Daily Stat Pack

Daily Stat Pack, 13th December 2013

Daily Stat Pack

Daily Stat Pack

FRIDAY (13/12):



Number of races at Cheltenham: 90
Favourite stats: 25 (27.8%--includes joint and co favourites)
Odds on ratio: 6/11 (54.5%)

Leading trainers of winners at Cheltenham in 2013:
10--Nicky Henderson (5/2-1/5*-1/4*-16/1-8/15*-11/4*-9/4-10/1-10/11*-4/1)
7--Paul Nicholls (16/1-11/4-8/13*-11/2-7/4**-7/4**-2/1)
6--Jonjo O'Neill (11/4*-7/1-25/1-5/1-3/1-7/1)
5--Willie Mullins (25/1-9/4*-8/11*-13/8*-5/1)
5--David Pipe (5/1-40/1-6/4-12/1-7/2**)
5--Nigel Twiston-Davies (16/1-13/2-9/4*-7/2-8/1)
4--Philip Hobbs (5/1*-7/2*-5/4*-20/1)
4--Colin Tizzard (28/1-11/8-7/2-13/2)

67/90 winners (74.4%) have been returned at odds of 12/1 or less

Trainers of most beaten favourites:
10--Paul Nicholls (10/11-4/1-6/1**-5/2-9/2**-15/8-5/2**-10/3**-7/2**-5/1**)
9--Nicky Henderson (9/4-15/8-5/2-7/1-5/4-7/2**-4/6-7/2-6/1**)
6--David Pipe (5/2-7/2-11/8-9/4-15/8-9/2)
4--John Ferguson (8/1**-Evs-6/1**-6/1**)
4--Alan King (7/2**-7/4**-7/4**-15/8)
4--Nigel Twiston-Davies (4/5-9/4**-9/2-9/2)

12.30: Novices Chase (21 furlongs):

Six-year-olds have won six of the last ten renewals during which time, three clear market leaders and one joint favourite have obliged. The record is especially impressive given that the vintage was not represented two tears ago. Going back a little further in time, nine of the thirteen favourites have secured toteplacepot positions during the last thirteen years via twelve renewals, stats which include six winners.

1.05: Conditional Jockeys’ Handicap Chase:

Seven-year-olds have won this race six times during the last fourteen years, whilst twelve of the last fourteen gold medallists during the period carried weights of 11-5 or less. Eleven winners were burdened with a maximum weight of 11-4. Four successive market leaders prevailed between 2001 and 2004, though only two of the subsequent nine favourites have reached the frame, during which time the seven winners have been returned at prices ranging between 4/1 and 14/1.

1.40: Handicap Hurdle (17 furlongs):

Eleven of the last sixteen winners carried weights of 11-8 or less, whilst six scorers were burdened with a maximum of 10-12. Five-year-olds have won six of the last eleven renewals. Six clear market leaders have won in recent years, accompanied by two joint favourites. Thirteen of the eighteen jollies have secured toteplacepot positions. A word of warning for favourite punters however, as the only odds on favourite was beaten seven years ago at 4/5.

2.10: Handicap Chase (25 furlongs)

Favourites have an excellent record, obliging on 22 occasions. The most recent winning favourite was Midnight Chase at 11/4 in 2010. Kingscliff at 4/7 in 2003 is the shortest-priced winner, while Lavenshaw in 1972 and Duntree in 1992 both scored at 14/1 and are the longest-priced winners thus far.

2012 Master Overseer 9-10-00--David Pipe--Tom Scuadamore--11/1 (8 ran)
2011 Shakalakaboomboom 7-11-00--Nicky Henderson--Barry Geraghty 9/2 (6 ran)
2010 Midnight Chase 8-11-03--Neil Mullholland--Dougie Costello 11/4 fav (16 ran)
2009 The Package 6-10-00--David Pipe--Timmy Murphy 6/1 (12 ran)
2008 Mon Mome 8-10-08--Venetia Williams--Aidan Coleman 11/2 (15 ran)
2007 Over The Creek 8-10-04--David Pipe--Christian Williams 6/1 fav (16 ran)
2006 D’Argent 9-10-05--Alan King--Robert Thornton 10/1 (15 ran)
2005 Royal Auclair 8-11-05--Paul Nicholl--Liam Heard 13/2 (11 ran)
2004 Therealbandit 7-11-09--Martin Pipe--Timmy Murphy 13/2 (12 ran)
2003 Kingscliff 6-11-02--Robert Alner--Andrew Thornton 4/7 fav (7 ran)
2002 Horus 7-11-04--Martin Pipe--Tony McCoy 5/2 fav (10 fav)
2001 Royale De Vassy 7-10-00--Venetia Williams--Norman Williamson 7/1 (11 ran)
2000 Marlborough 8-11-11--Nicky Henderson--Mick Fitzgerald 9/2 fav (12 ran)

2.40: Cross Country Handicap Steeple Chase:

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The incredibly tough Spot Thedifference is the best horse to have raced over Cheltenham’s Cross Country Steeple Chase course with a remarkable seven victories. Spot The Difference landed his first Glenfarclas Cross Country Handicap Steeple Chase in 2004, proving four lengths too strong for French Executive.

2012 Outlaw Pete 8-10-00--J Halley--Mr J Halley 7/2 (10 ran)
2011 Garde Champetre 12-11-12--Enda Bolger--Mr J T McNamara 6/1 (10 ran)
2010 No race - frozen patches on course
2009 Garde Champetre 10-11-12--Enda Bolger--Mr J T McNamara 9/4 fav (16 ran)
2008 Garde Champetre 9-11-12--Enda Bolger--Miss Nina Carberry 7/4 fav (16 ran)
2007 Woderkid 7-10-00--Tony Martin--Ken Whelan 5/1 (16 ran)
2006 Spot The Difference 13-11-12--Enda Bolger--Mr J T McNamara 6/1 (12 ran)
2005 Ivoire De Beaulieu 9-10-00--Ferdy Murphy--Alan O’Keeffe 16/1 (16 ran)
2004 Spot The Difference 11-11-12--Enda Bolger--Mr J T McNamara 4/1Jt fav (10 ran)
2003 No race
2002 The Quads 10-11-03--Ferdy Murph--Davy Russell 6/1 (10 ran)
2001 Paddy’s Return 9-11-01--Ferdy Murphy--Paul Carberry 13/2 (12 ran)

3.15: Handicap Hurdle (three miles):

Eight of the last twelve winners have won at 50/1-25/1-16/1-16/1-10/1-9/1-9/1-8/1-8/1. Five of the fifteen favourites have prevailed, whilst seven market leaders finished in the frame. The last five winners carried weights of 10-12 or more.

3.45: “National Hunt” Novices’ Hurdle (17 furlongs):

Nicky Henderson had won the previous three renewals of the closing event on day one of the meeting before last year‘s silver medallist representative was thwarted by a 4/1 chance (Melodic Rendevouz). Four favourites have won during the last eleven years during which time, the biggest priced winner was returned at 9/1. Leading horses such as Darlan (two years ago), Tidal Bay (2006) and Rhinestone Cowboy (2002) have won this event.




Number of races at Bangor: 81
Favourite stats: 32 (39.5% of races--includes joint and co favourites)
Odds on ratio: 10/15 (66.7%)

Leading trainers at Bangor in 2013:
10--Donald McCain (Evs*-3/1-5/6*-11/8*-4/6*-4/9*-11/2-8/15*-20/1-7/2)
6--Rebecca Curtis (2/1*-5/1-11/8*-1/2*-Evs*-8/11*)
5--Jonjo O'Neill (7/1-10/1-5/2-9/2-13/8*)
4--Fergal O'Brien (11/8*-9/4*-5/1-9/2)
4--Nigel Twiston-Davies (15/2-7/1-11/4**-11/1)
3--Tony Coyle (8/1-2/1-5/2)
3--Miss Sally Duckett (5/4*-85/40-5/4*)
3--Harry Fry (1/2*-3/1-5/2)
3--Nicky Henderson (5/4-15/2-4/6*)
3--Charlie Longsdon (3/1-11/8*-9/4)
3--John O'Shea (5/1-11/4-16/1)

76/81 winners (93.8%) were returned at odds of 12/1 or less

Trainers of most beaten favourites:
9--Jonjo O'Neill (3/1-6/4-11/4-7/2-11/8-11/4-13/8-4/1-7/4)
7--Donald McCain (11/10-5/6-2/1-5/4-6/4-4/6-11/8)
4--Peter Bowen (7/2-2/1-2/1-7/4)
4--Nigel Twiston-Davies (7/2-5/2**-9/2-5/2)
3--Rebecca Curtis (5/4-15/8-5/6)
3--Tim Vaughan (10/11-13/8-2/5)

Class 4 novice chase event scheduled for 12.10: Five-year-olds have won all three renewals to date, whilst securing all six available toteplacepot positions. The three favourites have secured two gold medals and one of the silver variety.

Three mile handicap hurdle event due to be contested at 1.50: Seven-year-olds have won three of the last four contests, whilst the last seven gold medallists have carried a minimum burden of 10-10.

Seventeen furlong NH Novice Hurdle scheduled for 2.20: Four-year-olds have secured seven of the last ten renewals during which time, six market leaders and one joint favourite have prevailed. Donald McCain held four options at the penultimate entry stage, the trainer having secured four of the last seven renewals.

Five-year-olds lead the four-year-olds 5-4 via nine renewals during the last decade in the scheduled closing bumper event at 3.25.


Southwell (A/W):


No of races: 32
Favourite stats: 10 (31.2%--includes joint/co favourites)
Odds on ratio: 2/4 (50.0%)

Leading trainers at Southwell:
3/7--Michael Appleby (6/1-9/2-9/4*)
3/13--John Jenkins (14/1-4/1-6/1)
2/6--Brian Ellison (11/2 & 5/1)
2/7--Keith Dalgleish (6/1 & 9/4**)
2/7--Shaun Harris (8/1 & 18/1)
2/7--Violet M Jordan (4/1** & 12/1)

30/32 (93.7%) of winners returned at odds of 12/1 or less to date

Trainers of beaten favourites:
4--John Jenkins (4/1**-3/1-2/1-7/2**)
2--Keith Dalgleish (11/4 & 2/1)




No of races: 171
Favourite stats: 64 (37.4%--includes joint/co favourites)
Odds on ratio: 10/23 (43.5%)

Leading trainers at Wolverhampton:
11/54--David Evans (4/1***-4/1-7/2*-22/1-9/2*-5/4*-8/1-9/1-7/2*-7/1-5/2*)
5/19--Alan Bailey (7/4*-20/1-5/1-16/1-8/1)
5/25--Michael Appleby (5/6*-7/2-4/1-5/4*-5/2*)
5/35--Mark Johnston (13/8*-7/1-15/2-3/1-5/6*)
4/8--Christine Dunnett (9/2-7/2-8/1-6/4*)
4/11--Phil McBride (9/4-50/1-5/4*-3/1*)
4/16-Tom Dascombe (11/10*-7/1-6/4*-9/4)
4/22--Marco Botti (20/1-7/2-10/3-5/4)

155/171 (90.6%) of winners returned at odds of 12/1 or less to date

Trainers of beaten favourites:
8--David Evans (7/4-2/1-9/4-4/1**-7/2**-4/1**-1/2-5/4)
6--Mark Johnston (5/2-Evs-10/3-13/8-11/4-8/11)
4--Marco Botti (5/4-13/8-Evs-Evs)
4--James Tate (11/8-5/4-7/4-11/4)

Class 4 twelve furlong handicap scheduled for 5.25: Three clear market leaders and two joint favourites have prevailed via just the six contests thus far. Four-year-olds lead the three-year-olds 3-2 to date. Four of the six winners have carried 9-3 or more to victory.

Class 6 maiden event due to be contested at 5.55: Three-year-olds have won all four contests, whilst we still await the first successful market leader.

Class 6 seven furlongs handicap scheduled for 6.25: Eight of the 10 winners have carried weights of 9-2 or more, statistics which include four successful favourites. Three and four-year-olds have (equally) shared eight of the last ten renewals.

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