Dream-Lays – Update 17

It's getting away from Dream Lays a little now, and yesterday was cruel. One horse just failed to make it in and, as can be the way with laying services, the last animal of the night goes and wins to spoil the party.

16:30 Sthl Academy Blues  5th 6.42 +£9.50
17:00 Sthl Calmdownmate  5th 12.5 +£9.50
19:00 Thsk High Rolling  3rd 6.81 +£9.50
20:00 Thsk Ardesia   9th 14.88 +£9.50
20:10 Wind Super Duplex  1st 6.45 -£54.50

Daily Total: -£16.50

Cumulative Total: -£57.70

A few more days for Dream Lays to turn it around, so we shall see...

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