Daily Dabble

Daily Dabble Update, 3rd to 9th June 2013

Daily Dabble: Update

Daily Dabble: Update

Daily Dabble Update: 03/06/13 to 09/06/13

The honest truth is that we're simply not finding enough consistency (or placed horses!) to make this a roaring success so far. A place strike rate of just under 28% this month isn't high enough to expect to be landing too many doubles. That said, we did make a 3pt profit on the week, courtesy of a 12/1 winner and this puts the overall P/L for June at a respectable 7.45pts (+41% of stakes)

Rest assured, that both Matt and myself are striving to make this a successful addition to the site.

Selections & Results: 03/06/13 to 09/06/13

03/06: 3rd at 7/1 & u/p
04/06: N/R & a 12/1 winner (+15pts)
05/06: Both u/p
06/06: UR & u/p
07/06: U/p & an 11/2 winner
08/06: UR & N/R
09/06: Both u/p

03/06 to 09/06:
2 winners from 12 = 16.67%
3 placers from 12 = 25.00%

1 winning bet from 7 = 14.29%
P/L: +3.00pts
ROI: +21.43%

June Overall:
3 winner from 15 = 20.00%
5 placers from 18 = 27.78%

June Doubles:
2 winning bets from 9 = 22.22%
P/L: +7.45pts
ROI: +41.39%

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2 replies
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    mintyrambler says:

    Chris : Considering the price range of horses chosen for the Daily Dabble (which I pair with the SotD horse in a Trixie) I think you are doing a very good job. When the “big one” finally comes up it will be worth the wait !

    Being selfish, hope it does not happen now until the 25th June as I’m off to Italy on Thursday.

    Best Wishes

    • Avatar
      Chris Worrall says:

      Cheers, we do appreciate our readers’ support. Picking two horses at 5/1 and over to both go well is no easy task, but the recent (albeit small) profits we’ve started to make are encouraging.

      We’ll save a 100/1+ double until you return! 🙂

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