Double Dutch

Double Dutch Monthly Update : February 2015

Double Dutch

Double Dutch

Double Dutch Monthly Update : February 2015

Every day on the Double Dutch, I give you the running total of where the service stands with regards to winners, strike rates, profit/loss and the ROI, but I though it might be handy for you (whilst possibly a rod for my own back!) to have a review of the previous month to see the current form.

So, this is how February panned out for us...

We had 24 days of action (we take Sundays off!) and after 3 of our selections became non-runners, we were left with 93  selections, of which 29 were winners at a strike rate of 31.18%. This is slightly higher than our overall strike rate, as you'll see shortly, probably by a couple of extra winners more than expected.

Our 29 winners over 24 days could therefore have manifested itself into as little as 5 winning doubles or a maximum of 14 winners, so our 11 successful doubles is towards the top end of possibilities and represents a very healthy 48.53% strike rate, which is fantastic and around 3 wins more than our average suggests we'd get.

All in all, it shows that February was a fantastic month for the Double Dutch, as we staked 48pts across the month and our returns 61.52pts made for a profit of 13.52pts at an ROI of 28.17%, which is getting on towards two and a half times our normal average. Not bad for a free service! 😀


February :

29 winning selections from 93 = 31.18%
11 winning bets in 24 days = 45.83%

Stakes: 48.00pts
Returns: 61.52pts

P/L : +13.52pts (+28.17% ROI)

And Overall :

505 winning selections from 1760 = 28.55%
159 winning bets in 456 days = 34.87%

Stakes: 911.50pts
Returns: 1019.90pts

P/L : +108.40pts (+11.89% ROI)

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  1. Blokeshead says:

    “Not bad for a free service!”

    It’s only Monday morning, but we already have a strong candidate for understatement of the week.

    The first thing I do every morning, just as the coffee is kicking in, is put on my Stat of the Day bet and work out which, if any (although often all), of the Shortlist horses I want to be on. Then, unfortunately, I have to wo*k.

    The first thing I do in my lunchbreak (and today in my morning coffee break) is put on my DD bet. I blame Geegeez for the fact that I’m running out of BOGs bookies, but what a nice problem to have.

    Cheers, Chris! 🙂

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