Cheltenham Festival Minisite

There will be no little red curtains, dear reader, loosely connected to a gold braid cord. There will be no local dignitary or D-List celebrity in attendance. There will be a conspicuous absence of trumpets or other brass instruments. Indeed, amidst absolutely no pomp, ceremony or fanfare, I'm delighted to announce the unveiling of my new mini-site, dedicated to the Cheltenham Festival.

It was about two weeks ago when I awoke in the middle of the night, sweating and excited, as a name had come to me for this new site. It was a name that captured the very essence of the Cheltenham Festival, and of the trends for those great races.

Yes, I called it CheltenhamFestivalTrends! And you can see it here.

Cheltenham Festival Trends

So why go there? Well, this is a site that will appeal to people who are interested in the Cheltenham Festival. Duh! If you're not, then I wouldn't bother hopping over.

If you are, however, you'll find various things of interest. Cheltenham Festival tre-nds themselves have been highlighted elsewhere by my good mate Gavin Priestley, whose trends guide is absolutely different gravy from the rest out there. In fact, you can download a sample race from his guide at

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But there's more. One page on the site has a collection of all my ante-post reviews in ready reading format. Some of these were written months ago, and you'll be able to see the golden geese and the lame ducks. For instance, in the Champion Hurdle preview way back when, I nominated Go Native at 33/1 (now as short as 10/3 favourite). Alas, I also put up Celestial Halo at 8/1 (now drifted out to 16/1, but still with a chance for me).

And, rather brilliantly, I've got a clever little video system that will enable you to watch any or all of the races from last year's Cheltenham Festival, just by aiming and clicking at the relevant box underneath the main video screen. I've just watched the late Wichita Lineman win under one of the great rides of all time. I'd recommend anyone doubting McCoy's brilliance in steeplechases take a quick refresher here!

It's all over at

Anyway, I should also tell you that the site was set up with the express intention of getting people 'juiced up' about the Cheltenham Festival - I am already, so why shouldn't you be?! - and it does contain affiliate linkage to Gavin's magnificent trends guide.

But you can just ignore those and lap up the Cotswolds goodness, in anticipation of the magnificence to come. Eleven days to go...!

Have a great weekend, and get studying the Cheltenham form. will definitely help.


Your first 30 days for just £1
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  1. paul says:

    hello matt have you come across physic football what they do and is it a viable site for footie betting cheers paul

    ps keep up the good work

    • Matt Bisogno says:

      Hi Paul

      If you mean Psychic Soccer, I have heard of it but I’m afraid I don’t know whether it’s worth a look or not.

      Perhaps someone else reading this will know?


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