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Geegeez System Reviews

Geegeez System Reviews

As you'd expect, it was a hit and miss week for the services currently under review here at Geegeez with some good performances, some not so good and some that the kids would say "meh!" to.

The best results of the week were achieved by recent additions Winning Trends and Racing Consultants, who both had great strike rates and plenty of profits, with the former gaining the upper hand yesterday.

Winning Trends had 11 winners from 33 in the last week and made almost 24.8pts (75% ROI) from those selections. No staking plans, no early odds that can be a struggle to match, plain and simple 1pt bets at Betfair SP, based on trainers' habits. Here's the full breakdown of their results.

The Racing Consultants are two well-known figures in racing circles and together they provide a daily resumé of the day's racing and then advise their best bets from the programme they've discussed. This approach served them well last week with a gain of 11.8pts via a decent run of 11 winners from 38 ( see here for details), despite  losing 10.2pts yesterday (Tuesday).

After I highlighted the success of BackLucrative last week, Sod's Law kicked in and they had a poor week, losing almost 11pts on the back of only finding 6 winners from 56, but our full review shows they've still got a 1-in-6 strike rate overall and a modest 4.6% ROI from almost 200 bets. It's not spectacular, but it beats the banks and it's tax-free!

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It was also a difficult week for Top Notch Tips who lost 6pts, despite picking 6 winners from 22 (27.3% SR). The problem with this service is that the advised odds are quite low and although they're currently running at a strike rate in excess of 30%, they've actually lost almost 7pts to date from 88 selections. Check out the review for more details.

Two other services that struggled this week were SRT and Duncan Robbins. Neither are prolific at providing selections, just 11 between them over the past 7 days and SRT's 0/4 record takes the review results to 7 wins from 42 for a loss of 10.1pts.

Duncan Robbins did at least find a winner, but just the one from seven bets, which meant a 3.5pts loss on the week and similarly to Top Notch Tips above, the low odds means that even the current 21% strike rate isn't enough to guarantee profit, as our review shows an 11.2pt loss despite selecting 8 winners from 38 bets.

It's not all doom and gloom, though, as there were good things to report about each of our three remaining triallists. High Five continued their good form with 8 winners from 23 for a modest 2.33pts (+10.1% ROI) return, but the overall review makes for interesting reading indeed. A strike rate of over 42% and profits of almost 44pts in a little over three weeks is excellent.

Over The Top is a place laying service that has a current record of 16 successful lays from 18. Unfortunately the two losing bets were priced at 9.39 and 13.00 meaning that they are presently standing at a loss of 6.2pts (see here), but I should point out that they are on a winning streak of 10, including 4/4 last week.

Last, but not least, we have Value Racing Tips (no prizes for guessing what they do! 😀 ) and they had another good week, as their 5 winners from 21 (23.8% SR) was very much in line with their overall 23.2% strike rate (22 winners from 95). This week's successes added another 3.55pts to the pot, taking their bottom line to +22.2pts, whilst under review.

For more details (or to sign up!) of any of the services we're reviewing, simply click their name anywhere on this page or on the review pages themselves.

I'll be back next week with more for you, so have a great week.

PS feel free to email me at if you want to discuss anything system or service related, including suggestions for future reviews. Alternatively, leave a comment below.

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3 replies
  1. Sgtmajor says:

    Hi Matt, Have you looked at Profitable Selections who give tips daily for a one off fee. Also is there a system or a way that uses 2nd Favourites, as they seem to win very often. regards John

    • Matt Bisogno says:

      Hi Sgtmajor

      No, we haven’t looked at that one, I’m afraid.

      As for second favourite systems, they are generally doomed to expensive failure I’m afraid. Apart from anything else, it’s actually very hard to identify in advance what will be second favourite. That’s even after accounting for the fact that backing second fav’s will lose a lot of money..!


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