Geegeez System Trials Update

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Geegeez System Trials Update

Geegeez System Trials Update

All Weather Profits really did make £757.43 profit in the last few days, as I'll explain in this week's

Geegeez Weekly System Trials Roundup 12/08/2015.

They had lost just over a fiver to £10 stakes in 13 days when I reported to you last Thursday, but a run of 6 winners from 14 has propelled them in mega-profit territory. I should, however, add a word of warning at this point before you rush out to sign up to All Weather Profits. (you can do, of course via this link for £3.79 for the first month, followed by£14.95 per month, £29.95 per quarter or £119.95 for a lifetime membership.)

The caveat here is quite simple. They had a winner that paid out at a Betfair SP of 70.57 last Friday, which accounts for some £661 profit, so whilst they still had a decent week without that bet (+£96 and change), I thought you should be informed.

The best thing to do here, is to read James' review...

Not quite so spectacular was the performance of Value Backing, with one bet / one winner and £60 profit and I don't suppose you could ask for more from an occasional service. They're in really good shape and Chris's review currently shows a £390 profit in a little over 6 weeks from just 39 bets.

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Our weekly top three is completed by a £30.80 profit from Percentage Form Edge, about who I don't personally like the system nor its name, but it's not for me to judge!

It's essentially a dutching system that backs 4 or 5 horses per race at Betfair SP and prior to this week, it had been struggling (I know, because I've been covering it this last few days!) A loss of £95 in PFE's first 10 days isn't a major disaster and they've clawed a third of that back since last week. I'm just not sure that Betfair SP and the number of selections is the right way forward, but you can form your own opinion after reading my review.

So, that's our three best performers of the week and it's time to visit the strugglers of the week, starting with Race Bet Formula, who actually came to the end of the line with their trial, hitting day 60 with a weekly loss of almost £63 for an overall trial loss £135. We clearly couldn't recommend it on that basis and in his full detailed review, David Sutton explains why.

Next in line is The Knack, who had made a steady start to their time with us making almost £86 via a 25% strike rate to last week's roundup, but a 0/15 return over the last 6 days has meant a total loss of £150, which doesn't make Iain's review too pretty to read!

This week's wooden spoon goes to The Specialist and whilst it would be a little mean of me to query what he specialises in, he's had a torrid time of it so far. A near -£44 loss in his first ten days with us is hardly here nor there in the grand scheme of things, but a loss of £170 in the past 6 days spells early trouble for this one. I've had the personal pleasure of logging each bet for you right here in my review.

And this is how all the above impacts our "leaderboard"...

System Profit Service Days Trial days Weekly P/L Full Review
All Weather Profits £752.28 (at day 18) 18 £757.43 Click Here
On The Nose £543.20 (at day 44) 44 -£49.60 Click Here
Elite Ratings System £466.65 (at day 27) 27 £18.88 Click Here
Value Backing £390.00 (at day 44) 44 £60.00 Click Here
Bank Builder -£19.69 (at day 51) 51 -£25.71 Click Here
The Knack -£64.25 (at day 20) 20 -£150.00 Click Here
Percentage Form Edge -£64.34 (at day 12) 12 £30.80 Click Here
Trendsmania -£114.36 (at day 60) 60 -£30.87 Click Here
Race Bet Formula -£135.04 (at day 60) 60 -£62.96 Click Here
The Specialist -£213.74 (at day 16) 16 -£170.00 Click Here
Racing Methodology -£665.13 (at day 33) 33 -£43.20 Click Here

As always, clicking the name of a service will take you directly to their own homepage, whilst there are links above directing you to each of our current reviews. Plus if you want to read a review of a service we've completed in the past, you can do so by visiting the system review section right here.

I've already mentioned that we concluded our review of Race Bet Formula andcouldn't approve it after an overall loss of £135 in 60 days (here's a reminder why), but I should add that we've also arrived at judgment day for Trendsmania and whilst that one fared marginally better with a final loss of £114, we still can't give it the geegeez thumbs up.

With a few tweaks and a slight change of approach, there's the working of a profitable service, but I'd need to see those changes, before I'd want to follow it myself. You might think you could make it work for yourself, so why not check out our review for pointers?

The end of another busy week on the review scene for us, we've got more coming next week, including new football reviews and I also want to give you a quick heads up about this roundup blog.

I'll be here as usual next Wednesday (19th) with the update, but the next one after that will be on Wednesday September 9th when I return from my family holiday in Portugal.

See you next week,

Chris & the review team.

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