Daily Stat Pack

Daily Stat Pack, 21st September 2013

Daily Stat Pack

Daily Stat Pack

Five of the top nominated eight trainers yesterday saddled winners at Ayr at: 33/1-20/1-14/1-12/1-10/1!  The clear leader (Richard Hannon) at Newbury bagged a brace at 6/1 & 2/1.

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Number of races at Ayr: 79

Favourite stats: 25 (31.6% of races--includes joint and co favourites)

Odds on ratio: 4/6 (66.7%)

Leading trainers at Ayr in 2013:

14/67--Jim Goldie (8/1-13/2-10/3*-16/1-5/1-8/1-7/1-5/1-11/4-7/4-7/1-11/1-9/2-10/1)

7/64--Keith Dalgleish (4/1-13/8*-9/4*-8/1-18/1-33/1-14/1)

5/48--Richard Fahey (4/1-10/1-7/2-7/1-7/1)

4/22--Kevin Ryan (22/1-3/10*-11/8*-7/2)

4/15--'Team Burke' (6/5*-9/2-6/5-14/1)

4/19--Tim Easterby (5/2*-11/4**-7/4*-20/1)

4/26--Michael Dods (9/2-15/8*-7/2*-7/2)

3/35--Mark Johnston (2/1-1/2*-5/2*)

71/79 winners (89.9%) have scored at odds of 12/1 or less

Trainers of most beaten favourites:

7--Michael Dods (2/1-9/4-3/1**-9/4-5/4-3/1-2/1)

5--Richard Fahey (11/4-10/11-5/1**-10/3-4/1**)

4--Richard Guest (11/4**-3/1**5/2**-8/1**)

4--Mark Johnston (5/2-10/11-5/4-15/8)

3--'Team Burke' (85/40-13/8-7/2)

3--Mick Easterby (9/4-3/1**-5/1)

3--Linda Perratt (11/8-5/2-11/4)

3--Sir Mark Prescott (Evs-Evs-15/8)

Ayr Gold Cup scheduled for 3.30: David Nicholls has saddled four winners during the last eleven years against Kevin Ryan’s three winners during the study period. Four-year-olds lead the five-year-olds 4-3 via the last nine contests. The last eleven winners were returned at odds ranging between 11/1 and 33/1 with no successful market leaders recorded. Nine of the last twelve favourites secured toteplacepot positions. Six of the last eight winners have carried a minimum burden of 9-2.

‘Draw details’ (six furlongs)

8-19-13-2 (26 ran-heavy)

12-16-9-15 (26 ran-soft)

17-24-8-11 (26 ran-good)

15-6-9-3 (26 ran-good)

20-21-26-11 (27 ran-heavy)

22-6-9-18 (28 ran-good to soft)

6-16-9-26 (23 ran-good to soft)

2-4-27-3 (27 ran-good)

8-16-18-20 (24 ran-soft)

10-14-6-1 (26 ran-good)

16-10-15-18 (28 ran-good)




Number of races at Catterick: 89

Favourite stats: 24 (27.3%--includes joint and co favourites + 1 Non Runner)

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Odds on ratio: 5/9 (55.5%)

Leading trainers at Catterick in 2013:

7/37--David O'Meara (5/2*-17/2-2/1*-11/4-4/7*-3/1*-11/4)

6/20--Mark Johnston (2/7*-3/1-7/4*-4/1-10/11*-4/1)

5/18--Richard Fahey (7/1-Evs*-7/2-5/1-15/8)

5/44--Tim Easterby (10/1-3/1*-5/2-7/2-9/4)

5/24--Ruth Carr (4/1-7/4*-13/2-7/4-22/1)

5/27--Tracy Waggott (9/2*-6/1-7/2-16/1-25/1)

4/31--David Nicholls (7/1-5/1*-15/8*-

3/5--James Tate (14/1-9/2-11/2)

73/89 winners (82.0%) were returned at odds of 12/1 or less

Trainers of most beaten favourites:

9--David O'Meara (6/5-9/4-7/4-2/1-9/2**-9/4-7/2-11/8-11/4)

7--David Nicholls (10/3-3/1-11/8-7/2-5/2-6/4-11/4)

4--Mark Johnston (6/4-4/5-15/8-11/10)

3--Phil Kirby (7/4-7/2-2/1)

3--John Quinn (2/1-13/8-3/1)




Number of races at Newbury: 100

Favourite stats: 27 (27.0%--includes joint and co favourites)

Odds on ratio: 3/8 (37.5%)
Leading trainers at Newbury in 2013:

12/95--Richard Hannon (9/2-7/2-8/11*-5/2*-5/4*-7/2*-8/1-11/10*-2/1-6/4*-6/1-2/1*)

7/20--Saeed Bin Suroor (4/1-11/4-10/3-9/4*-5/2-8/1-15/8*)

7/25--John Gosden (5/1-25/1-2/1*-9/2-3/1-9/4*-6/1)

5/25--William Haggas (5/2*-11/4-4/6*-5/2*-3/1)

4/12--Mark Johnston (11/1-Evs*-4/1-11/8*)

4/14--Luca Cumani (7/2-7/4*-7/4*-6/4*)

83/100 winners (83.0%)  were returned at odds of 12/1 or less

Trainers of most beaten favourites:

15--Richard Hannon (1/2-3/1-9/4-Evs-13/8-9/4-3/1-7/4-1/2-4/1-7/4-7/2-5/4-5/2-4/1***)

6--John Gosden (2/1-11/8-9/4-5/4-3/1-7/2**)

5--William Haggas (7/4-2/1-3/1**-9/4-7/4)

4--Sir Henry Cecil (15/8-5/4-6/4-2/1)

4--Sir Michael Stoute (10/11-2/1-3/1**-7/2)

Seven furlong juvenile maiden scheduled for 1.20: Only one (32/1) favourites has won via six renewals to date, two of which were secured by 50/1 chances.

Group 2 ‘Arc Trial’ over eleven furlongs due to be contested at 1.50: Three favourites have obliged during the last decade whilst four-year-olds have won three of the last four contests.

Market leaders have secured four of the last eight renewals of the Group 2 Mill Reef Stakes which is scheduled for 2.20. Seven of the eight winners were returned at a top price of 5/1.

Ten furlong Class 2 handicap scheduled for 2.55: Four-year-olds lead the juniors 7-3 via the last ten contests, whilst just one 4/1 (joint) favourite has obliged during the study period. Luca Cumani (Elhaame) held just the one option at the five-day stage, the trainer having saddled three of the last six winners. It should be noted that Luca also saddled an 11/1 silver medallist during the period, whilst the trainer was not represented in 2009.

Group 3 ‘World Trophy’ (minimum distance) event due to be contested at 3.30: Three and four year-olds have (equally) shared six of the last seven contests, whilst market leaders come to the party on a four timer on this occasion. That said, no successful favourites were recorded during the previous seven renewals during the last decade.

Ed Dunlop (Naaz was Ed’s only option at the time of writing) has scored with the last two runners he has saddled in this contest which is due to be contested at 4.40 (seven furlong Class 4 handicap).




Number of races at Newmarket (Rowley Mile): 52

Favourite stats: 21 (40.4%--includes joint and co favourites)

Odds on ratio: 6/6


Leading trainers of winners at Newmarket (Rowley Mile) in 2013:

5/36--Richard Hannon (8/11*-9/1-10/3-10/3--10/11*)

4/14--Sir Henry Cecil (10/1-10/11*-8/1-5/1)

3/5--David Elsworth (6/1-5/2*-4/11*)

3/20--Andrew Balding (11/1-15/8*-7/1)

3/25--Mark Johnston (6/1-11/4-4/5*)

2/3--Mahmood Al Zarooni (11/2* & 7/4*)

2/4--Ian Williams (12/1 & 5/1***)

2/6--Ralph Beckett (10/1 & 11/1)

2/12--John Gosden (11/2 & 2/1*)

1/1--Patrick Chamings (20/1)

1/1--Andre Fabre (6/4*)

1/1--Edward Lynam (7/2**)

1/1--Olly Stevens (9/2)


Selected trainers without winners during the spring period on the Rowley Mile:

0/17--Mick Channon

0-13--Michael Bell

0-12--William Haggas

0/8--Clive Brittain

0/8--Luca Cumani

0/7--Robert Cowell

0/7--Stuart Willams


49/52 winners were returned at odds of 12/1 or less (others at 12/1-14/1-20/1)


Trainers of most beaten favourites:

4--Sir Henry Cecil (15/8-5/2-7/4-15/8)

4--William Haggas (9/2**-5/1**-7/2**-5/2)

4--Richard Hannon (4/1-7/2-11/4-11/4)

2--Denis Coakley (5/1** & 7/2)

2--Charlie Hills (9/2** & 5/1**)

2--John Gosden (Evs & 10/3)

2--Sir Michael Stoute (5/4 & 5/2)



Four of Ed Dunlop’s last eight runners had won at the time of writing and with the yard coming into top form at last this season, Ed’s 21% strike rate via thirty-one winners at Wolverhampton during the last five years is worth taking into consideration. The trainer boasts seven points of level stake profits during the period for good measure.

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