Highly Sprung ridden by Lewis Edmunds (right) go on to win the Play 4 To Win At Betway Handicap (Div 1) at Newmarket Racecourse. June 4, 2020. Photo David Davies / Racingfotos.com

Form Profiling 2021: Community Project

Last May, when there was no racing and the flat season had yet to begin, I wrote a post about form profiling which you can read here. In it, I shared five horses which had displayed a specific pattern of conditions to most of their wins: a profile if you will.

I then outlined how to undertake this profiling activity using the tools on geegeez.co.uk at that time, Full Form and Query Tool. Since then, we've added the brilliant Profiler which, as the name suggests, is perfectly positioned to support an activity like this.

So, how did that first stab go? Remarkably, to me at least, the squad of 40+ horses we collectively identified made a profit by blind backing them at SP from the resumption on June 1st to the end of 2020.

Your first 30 days for just £1

Buoyed by that performance, which was to some degree predicated on a 40/1 winner (caveat emptor, as ever) - and which could have been significantly improved upon with either BOG or exchange prices - and prompted by a reminder from a reader who especially enjoyed following 'our' team last year (thanks Graham!), I thought we should do it all over again.

Horse Profiles 2021

STOP PRESS 6th April 2021: Horse Profiles 2021 is now complete and available from this link >>>

So here's what I have in mind:

  1. Have a quick (re-)read of the form profiling article from last year, here >
  2. Watch the short video below where I show you how to use Profiler and QT in concert (requires a Gold sub, though some profiling can be done in "races of the day" for free subscribers)
  3. Choose a horse (ideally not the winner) from the table of big race results below, and/or identify horses of your own choosing
  4. Submit your horse profile(s) in the form at this link >>
  5. That's it!

I'm really excited to see what you/we come up with this season.

To that end, I'll look to produce the report around the 6th April, so all submissions need to be made before then, please, for inclusion. [Of course, anyone can do this at any time for their own enjoyment/advantage, and/or can share additional profiles in the comments below]


Here is a list of all Class 2 and 3 handicaps (18+ runners) from 2020 in UK and Ireland. Click on the Date or Time column to open up the race result, and then start playing!

Date Time Course Horse Jockey Trainer Runners
16/06/2020 16:40 Ascot Coeur De Lion Thore Hammer Hansen A King 19
16/06/2020 13:15 Ascot Motakhayyel Jim Crowley R Hannon 23
17/06/2020 13:15 Ascot Sir Busker Oisin Murphy W Knight 22
17/06/2020 15:35 Ascot Dark Vision William Buick M Johnston 23
18/06/2020 16:10 Ascot Khaloosy Jim Crowley R Varian 22
19/06/2020 13:15 Ascot Art Power Silvestre De Sousa T Easterby 21
20/06/2020 12:40 Ascot Chiefofchiefs William Buick C Fellowes 19
20/06/2020 16:10 Ascot Hey Jonesy Kevin Stott K A Ryan 22
27/06/2020 18:15 Curragh Big Baby Bull J M Sheridan D Hogan 18
28/06/2020 17:15 Curragh Njord Shane Foley Mrs J Harrington 18
28/06/2020 17:45 Curragh Dalton Highway Andrew Slattery D Weld 18
11/07/2020 15:50 Ascot Jawwaal Callum Rodriguez M Dods 18
18/07/2020 14:30 York Sinjaari Stevie Donohoe W Haggas 22
18/07/2020 16:10 York Tukhoom Jack Mitchell D O'Meara 18
19/07/2020 16:10 York Documenting Cieren Fallon K Frost 19
25/07/2020 14:25 Ascot Blue Mist Ryan Moore R Charlton 19
27/07/2020 18:45 Galway Princess Zoe Mr Finian Maguire A Mullins 20
28/07/2020 18:45 Galway Saltonstall Gavin Ryan A McGuinness 18
28/07/2020 13:45 Goodwood Maydanny Silvestre De Sousa M Johnston 18
01/08/2020 15:35 Goodwood Summerghand Daniel Tudhope D O'Meara 27
16/08/2020 15:15 Ripon Staxton Duran Fentiman T Easterby 19
19/08/2020 13:45 York Acclaim The Nation Jason Hart E Alston 21
22/08/2020 15:40 York Fujaira Prince Andrea Atzeni R Varian 21
28/08/2020 15:40 Curragh Laughifuwant Colin Keane G Keane 20
06/09/2020 13:30 York Mr Carpenter David Allan T Easterby 19
12/09/2020 14:25 Doncaster Stone Of Destiny Silvestre De Sousa A Balding 21
12/09/2020 14:35 Leopardstown Halimi Kevin Manning J Bolger 18
12/09/2020 17:50 Leopardstown Could Be King Billy Lee K Condon 18
13/09/2020 17:50 Curragh Sonnyboyliston Billy Lee J Murtagh 22
13/09/2020 14:00 Curragh Mr Lupton Colin Keane R Fahey 22
18/09/2020 15:55 Ayr Roundhay Park Faye McManoman N Tinkler 23
19/09/2020 14:30 Ayr Magical Spirit Kevin Stott K A Ryan 24
19/09/2020 15:40 Ayr Nahaarr Tom Marquand W Haggas 24
26/09/2020 15:35 Newmarket Majestic Dawn Paul Hanagan P&O Cole 27
09/10/2020 14:05 York Ouzo Kieran O'Neill R Hannon 20
09/10/2020 15:45 York Muscika Angus Villiers D O'Meara 20
10/10/2020 15:35 Newmarket Great White Shark Jason Watson W Mullins 34
10/10/2020 15:10 York Gulliver Martin Harley D O'Meara 21
11/10/2020 15:40 Curragh Cape Gentleman Ronan Whelan E Mullins 21
17/10/2020 16:15 Ascot Njord Tom Marquand Mrs J Harrington 18
07/11/2020 15:15 Doncaster On To Victory James Doyle A King 23
07/11/2020 15:45 Doncaster Zip Miss J Cooley R Fahey 19
21/03/2021 16:10 Curragh Layfayette Chris Hayes N Meade 24

Any questions, let me know!


p.s. I'll add three to five profiles myself but the joy of this project is that it is about your contributions. So get to it! 🙂


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Your first 30 days for just £1
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  1. Matt Bisogno
    Matt Bisogno says:

    Thanks to all who have taken part so far. Horses already covered in the responses:

    A Step Too Far
    Bernardo OReilly
    Betty Grable
    Cliffs of Capri
    Copper Knight
    count d’orsay
    Dapper Man
    Ginger Jam
    Han Solo Berger
    Highly Sprung
    Highwaygrey (twice)
    John Kirkup
    Lawn Ranger
    Librisa Breeze
    Marshal Dan
    Oh It’s Saucepot
    Raising Sand
    Zihaam (twice)

    I’ll merge to the two duplicates (and any others we get).

    Plenty of time to add your views!


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