Daily Stat Pack

Daily Stat Pack, 13th September 2013

Daily Stat Pack

Daily Stat Pack

FRIDAY 13/09:



Number of races at Doncaster: 143

Favourite stats: 47 (33.1%--includes joint and co favourites + 1 x Non-runner)

Odds on ratio: 6/12 (50.0%)

Leading trainers at Doncaster in 2013:

9/71--Richard Fahey (14/1-11/2-7/2-4/1**-16/1-10/3-7/4-9/2-5/4*)

8/37--Richard Hannon (6/1-13/8*-3/1**-5/4*-20/1-1/3*-5/2*)

7/22--Saeed Bin Suroor (4/5*-5/6*-15/8*-7/4*-6/1-3/1-11/4)

4/12--Roger Varian (6/4*-11/8-9/2-4/1**)

4/20--William Haggas (11/4-2/1*-5/2*-11/8)

4/24--Charlie Hills (5/6*-5/2*-4/5*-7/1)

4/22--Marco Botti (12/1-7/2-3/1-7/2)

4/26--David Barron (7/4-7/1-11/1-7/2**)

120/143 winners (83.9%) winners scored at odds of 12/1 or less

Trainers of most beaten favourites:

7--William Haggas (10/11-15/8-11/4-5/2**-Evs-15/8-7/2)

6--Richard Hannon (8/11-9/2**-2/1-11/4-15/8-9/2)

6--David O'Meara (9/2-Evs-2/1-11/2**-3/1-3/1***)

5--John Gosden (2/1-13/2-2/1-2/1-Evs)

5--Saeed Bin Suroor (3/1-5/4-11/10-10/11-5/2)

5--Charlie Hills (11/8-9/2**-11/2-5/1-11/4)

4--James Fanshawe (15/8-4/5-5/4-2/1)

4--Mark Johnston (11/4-5/2-11/4***-5/2**)

3--Andrew Balding (11/4**-3/1-11/2***)

3--Michael Bell (7/1-11/4-11/4**)

3--Ruth Carr (11/2**-11/2**-2/1)

3--Ed Dunlop (11/4***-5/2-2/1)

3--Jeremy Noseda (5/2-7/4-2/7)


St Leger Week statsistics after Day 2: 

Number of races: 14

Winning favourites: 2 (14.3%)

Odds on ratio: None thus far

Winning trainers this week: 

2/5--David Barron (11/1 & 7/1)--4/26 at Doncaster this season

1/1--George Baker (12/1)--1/6

1/1--David Simcock (12/1)--3/6

1/1--Olly Stevens (5/2)--2/3

1/1--Roger Varian (4/1**)--4/12

1/2--James Bethell (9/1)--1/9

1/2--Luca Cumani (8/1)--2/16

1/2--Kevin Ryan (100/1)--3/25

1/4--Clive Brittain (9/1)--1/8

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1/4--Saeed Bin Suroor (11/4)--7/22

1/6--Michael Bell (15/8*)--2/25

1/10--Charlie Hills (7/1)--4/24

1/14--Richard Hannon (4/1)--8/37

Beaten favourites at Doncaster this week:

4--Richard Hannon (9/2**-15/8-9/2-2/1)--6 beaten favourites at Donny this year

3--Charlie Hills (9/2**-11/2-5/1)--5 beaten favourites

1--Marco Botti (4/1**)--2 beaten favourites

1--Keith Dalgleish (7/2)--2 beaten favourites

1--Scott Dixon (9/2)--1 beaten favourite

1--John Gosden (Evs)--5 beaten favourites

1--William Haggas (9/2)--7 beaten favourites

1--Saeed Bin Suroor (5/2)--5 beaten favourites

1--Michael Wigham (9/2)--1 beaten favourite

Today's action:

‘Flying Childers’ juvenile event scheduled for 1.40: Eight favourites have won during the last sixteen years, whilst nine of the seventeen market leaders (joint favourites were returned in 1999) secured toteplacepot positions. Fifty seven horses have contested this event at odds of 12/1 or more during the last eleven years without success. Richard Hannon held three options earlier in the week having saddled three of the last eight winners of this contest.

'Draw factor' (five furlongs):

7-1-6 (9 ran-good)

2-4-1 (10 ran-good)

2-11-10 (12 ran-good)

9-2-4 (10 ran-good to firm)

11-7-6 (12 ran-soft)

4-3-6 (8 ran-good to firm)

6-9-4 (9 ran-heavy)

7-3-12 (11 ran-firm)

6-12-3 (13 ran-good)

8-7-1 (14 ran-good to firm)

13-12-14 (13 ran-good)

3-6-2 (11 ran-good to firm)

13-7-9 (14 ran-good to firm)

2-8-6 (13 ran-good)

5-1 (7 ran-good to firm)

‘Mallard Stakes’ scheduled for 2.10: Thirteen of the last sixteen winners have carried weights of 9-5 or less, whilst nine three-year-olds have won during the study period. Five clear market leaders and one joint favourite have won during the last sixteen years, though only three of the other fourteen favourites claimed additional toteplacepot positions.

‘Doncaster Cup’ due to be contested at 2.40: Four favourites have won the Doncaster Cup since 1998, though eleven of the other twelve favourites during the study period finished out of the frame. Four-year-olds have secured seven of the sixteen available toteplacepot positions during the last six years, statistics which include three (5/2-15/8-11/10) winners. Irish trainers have saddled three of the last six gold medallists.

‘May Hill Stakes’ scheduled for 3.15: Richard Hannon‘s only option at the five-day stage was Lustrous who won her debut last Thursday, the trainer having secured two of the last eight renewals of this event. Seven market leaders have won during the last sixteen years, whilst eleven favourites secured toteplacepot positions.

Six and a half furlong all aged handicap scheduled for 4.25: Richard Fahey had saddled gold and a silver medallists via just three renewals before the 2011 33/1 selection (typically) finished fourth in the fifteen runner handicap event! Richard held two options earlier in the week for this contest. Four-year-olds have secured nine of the sixteen available win and place positions. The 5/2 favourite secured a toteplacepot position in the inaugural running before the last three market leaders finished down the field.

'Draw factor' (six and a half furlongs)

2-13-12-3 (16 ran-good)

3-2-10 (15 ran-good)

11-7-13-14 (18 ran-good)

2-3-10 (11 ran-good to firm)




Number of races at Sandown: 99

Favourite stats: 40 (40.8%--includes joint and co favourites & 1 Non-Runner)

Odds on ratio: 10/14 (71.4%)

Leading trainers at Sandown in 2013 (includes one dead heat scenario):

11/71--Richard Hannon (3/1-13/8*-11/10*-3/1**-5/4*-1/4*-4/1**-8/11*-8/1-13/2-12/1)

7/36--Andrew Balding (8/1-14/1-11/1-7/4*-11/4-9/2-11/2)

6/29--Sir Michael Stoute (8/1-4/1-5/1-5/6*-1/5*-15/8*)

4/17--William Haggas (11/8*-5/2*-3/1-9/2)

4/18--John Gosden (13/8*-4/1-11/8*-2/7*)

4/26--Saeed Bin Suroor (7/2-11/10*-9/2-3/1)

91/100 (91.0%) winners were returned at odds of 12/1 or less

Trainers of most beaten favourites:

8--Richard Hannon (11/4**-3/1-11/10-11/4**-11/4-11/4-2/1-15/8)

6--Saeed Bin Suroor (3/1**-5/4-7/2-7/2-6/4-6/4)

5--Sir Michael Stoute (4/5-6/4-7/2-11/8-9/4)

5--John Gosden (3/1-5/1***-11/4**-13/8-5/2**)

4--William Haggas (13/8-11/4**-3/1**-4/5)

4--Jeremy Noseda (7/4 & 5/1***-5/2-2/1)

3--Roger Charlton (9/4-5/2**-15/8)

3--Brian Meehan (Evs-11/4**-15/8)

3--Roger Varian (9/4-10/11-7/2)




Number of races at Bangor: 53

Favourite stats: 25 (47.2% of races--includes joint and co favourites)

Odds on ratio: 8/12 (66.7%)

Leading trainers at Bangor in 2013:

6--Donald McCain (Evs*-3/1-5/6*-11/8*-4/6*-4/9*)

4--Rebecca Curtis (2/1*-5/1-11/8*-1/2*)

3--Miss Sally Duckett (5/4*-85/40-5/4*)

3--Fergal O'Brien (11/8*-9/4*-5/1)

3--Jonjo O'Neill (7/1-10/1-5/2)

51/53 winners (96.2%) were returned at odds of 12/1 or less

Trainers of most beaten favourites:

6--Donald McCain (11/10-5/6-2/1-5/4-6/4-4/6)

6--Jonjo O'Neill (3/1-6/4-11/4-7/2-11/8-11/4)

2--Tim Vaughan (10/11 & 2/5)



The first four favourites won on the corresponding card twelve months ago, whilst all eight winners were sent off at a top price of 7/1. Alan Bailey held four entries at Wolverhampton this week at the time of writing and with the trainer having saddled three of his last seven runners to winning effect, Alan might increase his level stake profit at Dunstall Park during the next few days.

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