Dream-Lays – Update 20 (Final)

The last day yesterday for Dream Lays, and it actually served as a fine microcosm of the whole trial in many ways:

16:00 Epsm Fame Is The Spur  8th 6.8   +£9.50
16:25 Bevl Witzend   3rd 6.4  +£9.50
16:50 Sals Thalia Grace  7th 12.5  +£9.50
19:10 Strf Lodgician  1st 6.2    -£52.0
19:25 Chep Eastwell Smiles  7th 6.04 +£9.50
20:25 Chep Oriental Girl 2nd 5.91   +£9.50

Daily Total: -£4.50

Cumulative Total: -£14.70

As has been the case many times, there were a number of horses that did not win (and would therefore have been winning horses for us) but were outside the price ranges for Dream Lays.

Also, a number of winning lays for us were undone by a single losing lay.

Overall then, and we've been pretty much treading water for around a month. I'll be back with my review in a day or so.

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