Coming VERY Soon…

I'm not sure, dear reader, whether anything quite like this has ever been made available before. I could be wrong - it happens from time to time 😉 - but I believe this is a first.

Starting tomorrow, I'll be offering you yet more top quality free stuff as I lead gently but inexorably towards a sales promotion. For those whose stomachs turn at such things, look away now!

As a result of feedback on this very blog, where no fewer than 88% of you (499 out of 565 who took part) indicated a preference for this... well, I'll save that for later in the week... I've worked feverishly to bring you something I think you're going to really enjoy.

It's quite different from the norm, and I'm hopeful it will appeal if you're fed up of reading the usual hyperbole, and paying over the odds for something that's just not very good. [Note, there are a number of decent systems out there as well as the dross, but I think we've pretty much all bought something that we thought was... let's just say we could have done a fair bit better ourselves...]

It's only a short post today, to advise that this is coming, and to look out for an email with a bit more info tomorrow.

Hint: the first freebie is a 'Bobby Dazzler', and I was thinking of selling this for more than fifty quid. When you see it, I think you'll see why!

Until tomorrow...


Your first 30 days for just £1