Feature of the Day: Saturday – Trainer Jockey Combo Report

Trainer Jockey Combo Report

Trainer Jockey Combo Report

Saturday's Feature of the Day is a personal favourite of mine, and one which I check every day: the Trainer Jockey Combo report.

As the name suggests, it's a report that shows which trainers and jockeys have the best records when combining, and is broken down into four 'sub-reports':

14 Day
30 Day
Course 365 Day
Course 2009+

Each sub-report is self-explanatory and can be filtered using the report's inbuilt filter system. The video below explains more:


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2 replies
  1. Nessie123 says:

    Can you please tell me when the stats are updated?
    Is it after the final race of the day or the following morning,if you get my gist.

    • Matt Bisogno says:

      Hi Andy

      Yes, of course. They’re updated overnight, just after midnight.

      Hope that clarifies,


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