Double Dutch

Double Dutch: the 56-day Verdict

Double Dutch

Double Dutch

Double Dutch: the 56-day Verdict

We originally set the Double Dutch up as a 30-day trial feature here on geegeez to try to provide something a little different.

After the 30 days were up, the figures weren't brilliant, but there had been a good run of form in the second half of the month, which persuaded us to run the trial to a full 8 weeks.

After 30 days:

8 winning doubles from 30 = 26.67% strike rate
Stakes: 58.5pts
Returns: 48.28pts

P/L: -10.22pts (-17.47% of stakes)

After 56 days:

18 winning doubles from 56 = 32.14% strike rate
Stakes: 110.00pts
Returns: 113.93pts

P/L: +3.93pts (+3.57% of stakes)

An overall return of 3.57% above stakes invested still isn't enough to get carried away, but the fact remains that the additional 26 days brought us 10 winning doubles (38.5% SR) and a 65.65pts return from stakes of 51.5pts (+27.5% ROI) and since the 23rd September, we have landed 16 doubles in 38 days (42.1% SR) for profits of 27.27pts, or 36.12% of stakes.

We're more than happy with the performance over the last five weeks or so and as such, we aim to resume the Double Dutch service from Tuesday 19th November.

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