Dream-Lays – Update 12

The first 'nasty' for Dream Lays, as City Of The Kings won at a Betfair SP of 13.08. It was propped up a little by three losers but a ten point loss on the day.

15:00 NAbb Lord Lescribaa 2nd 6.6 +£9.50
15:15 Ripn City of The Kings 1st 13.08 -£120.80
20:10 Wind Gwilym 4th 6.01 +£9.50
20:25 Carl Destiny's Dancer 2nd 6.47 +£9.50

Weekend Total: -£92.30

Cumulative Total: -£119.10

Now twelve points down overall. Not insurmountable, but an uphill struggle for Dream Lays for the next week or so...

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  1. Bjarne says:

    how do you place the place and be sure that starting price will be within the given range?
    Had 2 horses yesterday who traded in the correct range 5 seconds before off, but BSP went lower…
    luckily it was 2 succesfull lays 🙂

    • Matt Bisogno says:


      I too have this concern, and I will be flagging it in my end of term review. Some of them are very close to the parameters, and a single bet of 100 or 200 could make the difference to everyone’s position. Not fully satisfactory, which is the half-term remark relating to the system as a whole I think. But time will tell whether this is worth overlooking.


  2. Bjarne says:

    Matt, do you know if there is a bot where it is possible to enter the two odds ranges required for this system?
    I am using GHB now and only one range is possible (I think)


    • Matt Bisogno says:

      I’m not sure Bjarne. But even if there was, getting on at SP is going to be tough…

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