Don’t Buy Project Betfair…

More hype, dear reader, for another racing system that is "going to finally give you the chance to make consistent profit on a daily basis from the betting exchanges".

The publisher - who lives in South Africa - is promoting Project Betfair heavily, and I wanted to ask that you hang fire if you're thinking about buying it.

I've bought it, and will take a look today / tomorrow. If it shows promise, I'll trial it for a little longer, so you can find out whether it's worth investing in or not.

So... Don't Buy Project Betfair... at least not yet.

More tomorrow.


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  1. Anonymous says:

    @project Betfair’ is almost identical to a FREE system that I was given almost two years ago and which has had uneven results over that time. I stil do use it but with much lower stakes.
    My recent results, using stakes of 2% of bank,
    are: Aug. 71% profit, Sep. 9% profit, Oct. 16 % loss, Nov. 13% loss, Dec (to date). 2% loss
    I keep hoping that we will get back to August.
    I also note that we are getting races to evaluate pre-racing but then actual ‘lays’ after racing. The three given today were excluded in my calculations!!


  2. John Bannister says:

    The South African connection is not one that would interest me particularly. Last year some time they were giving out a free trial of what they later called a football system (it might have been the maestro or something) which basically gave emailed selections of short priced home win selections, most of which won, as one would have expected. The average betfair odds were in the region of 1.40 to 1.50, so they weren’t exactly difficult to find.

    In my humble opinion all you get from that part of the world these days is over-hyped rubbish.

  3. John Bannister says:

    Everything emanating from this part of the world to do with betting or trading is rubbish

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