Geegeez Gold: Annual prices set to rise

Fair Warning: Imminent Price Rise

It's almost two years since Geegeez Gold last raised its monthly price. And it is three and a half years since we increased the cost of an annual subscription.

During that time, we have continually invested in developing our offering to you. Indeed, since that last annual sub rise in February 2017, we've added the following [sorry, it's a long list]


9th May 2017 – Addition of Draw Tool and Query Tool

16th June 2017 – Addition of ‘Clear’ button to reports; addition of result filters to Query Tool; addition of ‘Show/Hide Inline’ button to reports; addition of ‘All’ and ‘All Hcap’ snippets to inline trainer form

5th July 2017 – Addition of silks to fast results page; fix for HC1 indicators/report where trainer has multiple HC1 runners; Phase 2 of Query Tool (Major Race Class, Equipment, Card/Actual Weight, Card/Actual Draw, Official Rating, Speed Rating); ability to hide/show infrequently used variables on Query Tool. Query Tool output now clickable to main form database. Variable descriptions added to User Guide.

21st August 2017 – Fixed issue with ‘My Tracked Engagements’ links on My Geegeez page; added negative trainer/jockey form indicators.

11th September 2017 – Added Pace Tab ‘Graphic View’

20th September 2017 – Added equipment count to racecards

11th December 2017 – Major release: Report Angles. Also minor amend to Tracker maximums

14th February 2018 – New Report: A to Z

22nd February 2018 – Added Hcap/All race filter to PACE tab

29th March 2018 – Added Hcap/All race filter to DRAW tab

25th April 2018 – Added more configuration options to Instant Expert

23rd May 2018 – Add Proximity Form explanation

12th June 2018 – Draw chart lines; Tracker notes displayed on hover over; minor bug fixes

25th July 2018 – Major release: New Report system, with historical data and csv export; racecard menu filters and course information links; QT Angles; hide odds option

5th October 2018 - Added Class Move report and indicators; added show/hide racecard elements to My Geegeez; updated Query Tool user guide content

13th November 2018 – Added TJ Combo 1 year to jockey inline form; major overhaul of Full Form; added odds to Report Angles report; bug fixes to search, future entries, report inline date history sort

22nd January 2019 – Added Pace Analyser; added Trainer/Jockey/Sire to Instant Expert; added RESET button, latest odds and official rating to Full Form

22nd March 2019 – Added Bet Tracker; added Racing Post and Topspeed ratings

27th March 2019 – Minor amends to Bet Tracker

24th April 2019 – Major upgrade: Added User Notes & Ratings; added Instant Expert inline; added Draw IV3; added Pace percentage

22nd May 2019 – Added weight for age and jockey allowance options on ratings; added ability to rate/price up a race from the card; added R1/R2 ratings to inline form; added option to consider last 4, 3 or 2 runs for pace maps; removed tip league from card

12th August 2019 – Added sortation to Full Form past performance columns

23rd September 2019 – Added note about QT Angles including odds or pace score parameters

3rd January 2020 – Major release: Added sectional timing content to Full Results, Full Form and Cards inline

12th February 2020 – Added ‘Upgrade’ figure column to form; revised colour on Draw tab/Draw Analyser; Added Heat Map underlay on Pace tab

29th April 2020 – Cosmetic enhancements across the racecards; addition of future form; addition of date filter to Draw and Pace Analysers

20th May 2020 – Addition of percentage of rivals beaten (PRB) and derivations to Draw Analyser and Draw tab on racecard; cosmetic upgrade to Tracker

31st July 2020 – Cosmetic change to racecard icon design; addition of Profiler tab to racecards


Phew! It's a lot, isn't it?

The current cost of an annual subscription is the equivalent of 8.25 monthly payments. Frankly, that is too low: industry standard is 10x monthly (i.e. two months free per year).

As of August 7th, THIS FRIDAY, our annual subscription price will increase to £360 in line with industry norms


At less than £1 a day the revised price is still fantastic value (obviously) for a service which is so much easier to use and so much more feature-rich - and still so much better value - than other vaguely comparable services.

But if you want to lock in the current, heavily discounted, subscription rate you'll need to act this week.




After Friday, 7th August, the cost of an annual subscription will rise to £360. Until then, it remains at £297, and you'll never pay a penny more for as long as your subscription remains active.


If you're currently a monthly subscriber,


If you're not currently a subscriber,


We have lots more planned in the coming months to move Geegeez Gold still further forwards. Without going into detail, the following is on the road map right now:

  • Addition of historical Betfair data, and reports calculating Betfair P/L
  • Major upgrade of Query Tool, including previous race variables
  • A 'Bet Finder' tool to identify qualifiers based on your selected criteria
  • Addition of big race trends
  • More sectional data tools
  • Striding data and analysis
  • Many other smaller updates

If you know you're going to be needing Geegeez Gold ongoing, now is the time to lock in your annual discount.



Thank you very much for being a Geegeez subscriber. We remain as committed as ever to giving you the very best chance of coming out in front, AND enjoying the game along the way.


p.s. here's that upgrade link again - any questions, let me know.

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7 replies
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  2. buchanskii
    buchanskii says:

    Including Historical Betfair starting prices would be a massive time saver for me, look forward to hearing more.

  3. therams1962
    therams1962 says:

    Never stopped paying during lockdown and no racing .Will you now discount my monthly premium ? Only teasing Matt i wanted Geegeez to remain in business so did my bit to help .This site is worth every penny .

    • Matt Bisogno
      Matt Bisogno says:

      Thanks John, I appreciate it.

      To be clear, this is only a discount against the future price of Geegeez Gold. And an attempt at being able to continue the investment – which runs to hundreds of thousands of pounds – in data and software development. 🙂


  4. Rambler
    Rambler says:

    Hi Matt – I am one of the lucky ones to have been with you for many years now. Great service, of which I only use the “tip of the iceberg”. You have always been wonderfully fair in keeping subscriptions extremely competitive. Could I maybe suggest that on a voluntary 1 to 1 basis IF your long standing members wished to pay (say) a 10% rise in monthly fee that will help the Geegeez cause. Only a thought to repay some of the Teams’ loyalty particularly SotD, which won again yesterday at excellent odds.
    Best Wishes to all Rambler

    • Matt Bisogno
      Matt Bisogno says:

      Hi Rambler

      Thanks for the thought, which is very gracious and appreciated. It has always been the case that I’ve been happy to honour all existing users at price point they signed up for, in perpetuity.

      I’ve no plans to change that approach at this time though, as I say, I do value the sentiment behind your suggestion. Thank you.

      Hope you’re keeping well,

  5. Simsurf
    Simsurf says:

    Hi, I’ve only recently signed up and started poking around what is available. I presume you have some form of access to TPD’s data, any plans to use that on geegeez with historic sectional times or even better in running times and positioning!?

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