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Here's an overview of Focus Ratings

Focus Ratings is not a tipping service, nor does it claim to be.

What it does do, however, is analyse every UK & Irish race each day and then compiles set of ratings for each race. The standard benchmark per race is that the 2nd highest rated per horse is allocated a rating of 100 and the other runners from a race can then be judged against that. This doesn't mean that two horses rated 100 in separate races have the chance likelihood of winning, though.

The Focus Ratings team produce an early bird set of raw data each evening with a full refined set of ratings available from 10.00am each day. The ratings are offered in virtually any format you can think of  and are an invaluable aid to refining your daily selections.

The site gives lots of recommendations on ways to use the ratings, but each member is given a whole host of tool to find what works best for them.

There is a section devoted to systems that other Focus Ratings members have devised.

Your first 30 days for just £1

Click here for a sample of a day's ratings where the top 3 rated in each race are shown. many members use the top 3 for dutching purposes, but the ways in which this information can be used is literally endless.

A subscription to Focus Ratings is currently priced at just £10 (& VAT) per month or £25 (& VAT) per quarter with all payments handled by Clickbank who offer a full 60-day money back guarantee in the unlikely event that you're not entirely satisfied with the service.

I know that many of you like tipsters, but an equal amount of you like to research your own picks and feel that a ratings service could well enhance your selection procedure. I've heard lots of good things about Focus ratings and I'm going to take a good look at them and report my findings.

I've also asked two of my senior reviewers to take an in-depth look at it and they're going to report back on a daily basis, approaching the ratings from different angles.

Chris Thorogood is going to look at how the ratings perform in handicap contests on the flat and on the A/W over different distances, splitting his findings into four clear subsections ie turf races shorter than a mile, A/W races shorter than a mile and then the same again at trips of a mile and beyond. Chris' reports can be found/seen here.

We are also going to see how things would unfold if we were to blindly back all the top-rated selections each day and also to see how the top-three rated per race would fare from a level stakes perspective and the results of those findings are available here.

Chris Worrall 

Your first 30 days for just £1