Edge Your Bets

Edge Your bets

Edge Your bets

Edge Your Bets is the name I’ve given to my own rating method for UK turf  handicap races.  In just under 8 months of testing I’ve made 270 points profit by backing my top rated selections under the following conditions:

UK Flat or National Hunt Handicaps (excluding Nurseries, Amateur riders, Apprentice, Novice, Selling Handicaps)

Minimum 6 runners

Odds range 5/1 to 20/1

My strike rate for over 1,000 selections is around 13%, with an average price of around 9.5 and a return on investment of around 25%. Each race is rated according to a number of criteria and is biased towards horses that are well weighted and running under suitable conditions…loosely speaking. Matt has kindly agreed for me to share my selections with Geegeez readers throughout August and September.

There will be around 10 selections on average per day, so I expect around 600 during the course of the next two months. As usual, please paper trade or keep your stakes low - I work to a bank of 200 points. I’ll update the results on a daily basis to £10 level stakes based on my actual bets. The selections will be available around 9am each morning, including evening racing, and will not be updated so we will inevitably have some non runners. All prices will be advised according to the best odds on offer with Best Odds Guaranteed bookies at around 9am, so if you are following along with these please try to get as close as possible to the prices advised. BOG is important as the system does tend to get a few drifters that go in at nice prices.

I look forward to getting started with this and hope the system performs as well as it has in the past now that I am testing it live...not usually the way these things work, but let's see!

Good luck if you decide to follow these, otherwise feel free to just check out the results and drop me a line if you have any questions.

All the best,


Your first 30 days for just £1
12 replies
  1. Rob says:

    Hi Mike – yes does sound interesting. Are you going to post your selections to this blog – if so when are you planning on starting – or have you a separate site?

  2. thomas says:

    hope all goes well.will you be posting at the same time each day as i think there could be a lot of interest on here and getting the price may be a problem.

    • thomas says:

      just seen the 9am bit,if this is roughly when you are posting ignore my previous comments.lol

  3. MikeA says:

    Thank you all for your kind comments. In answer to the questions, yes I will be posting daily selections to this blog for two months starting from tomorrow. I will try to get them up for 9am each day, in theory I could get them up sooner but that may be too early for the evening racing (in that markets might not be formed by then).

  4. JohnDee says:

    It looks very interesting and will paper trade to start with but as I’m rubbish at handicaps I need
    all the help I can get!! thanks Mike

  5. MikeA says:

    The advice JayB would be to paper trade, but if you want to bet then at the prices I’ll be putting up (7-21) I’d suggest 200 points starting bank in case we have a protracted losing run. So for £5 stakes you’d ideally need a bank of £1,000 – which is probably over cautious but it’s how I do it.

    Thanks John I hope this works for you, with my strike rate you would only be getting 1 in 8 winners but hopefully at a nice profit.

  6. Scott ridgway says:

    Hi mike, I’m going to give your system a month trial run on a £1 level stake. Thanks.

  7. Phil Froggatt says:

    Not great today but that was bound to happen! Stick to Mark Johnston! Well weighted, loves the track!

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