In this short video, I show you how quick and easy it is to make around seven pounds in completely risk-free money. It took me ten minutes to record the video, and if I was explaining what I was doing, it would have taken me less than two minutes.


So, here's the video and, beneath it, there is a step-by-step 'how to' guide.



That match finished 2-2, meaning I lost with Betfair and won with SkyBet. My £26.35 loss was more than made up for by my £33.33 profit from SkyBet (see below), meaning a risk-free return of £6.98 which was secured in just a couple of minutes.


Matched betting free cash from SkyBet

Matched betting free cash from SkyBet


Nice enough, right?


So, here's how to do it.


Step 1 - Sign up for a SkyBet account. You can do that by either clicking SkyBet or, alternatively, why not register for up to eleven other accounts at the same time and let us do the leg work? Try our free tool to do that. You will also need a Betfair account, if you don't have one. Again, that can be secured from the free signup tool.


Step 2 - Find a football match outcome with odds above 4.0 (or 3/1 in fractional terms) using Odds Trawler.

Use the following settings in the filter:

Odds Trawler Filters

Odds Trawler Filters


That is > Football > All markets > SkyBet > Betfair


Then Rating of 80%+ > Odds 4.0 + > Min Liquidity £10


Step 3 - Identify an event, and go to the SkyBet and Betfair market pages. At OddsTrawler, click the 'More Info' i button, and then the Match Calculator button. Important: click the FREE BET (SNR) button


Step 4 - Follow the bet instructions. Here's an example:

SkyBet Matched Bet Calculator

SkyBet Matched Bet Calculator


So, in this example, we'll bet our £10 SkyBet free bet on Swansea to win at 4.20 with SkyBet, and we'll lay £7.53 on Swansea at odds of 4.30 with Befair. Once those two bets are placed, we do nothing.


Step 5 - That's it. Now, if Swansea win, we'll make a profit of £7.15 from SkyBet after paying out on the lay bet. If Swansea don't win, we'll make a profit of £7.15 after commission from the lay bet. (Remember, the bet with SkyBet was free so we have no loss).


Click here to register for a SkyBet account and get started.