Fancy Joining our Scoop 6 Syndicate? Details Inside…

Scoop6mania, dear reader, is spreading fast, and will be a wild unchecked contagion by Saturday. My good mate Gavin at Nag3 is running a syndicate for the weekend. You can get involved for as little as a tenner, should you so wish, and will win a percentage of the total winnings equivalent to your percentage of the investment pool.

For example, if the cash we pull together is £1,000, and you put in £20, you will get 20 / 1000 = 2% of any winnings. 2% of £5 million is a hundred grand. Not likely, but possible.

Enough from me - details below are copied from the Nag3 blog. Simply go to PayPal and make your contribution to the Great Nag3 / Geegeez Scoop 6 Syndicate.


So I think if anyone is interested in being a part of any Nag3 Scoop 6 syndicate then the following would have to apply.......

- I will be doing my own perm and laying out about £400-£500. This could form the basis of any final syndicated Scoop 6 bet with any additional contributions allowing this perm to be expanded to include further selections in each race.

- The Nag3/Geegeez combined brains, that's myself, Matt and my brother Gary, will pick the selections and I will endeavour to post the intended perms by 9pm Friday evening.

- This post will include a number of different amounts for perms and depending on the number of subscribers we get we'll use the appropriate perm. I'll also include reserves in case we have any non-runners.

- If you would like to be a part of the syndicate simply send your contribution to my Paypal account any time before 9am Saturday 22nd November. The minimum amount is £10 but can be any amount greater in multiples of £10. You MUST pay any Paypal fees.

- My Paypal account is

Your first 30 days for just £1

- You will be paid the % of the winnings your contribution accounts for.
Example: If the perm costs £1000 and you pay £10 then you will get 1% of any winnings (1% of £5m is £50,000)


- Minimum contribution will have to be £10. The Paypal fees MUST be paid by you.

- All contributions must be made by 9am on Saturday to allow me time to place the bet.

- An official Paypal notification email confirming that your payment has cleared before 9am Saturday 22nd November will be needed to claim any winnings. Any monies sent after 9am will be refunded.

- No Paypal E-Cheque payments please. The money must have cleared my account by the deadline to entitle you to a share.

- I'm sorry but Paypal is the only payment method I will accept.

- I will post the Final Perm on this Blog by the 1st race and all contributors will be notified by email.

- Any winnings will be paid as soon as the Tote make their payouts.

If you think this could be of interest to you please post a comment below (simply click on the highlighted word comments next to the Facebook link) or email me at

Obviously, by registering an interest you are under no obligation to participate.

That's it for today. I'll be in for £200, Gavin will be in for at least double that, so we'll have a few lines to play with!


Your first 30 days for just £1
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  1. Matt Bisogno says:

    No, this is a special one off, as the rollover for the Scoop6 is so big. We already have over £2,000 in the syndicate pool, so if you’d like to join the group, check the details in the post and get involved.


  2. cyrus says:

    good information, but i need more details,and i also want to know is the just one weekend or does his run every weekends , i am interested to join

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