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Finishing with a flourish…

A few of our reviews have recently ended or are coming to a conclusion and two in particular are worthy of a mention for the way they've performed in the latter stages of their trials, as they're this week's two top earners in the...

...Geegeez System Trials Roundup for 29/06/2016.

Biscayne Bets hit 12 winners from 50 bets this week on their way to an excellent £311 profit, enabling them to finish their time with us yesterday with a 60-day profit of some £784.50 from £10 level stakes. Their overall strike rate was 19.7% and the ROI from the service was a very healthy 22.1%, guaranteeing them the Geegeez seal of approval from our reviewer, Ernest.

Ernest's final summary said..."this is perhaps the best ever reviewed by me. I would most definitely recommend this service to anyone looking to make a profit from betting. At £96 per quarter this must be one of the best value tipster available. I have no hesitation in awarding this 10/10"

Ernest is a seasoned reviewer and isn't taken in very easily, so I trust his judgment here. If you want to see what impressed him so much, have a read of his review right here.

Alternatively, you can get on board with Biscayne Bets right away by clicking this link.

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Yet almost unbelievably Biscayne Bets only sit second on both our overall leaderboard and our weekly table, as they were denied to top spot by Early Odds on both occasions!

Early Odds had a fantastic week, accruing another £374.58 profit since my last report and with one day (today) to go of their trial, they're just £40 shy of breaking the £1000 profit barrier inside two months. This week's success was achieved courtesy of finding 12 winners from 39 selections and James' review highlights each one of those bets for you.

With this one also coming to a close, I'm really looking forward to reading James' final summary, which I'll report upon next week!

And here's the latest leaderboard...

System Profit Service Days Trial days Weekly P/L Full Review
Early Odds £960.69 (at day 59) 59 £374.58 Click Here
Biscayne Bets £784.50 (at day 60) 60 £311.00 Click Here
Gold Turf Racing £144.16 (at day 31) 31 -£32.30 Click Here
Shane Murphys Irish Tips £69.98 (at day 46) 46 £16.50 Click Here
Lucky 7 Naps £13.75 (at day 2) 2 £13.75 Click Here
Value Favs £0.00 (at day 0) 0 £0.00 Click Here
All Weather God -£32.81 (at day 1) 1 -£32.81 Click Here
Irish Fancies -£240.46 (at day 31) 31 -£21.04 Click Here
Racing Specials -£325.51 (at day 41) 41 -£77.70 Click Here
Flat Attack -£696.02 (at day 54) 54 -£116.34 Click Here

As usual, clicking the name of a service takes you straight to their home page, whilst there are links to every review above.

The sharper-eyed amongst you will spot three new additions to the review panel, taking the place of the soon to depart Early Odds, Biscayne Bets and the not quite-so-successful Flat Attack, but that will still leave us a little shy of the number of reviews I like to have running for you, so I've got a few more lined up to be added over the next couple of weeks or so.

If there are any services you'd like to see given the impartial Geegeez scrutiny, why not let me know at support@summumbonum.co.uk ?

Until next time, all the best from me and my excellent team of loyal trusted volunteers!


Your first 30 days for just £1