A New Geegeez Look Coming Soon

Coming Soon: A Brand New Geegeez

A New Geegeez Look Coming Soon

A New Geegeez Look Coming Soon

It's been a while. Actually, it's been bloody ages...

...but I'm pleased to report that very soon, geegeez.co.uk will have a long overdue nip and tuck to drag it kicking and screaming into the second half of the twenty-teens (is that what you call this decade?!)

Here's a short ghetto video I made to offer a sneak peek inside the new - and hopefully improved - geegeez site. Fingers crossed you like it!



The new site should be live in a fortnight or so, after we've ironed out the few remaining issuettes we're aware of.

Feel free to leave a comment on what you think: good, bad or ugly!



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20 replies
  1. MrsSponge says:

    It’s looking good Matt. I really like the super quick results bit. Oh, and the compact view of race times. Will we be able to hover over the time box to see the race title (as can be done on the Timeform/Betfair results page? Thanks Al

  2. mike webster says:

    As you’re making changes i was just wondering if there’s any chance of a logout button on each page please? Thanks

  3. Eric says:

    Hi Matt looks great and should save a lot of time quick to find races, results, and speeds,looks a good upgrade

  4. acranea says:

    I’m a racing fan Matt.So I detest any sort of change.This is terrible! Leave everything as it is…forever!

    As far as I’m concerned this is up there with starting stalls,decimal odds & women jockeys.Madness.Utter madness.


  5. John S. says:

    Nice one Matt,
    original is good… this looks a better navigation site.
    Nothing less than we would expect from you Matt.

  6. Colin Barker says:

    Looks good overall and quicker to get to the content you want but one change I would like to see to the tracker is to see the notes in the same section as when the horse is running. At present it is a bit cumbersome to go back to the Tracker additions section and then have to scroll to find the horse in question to then check the notes.
    A minor point but would help speed up my decision-making.

  7. Hopper says:

    High Matt… Jez You can!
    A Progressive Wind Blows throughout the Land… Much Cleaner, less Austere, Forward-Facing, not quite Revolutionary, but a timely piece of Reformism…
    No, not the Labour Party, the reVamped GeeGeez!
    But, I’m curious ~ isn’t appropriatin’ ‘Racing Post Verdict’ a little like John McDonnell using George Osborne’s economic guru?
    When You say theSite will look even better on Mobile Devices, does this include both Smartphones & Tablets? Is Amazon Kindle Fire HD compatible? Will the ‘Hover to Expand MegaMenu’ function work on Mobile Devices? Do Your Techy Wizards know, and could You possibly let uUs know in advance of Launch, whether the new site will be better -served by particular Browsers, both Mobile & Web-based?
    Thanx again ~
    PaulJo $

    • Matt Bisogno says:

      Hi PaulJo

      Sorry, this slipped my grasp last time. Some answers…

      Yes, we’ll probably lose ‘Racing Post’ from the ‘Verdict’ string.
      Should look better on both smartphones and tablets (I use phone, and it looks good, though not yet ‘properly mobilized’ – that’s the next stage).
      Amazon Kindle – great question, and in truth I’ve no idea. We’re a small dev shop and don’t have such a device. If you do, I’d welcome any comments on your experience.
      Yes, clicking the ‘Reports’ menu item will open the mega menu on screen. (So it’ll be click rather than hover).
      We use Chrome in our daily lives, but test using Firefox as that tends to be more picky from a css/styling perspective. IE/Edge should be fine. We await feedback from iPad/Apple users. Must get an iPad, though I really don’t want one..!!

      Hope that helps somewhat, and do let me know about Kindle if you have such a device.


  8. shortstraw says:

    Nice to see you are just making things easy for us, i will soon feel sorry for those poor hard up bookmakers lol

  9. Richard Benham says:

    Looks good Matt. A 1 2 3 Pace rating would be nice especially for sprints.

  10. Richard says:

    Hi Matt. Looking forward to using the new site. Would love to see the ability download/export the historic Shortlist selections and Pace Analysis figures. Both help me find some real Value selections but there would be some serious Value in being able to analyse past performance of both

    • Matt Bisogno says:

      Hi Richard

      Interesting request, and it forms part of a (much) bigger piece to allow users to interrogate our database. To be brutally honest, the scale of that work means it’s maybe the best part of a year off. However, that said, one key element I’d really love to have is more detail on pace, by course, going, class and distance. So we might push for that to be an early component, but the overall design/solution needs thinking through first.

      Sadly, it’s never quite as easy as ‘just doing it’…!


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