FP System Review: Update

FP System Review: Update

The Favourites Phenomenon is one of the most popular systems out there. Almost exactly a year ago, I did a trial and review of the FP System on my blog, which was then Nag3 (now owned by Gavin), which heartily recommended the product.

But what has happened since then? Is FP System still performing? And would I still recommend it as gushingly as I did back then?

Well, in short, the answers are: not all that much, yes, and yes.

You see, FP System is a bit of a dull system. It goes about its fairly mundane task of making you a point profit (whatever a point equates to for you - could be a pound, could be a hundred pounds) quietly and without fanfare.

And it achieves this task with pretty much unerring regularity.

In fact, since my trial and review, FP System has accumulated a further 105.1 points, with just six losing days.

Let me repeat that: in a year of use, the Favourites Phenomenon system has won £10,501 for £100 stakes, and has had - on average - just one losing day every two months. That's pretty amazing in my book, and makes it still one of the best, if not the best, system out there.

Now, I should also remind you of a couple of things: firstly, when FP System has a losing day, it tends to cost in the region of 20 points due to the nature of the system. So you need a betting bank of at least 50 points to account for worst case scenarios.

Also, there are some days when 'no bet' is recommended. FP System subscribers receive a daily email from the owner, Matt Watson, advising when this is the case.

There is also an automated software tool that will place bets for you, if you're too busy or have to be at work.

You can read more about the FP System here: Read the full FP System Review

Alternatively, you can go directly to the sales page here: Give Me Favourites Phenomenon!

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  1. nikibarton says:

    got a 14 day trail and it is quite good on the first day,will wait for the trial ends before deciding to buy………..but did show a profit and its clever what it does

  2. sam says:

    strongly disagree, this is a stressful system to operate as it is a loss chasing method, just my opinion

    • Matt Bisogno says:

      Hi Sam

      It does involve a confined risk, which you calculate prior to starting each day. This is why – again – I STRONGLY urge anybody considering a system to set aside a betting bank, and to exercise appropriate discipline.

      That said, the risk element will not be to everyone’s tastes, and that’s entirely fair.


  3. Rob Holloway says:

    I’m doing my own half-arsed and very unscientific evaluation of various systems at the moment (see http://www.cashorcrash.wordpress.com if you fancy a look – have just added Festival Trends to the mix!) and I love Favorites Phenomenon even though I’m currently down on it. I have no doubt that over time it will deliver a nice steady profit. I have not found anything yet that I feel will be as productive in the long term. We shall see…

  4. wilf howe says:

    Yes I too love Festival Trends. In fact I think that Matt and Gavin’s sites are the most pleasant, convivial and informative betting sites on the net. I really enjoy using them The only problem with Gavin’s site is that when trying to contact him I’m asked all sorts of questions about POPs and servers about which I haven’t a clue (my old mam had to tie my shoe laces for me till I was twenty three). Where do I get all this info. please ? Sorry I’ve strayed off topic – yes I’m using the FP system – early days but it’s looking good so far.

  5. Frank Bull says:

    been using FP for nine monhs and am still well in profit. One small bit of advice, obtain MPL as close to racing time as possible and never use if more than 30, there is always another day.

    • Matt Bisogno says:

      Very good advice Frank, and echoed I’m sure by Matt W at fpsystem. I love the system. It just chugs along merrily in the background, stealing a point a day most days. And of course, from time to time, it has a loser to remind us that there is no silver bullet, golden egg, or any other metaphorical object fashioned from precious metal. 😉


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