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Don’t be misled by high strike rates…

Geegeez System Reviews

Geegeez System Reviews

...they are not always the key to a successful method of betting.

A very quick and clear example of this is shown by taking a look at all the current system reviews here on Geegeez.

Over the last 7 days, they had a very creditable combined strike rate of 29.5%, but the net profit was only 18.7pts across all ten services. Whilst a high strike rate keeps punters interested, it is bottom line profit (and subsequently ROI) that counts.

A stark example of my point was shown by Learn To Lay, who hit 19 successful lays from 26 (73.1% SR) this week, but still managed to lose 13.6pts in the process. Laying, especially at higher odds, can be a dangerous business and care must be taken to keep the strike rate above 80%.

Whereas, on the other hand, Michael Carr's BackLucrative service ran at 22.6% this week (12 from 53), but managed an excellent weekly profit of 33.9pts at an ROI of 63.9%, as you can from our full review of this service.

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It was also a good week for High Five, who got things moving again with a net gain of 17.7pts over the week, thanks to finding 8 winners from 27, whilst two infrequent services SRT and Over The Top were also in the money.

SRT were 2 from 3 for 17pts, as you can see here, whereas the place layers at OTT had a perfect 4/4 record on their way to 3.8pts profit. A full review of that one is right here.

The week was, however, a game of two halves with the remaining five services all making a loss. Recent addition Bookies Enemy No 1 had a stuttering start to life under review, finding just three winners from fourteen selections on their way to a loss of just under 2.5pts. It's not a loss I'd be losing much sleep over and they do have over seven weeks to turn it around.

Small losses were also incurred by Winning Trends, Top Notch Tips and Value Racing Tips, but TNT aside, there are still plenty of positives to draw from those three. TNT continue to struggle and another 3.7pt loss this week now puts the whole review at a loss of 18.94pts in seven weeks, despite an overall strike rate in excess of 29%, which reiterates my opening line.

Winning Trends may well have also lost 3.7pts this week, but are still in a healthy position, having made 22.73pts at an ROI approaching 14% during the first five weeks of their current trial, whilst we only have 2 days of activity to report on from VRT.

Unfortunately all six VRT selections were losers and the 6pt deficit reduced this service's final profits for the whole 60-day review down to 40.95pts, but the overall picture is still excellent.

Under review, VRT hit 36 winners from 151 selections (23.8% SR) for profits of 40.95pts at an ROI of over 27%. These are excellent figures and it's a product that has passed the geegeez test.

The man behind VRT is currently on holiday recharging the batteries, but he's back next week and I'll tell you all a bit more about this one upon his return.

Our final service under review is Racing Consultants, who had a very difficult week of it, finding just 4 winners from 37 selections in a series of near misses and hard luck stories. All of which meant a fairly large loss of 24.3pts on the week, but as always, I like to find a positive note, if one is available! And we don't need to dig too far with this one. The guys behind the selections know what they are doing and have just encountered an inevitable sticky patch.

After five weeks under review, they are still 79.9pts to the good and they offer far more than just a series of "tips" per day. They do a full racing preview of the races they're interested, even if there's ultimately no bet arising from that race. The full review of this one makes very interesting reading, so why not check it out.

We've added a couple of new reviews this week and we'll be adding more between now and my next roundup, so please keep an eye on our System Reviews section for more details.

But until then, we hope you have an enjoyable (& profitable!) week, however you arrive at your chosen bets.

Chris & the Geegeez reviews team.

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3 replies
  1. Avatar
    Bob Grimes says:

    Hello Matty,

    Really interesting article, made me think a little, because what you describe as the strike rate has been what I actually looked for first..
    Food for thought pardner.
    Keep them coming.

    • Avatar
      Matt Bisogno says:

      Hi Bob

      This was one of Chris’ articles, but the points remain. Always sensible to consider a range of ‘metrics’ before taking the plunge.


  2. Avatar
    maverick99 says:

    Strike rates especially with regard to laying can be very deceiving. The difference between even a 90% winning SR with laying selections (i.e. 90 successful lays) and a 88% winning SR (i.e. 88 successful lays) may not appear at face value significant, however in reality your losing bets have actually increased by 20% from 10 to 12 and with the low profit margins (ROIs) often associated with laying this can mean a significant difference between winning and losing over a period of time.

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