Dream-Lays – Update 14

Another clean sweep for Dream Lays, whose powers of recovery have been impressive. After the setback at the weekend, this is now twelve consecutive winning lays, bringing the trial back in front again. Of course, it's less than a single loser away from negative equity at this time, but profit is profit, so let's not knock it for that!

15:30 Brig Penang Cinta 8th 16.53  +£9.50
15:40 Hayd Dolphin Rock  2nd 6.2  +£9.50
16:40 Hayd Highland Love 5th 13.5  +£9.50
16:40 Hayd Rare Malt  3rd 13.14  +£9.50
17:00 Brig Location   4th 6.4  +£9.50

Update Total: +£47.50

Cumulative Total: +£23.40

As we turn into the second half of the trial, Dream Lays is finely poised. Will it go into profit, or loss? Tune in tomorrow for the next thrilling installment!

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