Coming Soon: Your Online Business?

I've written this post on the weekend, dear reader, because it might not be for everyone. Please accept my apologies if it's not for you.

If you're still with me, then great.

Because today I want to tell you a bit about what I've been up to in recent weeks (alongside all the things you know and - hopefully - love, here on the blog).

You see, I didn't just casually ask the question recently about whether you were interested in learning how to start your own online business. I had in mind that I wanted to work with a few of you who actually want to make this a reality for yourself. (I'm guessing you knew that already, right?!)

And I've been giving a lot of thought to how I'm going to do this. To say I'm excited is an understatement.

I'm excited because I know what people who have never done anything like this before have achieved with a bit of help, and their own ideas.

I'm excited because I know that those who work with me through this will help to create a bigger community of trusted online sites, devoted to betting on horses.

But most of all, I'm excited because I know that this presents a completely genuine opportunity for some (perhaps you?) to do something they've (you've?) always dreamed of, and create their (your?) own freedom.

Over the coming weeks, pretty much straight after Cheltenham (and the accompanying hangover) has subsided, I'm going to share with you some background and basics, that I hope will motivate you to follow along yourself.

Even if what I ultimately have to offer is either not of interest to you, or - frankly - too expensive, I'm intent on providing enough quality content to get you started without shelling out a bean to me. (You'd need to pay for a domain name and a hosting account - less than twenty quid all done, and I'll show you who I use).

Your first 30 days for just £1

Before we get to what's coming, let me be clear on a couple of things, so that we're all on the same page from the 'get go':

- This WILL be expensive. Potentially life changing information, mentoring and support requires your commitment as well as mine.

- I will not accept anybody onto this extremely limited programme without completing an application questionnaire.

- I reserve the right to refuse your application without giving a reason. That said, if you apply but are unsuccessful, it is highly likely that I will spend some time explaining to you why you didn't get in.

I hope that doesn't sound too onerous or, worse still, 'precious'. It's not meant to.

Rather, I want to form an understanding with you from the very start that this is a programme geared to your future success and, as such, you need to know whether you're prepared to take it sufficiently seriously in order to achieve what you're capable of (whatever that might be - of course, at this stage I don't have any window on your world).

In return for your commitment, I will offer you quite simply the best 'hand-held' opportunity available to build your own online business.

[Note: your business will probably be related to horse racing, but it doesn't need to be. The vast majority of my training and support is generic and applies equally to any online business. Indeed, I advise a number of online entrepreneurs whose business has nothing to do with racing.]

I hope that something somewhere in the above has lit a small fire in your mind's eye. I'll let you know more about this in the week following the might Cheltenham Festival (week commencing 22nd March).

For now though, I'd love for you to indulge yourself a little, thinking about how life might be different if you had the freedom that comes with your own online business. Where would you be? With whom? Doing what?

I spent two months at the end of last year cruising around California, trekking down the Pacific Coast Highway, watching dolphins swim by, swooning at the natural awesome-ness of Yosemite, and generally bumming about in San Diego. That's what freedom meant to me. What about you?

More in a couple of weeks or so. In the meantime, have a GREAT weekend.


Your first 30 days for just £1
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  1. mark says:

    this online business help sounds great, I have a few ideas already for a website ( nothing to do with horseracing though), so would be great to get some help on starting up!

  2. JIm Mountjoy says:

    Web Marketing and Selling is the Key to a Successful Worldwide Business 24/7 365

  3. mel scott says:

    hi matt
    i would like you to consider me for your online business please,
    been retired for a spell feel the need of a new challenge im 74 y/old
    missing the day to day excitment of selecting losers and my health as improoved , no problem if im not selected regards mel

  4. mick says:

    Hi Matt, my daughter who owns and run the above website is a dressmaker who can design and make ladies clubware. My reason for this enquiry is to seek some independant advice as to how to promote the website to its best. She has been selling via ebay but not to very much success, (everyones looking for Primart type cheap and cheerful) I feel her forte could be more likely to be found in a league above that. She can successfully buy trade basic dresses and improve and customise them and use her “chicaura” label on them, She has a home based workshop/storeroom but needs help to get website responce. thanks regards mick

    • Matt Bisogno says:

      Hi Mick

      I obviously can’t provide this type of commentary to everyone, but seeing as you’re the first, I’ll offer a few thoughts, as per the below.

      I like the site, and of course I understand the problems of eBay, which is a great place to start building a list, but a terrible place to sell anything of value.

      The key to your daughter’s success might be to identify specifically (and I mean specifically!) what her target market is, and tailor her website exactly to them.

      There are also numerous things she could do right away to start getting more traction from the search engines. Although this is not what I’ll be teaching my students, it is a good idea to optimize her site for the keywords that people are likely to use when they’re searching for a site such as hers. Again, this will relate directly back to what she knows about her target market.

      Another thing she can (and should!) do is try to get other sites to link back to her – this helps build perceived ‘authority’, in the same way that you’re more likely to look a betting system if I suggest it might be worth a look. Google (and the other search engines) try to use the closest thing to human ‘word of mouth’ recommendation, which to them is links from other trusted sites. Note, they should be in the same niche (i.e. ladies’ fashion, in this case).

      As I say, I won’t be teaching this to my students, but it certainly doesn’t hurt to know the basics of SEO and your market sector, if you want to succeed. (This is kind of obvious for offline business, and I think sometimes we make a mistake of thinking that selling online follows a different set of rules to selling offline. In the most fundamental respects, it doesn’t.)

      Hope that provides some food for thought – I could have written for hours on the subject and still only scratched the surface…!


  5. Raj says:

    Hi Matt

    Thanks, an interesting post that really got my mouth watering and this is surely a boon for any entepreneur, with the right guidance one can e develop a nice online business.
    I have tried the trial and error method but have failed so with a good mentor as yourself we are sure to succeed

    Look forward to receiving an application and wish that Im selected to be one of your students.



  6. John says:

    Hi ya Matt, Definately be interested, Though the line, This WILL be expensive, is a bit off putting .Especially for those among your following (e.g ME!!) Who just about get by on a day to day basis. Will seriously look at this though.

    • Matt Bisogno says:

      Hi John

      I do understand your point, and I’m afraid that price will definitely discount a lot of people.

      However, what I can absolutely promise you is that in the lead up over the coming weeks, I will provide the basic structure and framework for anybody to get started with this. There are two dimensions to… well, to life, really, and everything therein: time and money.

      If you don’t have the money – and many won’t – then most of what you can pay for, you can achieve with time/effort.

      Over the recent past, I’ve spent a lot (a LOT!) of money on tuition and mentoring. I paid Tim Lowe £5,000 + VAT; I paid Ed Dale £7,000; and I paid Frank Kern $2,000. Amongst numerous other smaller investments.

      I have never regretted a single one of them, as I considered what I wanted to achieve against the cost of achieving that, and in each instance, I’ve got a multiple return on my investment.

      Specifically, I ended up working with Tim for a couple of months where I learnt masses about information publishing, and we became friends; I have Ed as a mentor, to whom I go when I need advice; and I used Frank’s product to do a massive launch.

      My point is that good advice and support quite rightly comes at a premium. But… you don’t need to pay the premium to get started. It *will* speed up the process, but it *won’t* be for everyone.


  7. Jenny says:

    Hi Matt,

    Always interested in a new venture! I already have a successful website and I also do very well on ebay. But, it is VERY IMPORTANT to do your research, find out about your target market AND your competitors.

    For instance, I have spent 50 hours this week alone ‘resourcing’ for a new ebay site and website.

    If you want to be successful at anything, you HAVE to put the time in (right, Matt?). I often work till 1 or 2 in the morning. But I do find time to follow horse racing in the afternoon. So having your own business does give you flexible hours.

    I already have a domain that is not in use at the moment ( and .com), so they are ready to go (or if anyone wants these names, just let me know).

    I would love to help anyone who wants to run their own business, you can get in touch with me through the above website or (as long as Matt hasn’t edited the website addresses out!)

    Good Luck to anyone who gives this a go, Matt’s a friendly guy and will help you all the way.


    • Matt Bisogno says:

      Thanks for your comment Jenny.

      As with any business, yes of course there is a time commitment, and I’ll be de-bunking some of the “I made a million in my first month online, working only two hours a week” myths in my first presentation, which should be online in the week after the Cheltenham Festival.

      I’m also delighted to hear you do very well on eBay. I think items such as greetings cards are ideal for eBay, so congratulations.

      Best Regards

  8. Peter Colledge says:

    I have set up a website which lacks content at the moment, Matt. Looking forward to your ideas.

  9. Gary says:

    Any chance of an update on Betfair Conspiracy results or have you stopped because it is a losing??

  10. Matt Bisogno says:

    Hi Gary

    I’m actually having a weekend off (I know, I know, where’s my dedication?!)

    The results will be up tomorrow. Summary is it’s been a mixed bag in truth, but we’re only slightly down on our start point, so hardly disastrous.


  11. ron.goodall says:

    to matt
    i will have to pass on your new venture whether i met all your criterion or not my own business is started to pick up [haulage]
    but due to downturn i nearly went under i don/t want to go into details but i am still paying of my tax bill [august] i should be straight
    wishing you and all you take on the best
    regards ron.goodall

  12. Les says:


    May be interested. I quit my job in May last year to concentrate on my horse racing investments. New restrictions at work meant I often could not indulge in the horses when the best prices were available, plus changes in the work culture had me moaning at the wife most evenings. So I decided to take the plunge, after all I was making more in my lunch breaks than my salary. Things have gone really well since, although the last 2 months have been slow. I put my results up on, mainly for my friends & old work colleagues to follow my progress, but also to see if I could create interest in a betting service. So far I have not been to interested in taking this any further but as I’ve had all my betting accounts closed or restricted to meaningless amounts it may be something I have to consider.


  13. Perry says:


    Please add me to your list. I’m very interested in learning more.

    Summum bonum indeed.


  14. kojak says:

    very interested in going forward have access to designers of websites and promotinal material maybe helpful in getting the word out and about at a fraction of most suppliers.

  15. John says:

    Hi Matt,
    ……………mmmm, freedom, after 2 months bumming around California on to the Pacific Islands, then on to S.E. Asia then anti clockwise round the Med. ……uh..whats that darling..oh the alarm …thanks love:-(
    Roll on Cheltenham!

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