Daily Dabble, 18th March 2013

Daily Dabble, 18th March 2013

Daily Dabble, 18th March 2013

Daily Dabble, 18th March 2013

Welcome to the first in a new daily feature, called the Daily Dabble. As the name implies, it's a daily bet where we'll nominate two horses to be played in an each way double. Hence the word 'dabble' rather than 'double'.

With me so far? Great. Obviously, picking one winner at an each way price is hard enough, so the aim of this game will be to find two horses which have a strong chance of making the frame, and a fair chance of winning. This means we'll hit the board more often than the bullseye, but hopefully we'll find a few tasty winners along the way, and nick a couple of quid on the place parts regularly.

Anyway, if that all makes sense, sort of, let's crack on with the first ever Daily Dabble, and it's going to kick off with a horse close to my own heart...

2.20 Kempton

I own a share in the first leg of today's inaugural Daily Dabble, Vastly. This fellow is impeccably bred, being a full brother to Listed winner, Putney Bridge, and a half-brother to Dubai World Cup entry, Await The Dawn.

Vastly has had his share of problems, and indeed was sold out of Sir Henry Cecil's yard at the end of his third year. To have been retained there that long hints at some latent ability and Vastly is well-named: he's a big horse and has had growing pains.

But he did finally make it to the track three weeks ago, after changing hands for just 8,000 guineas, and he ran a very promising third that day. Beaten just a length there, he'll have come on for the run and today's quarter mile longer trip should be spot on.

Your first 30 days for just £1

I'm hopeful of a big run. Gulp.

4.50 Kempton

A fairly competitive two mile handicap, but with a lop-sided book which revolves around sprint-bred Broughtons Bandit. That one looks like going off around 3/1 or perhaps even shorter, but he doesn't win very often. In fact, he's only won once in thirteen career runs, and has been second five times!

Finding the right one to take him on with is tricky, but I'm siding with the mare, Hi Note. She's not run since early November, but was in fine form at that time. Indeed, she'd earned a hurdle rating of 136 and ran second to the high class Dodging Bullets.

On the level, she won her last two races, both over this trip (on turf). Her Kempton all weather form is sound too, having won and then been third on her last two starts here. Those were over a mile and just shy of a mile and a half, and this two mile route will suit a good bit better.

Fitness has to be taken on trust, but she's plenty of ability, and should be able to reach the podium for us, at least.

Fingers crossed for a successful first foray with our each way Daily Dabble. (And do please leave a comment to let me know if this is something you're interested in. Also please leave any suggestions for other things you might like to see. It all gets read and we do what we can!)

Back Vastly and Hi Note in an each way double with BetVictor, with the win part paying 34.75/1.


Your first 30 days for just £1
56 replies
  1. williams1sthorseracing says:

    Great Matt, As always a reason given for the information appreciate your efforts and liek extra tips to chew over.

  2. steve cook says:

    i love a dabble so right up my street. keep up the outstanding work you do. cant believe what i get for FREE on your site. fantastic dont care if i lose its fun to see the work you guys put in to entertain us.
    steve cook

  3. Steve Goldie says:

    Great idea for a daily feature. A sensible fun bet with occasional tasty returns. I’ll be following with interest (and hope!)

  4. Gordon says:

    Is this just another idea to take our minds off the stat of the day and its deplorable run?

    • Matt Bisogno says:

      Hi Gordon

      No, not at all. SotD, like Daily Dabble at some point, and ALL tipping services – whether free or paid – hit the skids at one time or another. There’s no necromancy or clairvoyancy involved (obviously!), and we’re all doing our best to find and back winners.

      More importantly, we’re using the same methodology now as we were when we had tremendous winning runs last year. That’s just the game.


      • mr d says:

        yes matt your right i pay for lay bets and had arun of over 17 wins for me they lost i one and out of the blue i have had 8 losers in a row thats a los for me this does happen so keep going.

  5. Jim Cannon says:

    Hi Matt

    I used to do an up&down and ew double as a regular bet. Up & down is also known as single stakes about and basically means that if horse A wins then an additional bet is placed on horse B. If horse B wins as well, then an additional bet is placed on horse A. in simple terms if both win, you double your stakes but if one wins your winnings are simply the odds to the stake. naturally if both lose then you lose!!!

    Look forward to great results today.


  6. Frank says:

    Have had a go, 2 singles, and e/way double, so, fingers crossed. Hey!! it’s only a wee drop of the Cheltenham winnings if they bomb!! Good luck everybody

  7. Thomas Bates says:

    Dear Matt,
    Thanks for posting this Daily Dabble and let’s hope for a return.I love your site and follow regularly. Also tried your Cheltenham competition but had no luck! Will you organise another competition for Aintree? One of the best things you provide is that everything is free which is brilliant when you consider that there are so many rogues and charlatans around. Tell me, do you intend to send out a daily e-mail to jog the memory every morning so that folk can get their bets on? That would be great! Anyway back to today and the tips. Hoping for a good run!

    • Matt Bisogno says:

      Hi Thomas

      Many thanks for your comment. Regarding emails each day, I think I probably send enough email to people!

      Hopefully it will become a daily routine to drop into the site and see what’s happening there. There’s going to be lots more to come, so there should be at least a few reasons to drop by. 🙂


  8. Daniel says:

    Good selections for first pick…. Could be interesting…. Backs up my own choices…… Lets give it a whirl….

  9. shan says:

    Hi Matt, great idea the Daily Dabble. I normally look for potential doubles each day in addition to any other bets, and as long as they are each 2/1 or more, both being placed will at least return the stake. Occasional wins can give a good return.

  10. steven clark says:

    Hi note looks a good thing, Vastly hmmmmm, no finer jockey than Mr Crowley round kempton but that is an awful lot of lead to carry.
    I’m taking a chance on sam spade good luck with vastly, hopefully they will both be fighting it out at the finish.

  11. Charlie says:

    Great idea! The small punter’s daily gamble finally has a champion. Tired of listening to £100’s being bet and huge profits being made. Such is fantasy for most but this is the real deal and the bread and butter bet of the masses! Thanks Matt!

  12. Graham says:

    Hey Matt, I think you should call this the “Daily Double Dabble” for comedy wordplay. I can’t stop saying it now…

  13. mike horne says:

    This is a bet that i like.But the way i’ll play it is ,an e/way up and down and an e/way double
    three bets if both win or are placed you get double your stakes to the odds plus a double.

  14. Harry says:

    Thanks for this Matt, i’ve always done e/w doubles, and thik its a cracking idea to potentially win big with small stakes

  15. M.Bowen says:

    Thanks Matt, Dubs and perhaps a Troub, sentimental( and my family don’t think I am ) longshot today, Good Egg , Navan…………Martyn

  16. Martyn Colebrook says:

    Great idea, Matt and thanks for all the hard work. Good luck with Vastly.

  17. Lucky says:

    Great idea Matt, thanks for setting off with this. You will have to keep emphasising that it’s not a tipping service as such, or you will still get the complainers moaning about the quality of your choices.
    Nice to follow for a bit of additional interest. Cheers

  18. Andy says:

    Hi Matt, I just wanted to thank you and all involved for all the Cheltenham info, bookies offers etc.I took advantage of the Race Bets £110 offer, I’d never of heard of them without you.I don’t get much chance to bet daily but will check ” the daily dabble” at weekend.Good luck today with Vastly. Andy.

  19. Paul Williamson says:

    Well done Matt another good idea and as always very interesting and absorbing, thanks

  20. Robert Hartley says:

    Thanks Matt for all the info and stats for the day’s racing.
    Always a great read.

  21. Chris A says:

    Hi Matt

    Another great idea, love the way you just keep making geegeez a better and better site.

    Really appreciated, keep up the great work.

    Cheers, Chris

  22. Stuart says:

    Great stuff, Matt, good luck with it. I’ll be on most days, hopefully every day if I get the chance.

    Interesting to see a post above from Jilted John ….. ;o)

  23. Keith Ross (@Keith_Ross23) says:

    Cheers Matt,great new feature on the already brilliant geegeez.co.uk!

  24. nigel says:

    ooooooo just switched the comp on today and hi note out of the money by a nats b*****k but in essence matt a great idea i think we all like the e/w double as well as a saver of 2 singles aswell keep up the tremendous work you and your team do always nice to receive nice free info grateful as ever unlike some on here once again matt thank you

    • Matt Bisogno says:

      Hi Nigel, and Hans,

      Yes, very unlucky start. Just beaten for a place and only a nose and a neck off second (less than half a length).

      But, at least we got to leg two meaning we got a pretty good run for our cash. I’ll be trying again tomorrow and hopefully we can get a return then.

      Thanks for following,

  25. Hans says:

    just, it´s a pity but with an average jockey aboard, Hi Note would have reached a place at least imo

  26. Dave says:

    Hi Note just missed third by a neck, would have been 8/1 & 4/1 place double, £10.00 each way would have returned £46.80 at 1/5th odds giving £26.80 profit. £496.80 if both had won giving £476.80 profit.

  27. mark says:

    Aye aye matt. To the dummy’s who are quick to jump on the bandwagon and start having a go about the inevitable losing streaks, if they don’t like it nobody makes them back them. After all it is free, if they can do any better why are they wasting time with your hard work and research. Jog on mugs. Keep up the good work m8.

  28. eric d loon says:

    what a great idea this is and for free, not like the so called money grabbing big so called tipsters sites
    keep up the good work matt always a pleasure to come here

  29. anthony bass says:

    Hi Matt – a great idea and an unlucky start.
    Have you considered doing a daily LUCKY 15 as well ? What are your thoughts on this bet please as it could be another way of winning a large amount from a smallish stake ?

    In the meantime thank you for your continued efforts to help and advise us would be ‘successful bettors’ – I wish !

    • Matt Bisogno says:

      Hi Anthony

      I’ve not really considered a Lucky 15. To be honest, it’s hard enough trying to get two horses in the frame, let alone four winning!!

      We will be having a lot more of this sort of content in due course, though. I just need to get the blooming race cards sorted first. Should have been on the site two months ago. :-S


  30. john says:

    All I say is KEEP UP THE GOOD WORK MATE. Much better than paying the Con, Men big money for rubbish. I will be looking in again tomorrow. GOOD LUCK. Cheers, John.

  31. tony t says:

    Hi matt looking at the comments already this looks like the way forward for fans of this site unlucky first go can only get better and thanks for putting up your own horse not many would do that.keep up the good work

  32. ray clubbe says:

    thinking e/w doubles is a wicked bet i am. good luck to us all i say . once again thankyou for a lot of potential fun

  33. Paul Leonard says:

    Nearly mate! Good idea, like a nice double. A few years ago i had a little fun thing going using the TimeTest horses Ken Hussey used to produce for the RFO, I just combined win doubles on anything 8-1 or over, I was only betting small stakes but when they came in you could win a nice pot.

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