Dream-Lays – Day 4

More of a nightmare than a dream for Dream Lays yesterday, with heavy losses incurred as four of the six selections won (thus lost for us).

15:20 Sand Lily Again 1st 6.6 - £56
17:00 Sand Twilight Star 12th 5.94 +£9.50
17:10 Bath Mandhooma 7th 14 +£9.50
17:10 Bath The Name Is Frank 1st 6.2 - £52
18:40 Epsm Brynfa Boy 1st 6.2 - £52
19:25 Donc Whirly Dancer 1st 6.6 - £56

Daily Total: -£197

Cumulative Total: -£208.50

As things stand, Dream Lays will fare pretty well to regain parity within the review period and, at this stage, looks precariously poised. We wish it better fortune today.

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7 replies
  1. Gary says:


    A Betfair SP of 6.6 loses you £56 not £66, still no good but I think you publish them right to be fair to them

    • Matt Bisogno says:

      Spot on Gary, my mistake.

      Thanks for pointing it out, and I’ve amended accordingly.


  2. colin says:

    After yesterdays disaster with a loss of 19.7 points the total now being minus 20.85points if you had followed their advice of having 50 times your stake as a bank then after only 4 days you would have lost nearly half your bank,another day like yesterday would virtually wipe it out and if you take into consideration in the last 3 days there has only been 10 qualifing selections it has got to perform miracles to even break even.Going back to the post I wrote the other day regarding another similar site ITS LAY TIME yesterday they posted 26 selections of which 12 were the same as Dream Lays.Incidently when I purchased ITS LAY TIME back in March of this year(6 month subscription £99.00)I was given a free tool which was the same free calculator which Dream Lays are giving away with their subscription.One other thing ,if you follow their advice regarding betting at Betfair SP unless you sit at your computer all day you would have to use a bot as unless I am not using Betfair correctly yor can’t set the Betfair SP to lay at between 5.9 and under 7.00 or over 12.00 and under 17.00.My subscription to Dream Lays has been cancelled.

  3. steven says:

    here’s a question for all would be bookmakers, what are the odds that next week my inbox will be inundated with e-mails proclaiming the new wonder system “Dream backs”, with a proven track record of 4 out of 6 winning selections and 20 points profit per day?

  4. colin says:

    Following on from the above post i have just printed the selections from both Dream Lays and ITS LAY TIME for 23/7/10
    DreamLays have 19 selections and ITS LAY TIME has 29 selections and every selection on Dream Lays except one (Tartarie.5.40 New)is duplicated on Its Lay Time.I find that very strange or could it be co-incidence?????????

    • Matt Bisogno says:

      Hi Colin

      I have asked the very same question today of the Dream Lays team (still nameless at this stage).

      What I can tell you is that there is a VERY high probability that these are indeed one and the same people. Internet records show no names against the domains, but they were both registered on the same day, and are hosted from the same nameservers (computers from where website pages are presented).


  5. colin says:

    Hi Matt
    Both Websites are very much the same lay out, colours etc and when just checking yesterdays results Tararie 5.40 Newm was in fact also duplicated thus making all 19 selections the same

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