights 25/1 6th
    3pts ew Defi des Carres 28/1 pu
    1pts ew Kings Temptation 66/1 fell

    4.15 Grand Annual RETURNS 23pts
    5pts ew ON THE SLOPES ** PLACED 18/1 **
    12pts ew Zanza 8/1 impeded & pu
    8pts ew Us and Them 12/1 unpl
    5pts ew Moonlighter 16/1 pu
    3pts ew Or Jaune de Somoza 33/1 unpl

    4.50 Champion Bumper
    **Nap** 30pts win Kilcruit 13/8 2nd
    12pts ew Ramilles 14/1 unpl
    8pts ew Grangee 22/1unpl
    Both 1/5th 4 places
    5pts ew Grangee 14/1 (w/o fav) unpl
    5pts ew Grangee 7/1 (w/o top 2) 4th

    10pts win double
    1.20 Bob Olinger 15/8 Won
    4.50 Kilcruit 13/8 2nd

    5pts ew double
    2.30 Monte Cristo 10/1unpl
    4.15 Zanza 7/1 pu

    5pts ew double
    2.30 Botox Has 14/1pu
    4.15 On The Slopes 18/1 4th

    1pts ew double
    2.30 Sayo 50/1 3rd
    4.15 Or Jaune de Somoza 33/1 unpl

    1pt ew Lucky 15 (total 30pts) RETURNS 79.64pts
    2.30 GUARD YOUR DREAMS ** PLACED 8/1 **
    3.40 SOME NECK ** PLACED 10/1 **
    4.15 ON THE SLOPES ** PLACED 18/1
    4.50 Grangee 22/1 unpl

    0.1pt Tote Placepot (total 21.6pts) Sigh!!
    1.20 BOB OLINGER
    1.55 MONKFISH
    3.40 EASYSLAND
    4.15 all lost

    (1/5th 3 places unless stated)

    1.20 Ballymore
    2.5pts ew Keskonrisk 25/1 unpl
    1.5pts ew Baer Ghylls 14/1 unpl

    2,30 Coral Cup
    5pts ew Monte Cristo 14/1 unpl
    5pts ew Botox Has 16/1 pu

    3.05 Champion Chase
    5pts win PUT THE KETTLE ON ** WON 10.5 **
    5pts ew Politilogue 20/1 NR
    5ew Rouge Vif 25/1 unpl
    2.5pts ew Greanateen 40/1 4th

    4.15 Grand Annual
    5ew Embittered 20/1 (4pl)
    5ew Embittered 12/1 (5pl)
    2.5pts ew ENTOUCAS ** PLACED 25/1 **
    5pts ew Zanza 12/1 impeded & pu

    4.50 Champion Bumper
    2,5pts ew Ramilles 33/1
    2.5pts ew ELLE EST BELLE ** PLACED 33/1
    2.5pts ew Grangee 25/1

    1.20 Marsh Novices Chaser RETURNS 18.4pts
    4pts ew ASTERION FORLONGE ** PLACED 18/1 ** (SP 14/1)
    10pts ew Shan Blue 11/1 5th

    1.55 Pertemps Network Final RETURNS 48pts
    10pts ew CHAMPAGNE PLATINUM ** PLACED 17/2 **
    5ew DANDY MAG ** PLACED 16/1 **
    15pts ew Imperial Alcazar 11/2 unpl
    7ew Brinkley 14/1 unpl
    5ew Storm Arising 20/1 unpl
    5ew Anything Will Do 33/1 unpl

    2.30 Ryanair Chase RETURNS 19pts
    2.5pts ew TORNADO FLYER ** PLACED 33/1 ** (SP 25/1)
    10pts ew Mister Fisher 17/2 pu
    2.5pts ew Chris’s Dream 40/1 pu

    3.05 Stayers Hurdle RETURNS 91.42pts
    15pts ew SIRE DU BERLAIS ** PLACED 5/1 **
    10pts ew THE STORYTELLER ** PLACED 11/1 **
    7pts ew BEACON EDGE ** PLACED 16/1 ** (SP 10/1)
    2pts ew Reserve Tank 66/1 pu

    3.40 Paddy Power Plate RETURNS 90pts
    20pts Win THE SHUNTER ** Won 7/2 ** (SP 9/4f)
    10pts ew Sully Doc AA 12/1 unpl by a neck
    7pts ew Happy Diva 16/1unpl
    4pts ew Champagne Court 28/1 unpl

    4.15 Mares Novices Hurdle RETURNS 47pts
    8pts ew THE GLANCING QUEEN ** PLACED 10/1 ** (SP 9/1)
    5ew MAGIC DAZE ** PLACED 18/1 **
    12pts Hook Up 13/2 unpl
    4pts ew Perfect Myth 22/1 unpl

    4.50 Kim Muir Challenge Cup RETURNS 46pts
    10pts ew SHANTOU FLYER ** PLACED 11/2 **
    5pts ew GO ANOTHER ONE ** PLACED 20/1 ** (SP 16/1)
    7pts ew Bob Mahler 18/1 unpl

    5pt ew double
    1.55 Imperial Alcazar 11/2 unpl
    3.40 Sully Doc AA 11/1 unpl

    2pt ew double
    1.55 Anything Will Do 33/1 unpl
    3.40 Champagne Court 25/1 unpl

    0.5pt ew Lucky 31 RETURNS 13.8pts
    *Double Odds on a single winner bonus*
    2.30 Mister Fisher 17/2 pu
    3.40 Sully Doc AA 11/1 unpl by a neck
    4.15 THE GLANCING QUEEN ** PLACED 10/1 ** (SP 9/1)
    4.50 Bob Mahler 18/1 unpl

    0.1pt Tote Placepot (total 21.6pts) Lost
    1.20 Both lost
    1.55 CHAMPAGNE PLATINUM **Placed**
    2.30 TORNADO FLYER **Placed**
    3.05 SIRE DU BERLAIS **Placed**
    3.40 THE SHUNTER **Placed**
    4.15 Both lost

    (1/5th 3 places unless stated)
    1.5pts ew To Win Any Race THE SHUNTER ** WON 12/1 ** (SP 9/4f)
    1.20 Marsh
    3pts ew Shan Blue 12/1 5th
    1.55 Pertemps
    2pts win Imperial Alcazar 8/1 unpl
    2.5pts ew MRS MILNER ** WON 33/1 ** (SP 12/1)
    2.30 Ryanair
    5pts ew FAKIR DOUDARIES ** PLACED 14/1 ** (SP 11/2)
    5pts ew Mister Fisher 16/1 pu
    3.05 Stayers
    3pts ew FLOORING PORTER ** WON 16/1 ** (SP 12/1)
    5pts ew The Storyteller 5th 22/1
    5pts ew Lisnagar Oscar 33/1 fell
    3.40 Paddy Power Plate
    5pts ew Spiritofthegames 20/1 N/R
    4.15 Mares Novice
    5pts win The Glancing Queen 10/1 5th
    2.5pts ew Glens of Antrim 33/1 unpl
    4.50 Kim Muir
    3pts ew Diese Aba 20/1 unpl
    5pts ew Bob Mahler 25/1 unpl

    1.20 Triumph Hurdle RETURNS 12.5PTS
    **MaxNap** 50pts win Zanahyr 5/4 unpl
    5pts ew (w/o fav & Tritonic) HAUT EN COULEURS ** PLACED 15/2 **
    1.55 County Handicap Hurdle RETURNS 113.2PTS
    2pts ew BELFAST BANTER ** WON 33/1 **
    5pts ew MILKWOOD ** PLACED 25/1 **
    7pts ew Ciel de Neige 20/1 9th
    12pts ew Fifty Ball 12/1 unpl
    5pts ew Thyme White 22/1 unpl
    2.30 Albert Bartlett Novices Hurdle RETURNS 220.4PTS
    6pts ew VANILLIER ** WON 20/1 ** (SP 14/1)
    12pts ew STREETS OF DOYEN ** PLACED 10/1 **
    8pts ew ALAPHILIPPE ** PLACED 14/1 ** (SP 11/1)
    4pts ew Pats Fancy 33/1 unpl
    3.05 Cheltenham Gold Cup RETURNS 42PTS
    10pts ew FRODON ** PLACED 16/1 **
    30pts win A Plus Tard 4/1 2nd
    5pts ew Kemboy 16/1 upl
    5pts ew Frodon 25/1 5th
    St James’s Place Hunters Chase RETURNS 25PTS
    5pts ew LATENIGHTPASS ** PLACED 20/1 **
    20pts ew Bob And Co 9/2 ur
    8pts ew Stand Up and Fight 11/1 unpl
    3pts ew Salvatore 33/1 pu
    All 1/5th 4 places
    Antepost 5ew Bob And Co 25/1 ur
    Mares Chase RETURNS 20PTS
    8pts ew SHATTERED LOVE ** PLACED 15/2 **
    **NextBest** 30pts win Elimay 5/6 2nd
    5pts ew Magic Of Light 16/1 unpl
    3 pts ew Cabaret Queen 40/1 pu
    Martin Pipe Handicap Hurdle RETURNS 56pts
    12pts ew LANGER DAN ** PLACED 13/2 **
    2pts DALLAS DES PICTONS ** PLACED 66/1 **
    8pts ew Frontal Assault 12/1 8th
    20pts win Gentleman De Mee 3/1 unpl
    5pts Commandingpresence 22/1 unpl
    10pt win double generally available RETURNS 0
    1.55 Zanahyr 5/4 unpl
    4.15 ELIMAY 4/5
    5pt ew treble add 4.50 GENTLEMAN DE MEE 3/1
    5pt ew double ONLY at Skybet
    1.55 Fifty Ball 12/1 unpl RETURNS 0
    4.50 LANGER DAN 13/2 (1/5th, 6)
    2pt ew double ONLY at Skybet RETURNS 0
    1.55 CIEL DE NEIGE 20/1 9th, 8 paid
    4.50 Commandingpresence 22/1 unpl
    0.5pt ew Lucky 31 ONLY at Sky (total 31pts) RETURNS 3,2PTS
    *2X Odds single winner bonus*
    1.55 Ciel De Neige 20/1 9th, 8 paid
    2.30 Alaphilippe 14/1 5th, 4 paid
    3.05 FRODON ** PLACED 16/1 *
    3.40 Salvatore 33/1 pu
    4.50 Commandingpresence 22/1 unpl
    0.5pt Tote Placepot (total 27pts) RETURNS 0
    1.20 lost
    1.55 lost
    2.30 Streets of Doyen *Placed*
    3.05 A Plus Tard *Placed*
    3.40 lost
    4.15 Elimay *Placed*
    Week’s 0.5pt ew Lucky 31
    2.30 Tuesday Pym 14/1 unpl
    2.30 Wednesday Botox Has 17/2 pu
    1.55 Thursday Spiritofthegames 18/1 unpl
    2.30 Thursday Saint Calvados NR
    1.55 Friday ECLAIR DE BEAUFEU ** PLACED 11/1 **
    40pts Zanahyr 9/4 3rd
    5pts ew Tritonic 12/1 unpl
    2.5pts ew ECLAIR DE BEAUFEU ** PLACED 33/1 **
    3pts ew ECLAIR DE BEAUFEU ** PLACED 12/1 **
    2pts ew ALAPHILIPPE ** PLACED 16/1 **
    5pts ew Torygraph 14/1 unpl
    5pts ew Frodon 25/1 unpl
    5pts ew Native River 16/1 4th
    2pts ew Royal Pagaillle 40/1 6th
    5pts ew Bob And Co 25/1 ur
    2.5pts ew LANGER DAN ** PLACED 33/1 **

    • Matt Bisogno
      Matt Bisogno says:

      Crikey Paul, the summary would have been fine!

      Have to admit I didn’t look past Tuesday, bit too much detail for my time-pressed eyes.
      Hopefully that granularity gives you some good ideas regarding what worked/didn’t work.

      Thanks for sharing,

  11. Stan
    Stan says:

    I did really well and will be on a winnings spree. £3.13 UP. And I am happy with that, any profit will do particularly at Cheltenham. A tough tough festival.

  12. Doggish
    Doggish says:

    Hi Matt, I am the proverbial ” penny punter” but all wins and losses are relative.
    On the first day I had the Forecast & Tricast in Vintage Clouds race, and a little each way
    on Vintage. That kept me punting all week. Happy days. My old punting pal and I have always said
    if we could change one result per day, what a difference that would make.!!!!
    There would have been a few of them at Cheltenham!! I enjoy your videos, as your very honest and down to earth.

  13. peterz59
    peterz59 says:

    Don’t bet unless I’m on my hols as I work in Saudi at the moment. Do do it on paper though. Would have done okay this year as I had a plan! Studying chases 2m + started with last years Cheltenham form.
    Day one 3 bets no wins Loss 3pts
    Day 2 Antepost 3 bets (2pt Put The Kettle On a10s win but that would have been Dec) would have done 2pts place on the day and not backed it to win. EW Sky Pirate @ BSP 20s Place 4.5. So total stakes 7pts Returns 23pts ish Gains16 +13pts
    Day3: Antepost 4pts no winners: On the day 4pts (two winner at BSP Mount Ida 4.20 The Shunter 3.85 (Prices on the Irish next time. Should no better) Broke about even.
    Day 4, 7 antepost gold cup bets! 2pts on Album Photo7s 2pts on A Plus Tard 12s 2pts on Champ 12s and 7.4 2pts on Royale Pagalle 12s 2pts Presenting Percy 19s 1pt on Cyrname 17s and a point on Minello Indo at 9s (would not have backed him on the day) Selections on the day would have been Champ and A Plus Tard. Loss 3pts: Overall +10pts one of my best Cheltenham results that would have been.

      • peterz59
        peterz59 says:

        I do use a VPN. However you sign a contract that states that you obey the law here. You would probably get away with it but this is not a country were you want to fall foul of the law. The other problem is from the bookies end. They now acquire you to have an address were you are resident. Again you can get away with this and I have in other countries. However I lost my Pal Pay account because of this problem. Happy to wait until I retire in a few years time and I can make sure that at least on paper I can make a profit over a year or more.

  14. jimmy
    jimmy says:

    Not sure I am getting it. GeeGeez is a well-regarded resource. Yet the talk is of losing despite the tools and expertise on offer. Even losing half the betting bank, at last year’s Cheltenham. What am I missing?!

    • Matt Bisogno
      Matt Bisogno says:

      Lost half my stake not my bank, Jimmy. We can’t win every week and Cheltenham is largely vanity punting as opposed to the easier everyday opportunities.

      Apart from that, you’re not missing anything. Thanks for popping in, and keep up the great work.


      • jimmy
        jimmy says:

        Thanks. So your own Cheltenham betting is not really to be mixed up with general betting in the rest of the year, when – presumably – you are able to make consistent profits by applying the interesting-looking tools at the site…? Just looking to confirm. Lots of good feedback about gee-geez generally…

        • Matt Bisogno
          Matt Bisogno says:

          Hi Jimmy

          There are lots of ways to answer this!

          1. My Cheltenham record is all right. 27% ROI this year after a disaster last year. Smaller profits in the years prior to that.
          2. Nobody’s ability to make a profit from horse racing should be judged on their Cheltenham Festival betting record in my view.
          3. Yes, I am able to make consistent profits from betting on horses – I’ve recorded many videos sharing such intel, including this one:
          4. Even if I was a losing punter personally, that wouldn’t necessarily detract from the toolkit. [I’m not certain that Mr Black and Mr Decker are outstanding builders, though they make very good power tools!]
          5. Regarding geegeez, it’s been a pleasure to welcome so many genuine fans of racing whose understanding of the art of the possible in terms of betting and profit and fun aligns perfectly with my own, and that of the other writers and developers who have contributed to the creation and ongoing build of the site.
          6. Also, you can try everything out for a month for £1. So you don’t have to take my word for it!
          7. If you really hate it after a month, drop me an email and I’ll refund your pound (you won’t really hate it, even if it doesn’t especially work for you, but I am keen that your own experience should speak more loudly than my words, or even the words or votes of other site users).

          Hope that helps, and
          all best,

  15. Jay
    Jay says:

    Some very interesting reading above and some great bets picked out well done all. Personally I didn’t get too heavily involved this year as I thought I had 3 incredible ante post bets (they looked to be on paper!). I managed to get Metier priced up at 66-1 with Bet 365 before he made his hurdles debut back in October; he’d been in the tracker since being withdrawn from last years Triumph hurdle decs. I got on Zanahiyr at 33-1 after he beat Dark Voyager (a well touted at the time mullins horse) on hurdles debut in October and also Tritonic at 33’s before he made his first effort over the obstacles, knowing he’d shorten right up should he be successful. Just to get all three there seemed like a brilliant effort let alone to have genuine chances….but it wasn’t to be and the money I’d already spent in my head just faded away tamely like most of the British runners!..
    4 Days of entertainment and some top class racing nonetheless.
    P.S Keep up the great content

  16. stevecockell1973
    stevecockell1973 says:

    Thanks for posting these Matt. I was interested to see how you staked certain bets and whether there were any angles that I might have missed. For the first time this year I started an early Ante Post strategy given how strong the Irish were looking and it paid off in the most part – I don’t think I got many over the line but I did get enough value to lay off some of the bets – Bob Olinger 9/2 + Kilcruit 9/1 was a good example that allowed me to lay Kilcruit for £350 and be happy with whatever happened. Previously I would have sat on the edge of my seat and hoped for £700 only to be beaten into 2nd – which is amazingly what tends to happen to me a lot (and did happen with my Rachel Blackmore treble ending in A Plus Yard – I just couldn’t lay that one off in my head and look what happened – agghhh!). So I guess my learning of how to manage my multiples and outcomes has grown which Im really pleased about.

    I also think the Irish with UK experience angle worked nicely with Belfast Banter a good winner at 33/1 and Streets of Doyen almost a steal at the same price. The Shunter was another winner for me even though it was short enough in the end. Worth looking for moving forwards if the GB horses can’t get their act together in the next few years.

    Cheers for all your insight, angles and tips as always!

    • Matt Bisogno
      Matt Bisogno says:

      Well done Steve, good stuff. And that’s a very interesting point regarding Irish runners with previous (non-Festival) experience. Will definitely look out for that.


  17. acranea
    acranea says:

    I took one look at the small fields & the laughable marks some horses were getting into the handicaps off & reduced stakes to a quarter of normal. Still bombed out but thank god for that decision. One winner all week (Telmesomethinggirl) The rest garbage. Tbh I got more pleasure watching the races I hadn’t backed anything in as there were some memorable performances. But I didn’t really enjoy the whole thing. Plus I’d say the handicap form is worth virtually nothing going forward. Other than a few quid on the National & my traditional failure to find anything that goes a yard in the Lincoln I’ll be powder dry for the flat now & nothing until the Craven.

  18. breebraw
    breebraw says:

    I just back about ten or so outsiders e/w in the big handicaps when the bookies offer extra places. Has been a goldmine recently with Jeff Kidder at 80/1 in the Fred Winter and Freewheelin Dylan 150/1 in the Irish National. No doubt my luck will run out on Saturday at Aintree.

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