Colossus Bets Syndicates: Joining Instructions

Two million quid up for grabs in the HDA15

Two million quid up for grabs...


Colossus Bets is a football pool where prizes of up to £10 million are on offer. Geegeez runs occasional syndicates, generally chasing more modest - though still lip-smacking - prize funds, and if you'd like to be a part, details of how to enrol are below.

This weekend we'll be tackling the HDA15, with a guaranteed pool of two million quid for predicting the result (home, draw, away) in 15 matches.

If you fancy taking this on yourself, the link below is your friend.

You can find out more about Colossus here:

The great thing about Colossus pools is that there's a cash out option at half time and the end of all matches. Basically, you're made an offer for 100% of your ticket, so you can see what your tickets are currently worth and take a percentage out if you wish to.

This weekend I'm offering a syndicate play for anyone interested in joining me. Details:

A. Syndicateers will send funds to my skrill account which will enable me to transfer them directly to my Colossus account. I will know who's sent how much by the email address of the sender.

B. If you'd like to play, the minimum stake is £25 (sorry, but the admin overhead of hundreds of smaller stakes is unworkable) and the maximum is £150. I will be playing £150.

C. I will not accept any more players after 1pm GMT Saturday, as I need to know how much is in the kitty and frame the bets.

D. I will send our permutations to all players prior to the kick off of the first game (3pm Saturday).

E. We'll be looking to play one £2 perm, and one (or more) 20p perms. For the 20p perm, we'll be playing for a piece of £200,000 (still not at all shabby!).

F. I am away Sunday (Geegeez Racing Syndicates Stable Day at Anthony Honeyball's yard, then racing at Wincanton). But we'll be nine games into the 15 by Saturday evening, and may well have cashed at least some of our ticket for an offer by that point!

G. Please keep in mind that this is a very hard bet to land, and only join us if you're fine with losing if it goes that way.

Right, all that said, if you're interested:

1a. You'll need a Skrill account. Skrill is a widely accepted 'online wallet' accepted by virtually all betting companies, including Colossus.

And, importantly, it enables me to transfer our joint funds into my Colossus account for the purposes of syndicate shootouts.

If you don't have a Skrill account, you can get one here:

Your first 30 days for just £1


2. Log in to Skrill and click the orange 'Send Money' link on the right side of your Account Overview.

3. Recipient email address is and the amount should be either £25, £50, £100 or £150
(Other denominations will be returned, as I need to keep this fairly simple!)

If you receive confirmation from Skrill that your payment has been sent, then it has. You won't hear from me until Saturday when I send out the details of our tickets.

4. I'll send an email to all syndicate members between 1.30pm and 2.30pm on Saturday with details of our tickets.

Good luck! (and feel free to play by yourself if you prefer!)



Down to the 'full cover' early ticket, and it's the only ticket left in the pool just about. The offer was staggeringly derisory so we've had no choice but to push on to the two 5.30pm games. Fingers crossed for home wins at West Ham and Schalke (or maybe a draw in the German game).



The Big Brute



The Catch All Early





The Lucky Poke #1




The Lucky Poke #2




Your first 30 days for just £1
33 replies
  1. Boggy2 says:

    Hi Matt, just to let you and readers know setting up the skill account takes a few days for verification, so I’m with you in spirit today for the colusses syndicate and will join you properly next time. Pete (boggy2)

    • Matt Bisogno says:

      Thanks Pete, and yes, that’s why I flagged it on Thursday. I’ll try to make this a fairly regular feature, so hope to have you on board next time.


  2. Gerald Bennett says:

    Hi Matt,
    Would have joined you on this but we the admin delays of loading money on to my Skrill account which I already had means I wont be able to load anything on the account for a day or two (they have to verify it your debit card etc). Good luck for today


    • Matt Bisogno says:

      Thanks for the good wishes, Gerald, and hopefully see you in the next syndicate.


  3. rjtilt says:

    Hi Matt,
    I received my email confirming membership of this weekends HDA15 syndicate. However, I do not appear to have received a further email, with details of the tickets?

  4. dave says:

    Hi would not mind joining , but reading others I will not able to act with Skrill A/C in the time frame, please let us know earlier and I may join.

    Ps where can I check results of how it’s doing so far

  5. pier says:

    Hi Matt, should one specify for which syndicate he is sending the money? Or maybe this is unnecessary as you probably only run one syndicate per day? So If i send the money today (1th february) will I automatically be partecipating in today’s rollover pick4? Sorry for the naive question, but I’m new to syndicates. Best, Pier

    • Matt Bisogno says:

      Hi Pier

      Yes, only ever one syndicate at a time. Sorry for the delay replying. I’ve been out all day.


    • Matt Bisogno says:

      Just 17,000 tickets had 3-2, from nearly half a million in the pool (remember, each full ticket selection is £2)

      So we’re in a fair place, but I’d have much preferred us having six tickets and loads of options going forwards… Need ManU to cut loose, and Flum/Sunderlnd to stay tight.


    • Matt Bisogno says:

      Hi Richard

      Cash out options are offered at half-time and full-time, once any/all concurrent games are in a break in play.

  6. Dave says:

    The Skrill account is holding you back, I got fed up with the sign up procedure and gave up! Paypal would probably get double the numbers. Dave

    • Matt Bisogno says:

      Hi Dave

      Not at all. In fact, I’ve already got more than enough people, but will take a few more. There are plenty of reasons I don’t use PayPal, the main two being a) it’s a business account and this is pleasure, and b) PayPal close accounts down for doing this sort of thing and Skrill don’t.

      So, as you were…


      • danyam55 says:

        hi Matt,opened Skrill a/c no problem,however after i sent my first payment,my bank closed acess to my account for security reasons ? no prob now but youd have thought skrill was the mafia or something weird eh,all the best,Ken

        • Matt Bisogno says:

          Hi Ken

          That is weird. Banks seem to have some pretty complicated morals, I’d say. Blocking accounts for minor betting transactions, but harbouring tax evaders all day long…

          Good to have you on board, in any case 🙂


  7. Brian Mc Laughlin says:

    Hi Matt,I didn’t have any money in my Skrill account but there’s an option for an instant Bank Transfer in Skrill which I’ve used.
    No problem

  8. khanaran123Raj Naransamy says:

    Hi Matt
    I live in South Africa and have opened a skrill account but looks like I am going to miss out. I have a paypal account and may I use to get into todays syndicate for now and from nxt onwards use my skrill

  9. GezBen says:

    Hi Matt,
    I have just sent the payment via Skrill for this Saturday’s syndicate. Fingers crossed for a good week.



  10. Spot1954 says:

    Hi Matt hope we don’t come unstuck with the new manager syndrome at Sunderland

  11. Blokeshead says:

    Skrill are several million times better than PayPal – I wouldn’t bother joining this syndicate if I had to use PayPal, as it hurts too much to put business their way unless I have to.

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