Daily Stat Pack

Daily Stat Pack, 7th January 2014

Daily Stat Pack

Daily Stat Pack

TUESDAY 07/01:

They say that stats don't lie...

Take yesterday's results as an example.

Southwell's first NH meeting of the year and Charlie Longsdon's only two runners win at 8/11 & 5/4 for the short priced investors out there in the real world, Charlie having finished two clear of his rivals at the venue in 2013.

For the longer priced merchants among you, 14/1 & 12/1 winners at Wolverhampton could have been secured, possibly alongside 16/1 and 7/4 chances!

David Evans sits six clear of his fellow trainers at Wolverhampton, yet punters allowed his only runner of the day to win at 14/1! James Tate weighed in at 12/1 when his only runner on Monday scored, his ratio at the track now reading at 5/19.

You could have wagered that Neil Mulholland runners at Wolves would run well given the trainer's 2/4 record at the venue going into Monday and sure enough, Neil obliged with a 16/1 gold medallist! Out of interest, Neil also weighed in with a 3/1 winner at Southwell, realising his fourth winner from his last six runners.

Alan Bailey completed the figures in the finale at Wolves when his only runner of the day scored at 7/4 taking his ratio at the track to 6/22.

And to bring today's racing into perspective...


Number of races at Leicester: 56
Favourite stats: 29 (51.8%--includes joint and co favourites)
Odds on ratio: 10/13 (76.9%)

Leading trainers of winners at Leicester in 2013:
6--Tom George (7/1-1/4*-13/8*-5/1-5/1-8/1)
4--John Ferguson (6/5*-8/11*-8/11*-4/6*)
4--Charlie Longsdon (14/1-8/11*-7/4-13/8*)
3--Nigel Twiston-Davies (9/4-4/1-9/2)
3--Venetia Williams (2/1*-3/1*-2/1**)

53/56 winners (94.6%) were returned at odds of 12/1 or less

Trainers of most beaten favourites:
2--Emma Lavelle (6/4 & 9/4)
2--Fergal O'Brien (5/4 twice)
2--David Pipe (15/8 & 10/3**)



No of races: 119
Favourite stats: 45 (37.8%--includes joint/co favourites)
Odds on ratio: 9/15 (60.0%)

Leading trainers at Southwell:
10/36--Michael Appleby (6/1-9/2-9/4*-4/1-6/4*-11/4*-5/4*-5/1-9/2-5/1)
7/31--John Jenkins (14/1-4/1-6/1-9/4**-10/1-11/4*-4/1)
5/60--Scott Dixon (4/5*-3/1-5/1***-4/1***-3/1*)
4/7--Chris Dwyer (10/3*-7/4*-10/1-5/4*)
4/11--Keith Dalgleish (6/1-Evs*-12/1-9/4**)
4/13--Brian Ellison (11/2-9/2-5/1-9/4)
4/27--Ron Harris (9/4*-16/1-5/4*-5/1)
4/27--Alan McCabe (4/1-7/4*-33/1-7/2)
4/27--Derek Shaw (9/2-4/1-5/2-8/1)
4/28--David O'Meara (6/1-16/1-7/4*-9/4)

106/112 (94.6%) of winners returned at odds of 12/1 or less to date

Trainers of most beaten favourites:
8--John Jenkins (4/1**-3/1-2/1-7/2**-11/8-7/4-7/2-5/4)
6--Michael Appleby (9/2-11/10-7/4-9/4**-7/4-2/1**)
5--Scott Dixon (2/1-5/2-5/4-7/4-11/4)
4--James Given (11/4-3/1-5/1***-9/4)
3--Keith Dalgleish (11/4-7/4**-2/1)
3--James Evans (9/4**-3/1-11/8)
3--Ron Harris (11/4-3/1-6/4)


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