Fancy Fillings…

As with most people, dear reader, I am not much of a fan of the dentists' chair. I tend to leave it longer than the recommended three months between checkups, if truth be told.

In fact, by way of a confession, I think I am due my come uppance. You see, it's been just over five years since I last attended the dentist and that is the fate that awaits me this morning.

Well they do say that abscess makes the heart grow fonder... or is it absence? Anyway, I expect my fair share of needles, filling, dry mouth (you know that vacuum tube that sucks out all the crap and saliva and makes you gag), etc. Really can't wait!

But once it's done, I know that I need not worry about it for another three months / five years.


To the system reviews...

Fancy Fillies is starting to look like a proper system. Recapping, we are basically looking for a filly to oppose, under certain criteria. It's not a complex system, but - thus far - it has been very successful.

The beauty of FF is that you are never especially exposed to big losses, because the prices we're laying at are normally quite short.

Yesterday saw Gilt Edge Girl turned over at odds of 15/8. The record so far, during the trial, can be seen here:

The difference between the above two is based on the fact that I did selections for the weekend (the subscription does not), and I looked at the market later in the day than official FF.

Either way, we're looking at a tidy profit to date. £124.86 if following me, and £265.70 on the 'official' view.

Today's selection for both of us is Caherassdotcom in the 6.50 Dundalk. (Looks like a winner to me, I have to say!)

Based on two sets of results I've received covering a period greater than a year, I think Fancy Fillies is a system that will get a hearty recommendation in due course. But hang fire for now, as I'll be continuing the trial until the end of the month.

If you simply cannot wait to get stuck in, then the sales page is here.


The Legacy system has been a damp squib in terms of action so far, but continues to keep it's shy little nose in front financially.

Erm, there are no Legacy runners today...


Cheltenham and Newmarket both race today, and I'm much more interested in the former. The big stables have all lifted the blanket on their summer hibernations (actually, given that hibernation refers specifically - hiber must be latin, as the French for winter is 'hiver' - there might be another word for summer hibernations!), and the action will now be coming thick and fast.

The ultra competitive 3.30 race might be a curious race to have a fancy in, but I do nonetheless. And I can't stand his trainer to boot!

The horse I like is Noble Alan, a winner on debut when patently unfancied. He was really easy to back and looked unfit, but still beat subsequent winner Ghilu readily enough.

He's obviously going to be ready for today and, in a race where lots have an apparent chance but few will get into it, Noble Alan looks a very decent punt at around 7/1.

Good luck if you're playing today. I'm off for a good drilling and filling...


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