Dream-Lays – Day 5

Day 5 for Dream Lays and, after Thursday's nightmare, a good response yesterday.

15:20 Asct I'm A Dreamer (IRE) 5th 6.83 +£9.50
15:55 Asct Keenes Day (FR) 7th 13.5 +£9.50
18:10 NmkJ La Concorde (FR) 2nd 14.85 +£9.50
19:30 York Bikini Babe (IRE) 6th 6.0 +£9.50

Four unanswered winners for Dream Lays, making the daily and cumulative totals as follows:

Daily Total: +£38

Cumulative Total: -£170.50

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4 replies
  1. Alan says:

    Yesterday I had 18 horses I layed on. Seventeen were successful. The only unsuccessful one had a price of 2.57 BSP.
    That would have earned you £146.58 net. How does that compare with the rubbish above?

    I lay and bet to offset laying losses (which as you see above do occur). Current months total 60.40 points. At £10 per lay Profit 573.80 net of discount

    Don’t be fooled by the thought that in a ten horse race there are nine losers and its easy to pick one to lay. The favourite has a 30% chance of winning and up to a price of 4.99 on Betfair the favourite and horses up to that price have a 45% chance of winning. Long prices have a better chance of winning than the favourite!
    That leaves the rest with a 55% chance of winning.

  2. Gary says:

    If you check their results they only had 4 winning lays as the ones at 7 and 7.2 do not qualify is it not over 5.9 and under 7 to be a lay

  3. colin says:

    How can Bells Ocean be a qualifier at 7.2 b/f sp. The odds ranges are over 5.9 and under 7.00

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