Free Puntology 3.0 Ratings Software Review

Puntology 3.0 Ratings Software Review

Puntology 3.0 Review

Free Puntology 3.0 Ratings Software Review

Horse racing is an amazing betting medium. There are, literally, thousands of ways to determine which horse to bet. Some people use systems; some collateral form; some speed figures; some colours, jockeys or trainers; and some use ratings.

The great thing about a rating is that it makes the business of backing a horse - or horses - clinical and objective. In other words, it stops us making bets we probably shouldn't. But the big problem is, how do we know if the rating is any good in the first place?

Obviously, if we create our own ratings, then we know the algorithm - or 'secret sauce' - that goes into generating the final figure. When using someone else's ratings, though, we don't have this inner knowledge. We have to take the rating on trust, and hope that it produces a favourable result.

You may very well have heard about the Puntology 3.0 ratings software in the last few days and, if you have, you might be wondering how the ratings are constructed. Well, here's how...

The Puntology ratings are an amalgam of official rating (the number allocated by British Racing's official handicapper), Topspeed (Racing Post's in house speed figure score), and Racing Post Rating (Racing Post's in house rating system).

Each horse's score is derived by adding the deviation from the average for the race for each of the three elements. So, for instance, if the average official rating in the race is 65, and Horse A is rated 70 while Horse B is rated 62, Horse A will have a score of 5 (70-65) and Horse B will score -3 (62-65).

This video, recorded a few years ago (before the software was available), shows how you can manually perform the Puntology Ratings process.

As you can see, it's a fairly drawn out process. In one regard, that's reassuring. After all, if there's little or no science in the calculations, then there's likely to be little or no value in their output.

The Puntology 3.0 Ratings Software does all that manual number-crunching for you, and just provides a final score for each race. Couldn't be simpler. You log into the software (first time only), and all of today's races are loaded up.

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Puntology 3.0 Ratings Software home screen

Puntology 3.0 Ratings Software home screen

Just double click the race you're interested in to see the ratings. Here's the 3.20 from Newcastle yesterday. As you can see, everything is very clearly laid out, and the rating score and rankings are at the right hand side of the page.

Puntology 3.0 Ratings screen

Puntology 3.0 Ratings screen

Wolf Shield  was clear top rated in this event, by ten points. He opened up 9/2 on course, was backed all the way in to 3/1, and won well.

Naturally, they don't always win. But here was a horse with form figures of 6595 - not an obvious selection for those who look at the string of numbers to the left of a horse's name.

The Puntology 3.0 Ratings Software does have its limitations. For instance, in races where there is little known form, it will be unhelpful, as so many gaps will appear in the data, and also horses will be capable of significantly out-performing their previous levels of form.

It also fails to account for key situational factors like ground, class and distance.

But it does have its place, for sure. For instance, if you use it in conjunction with the Race Analysis Reports on geegeez, you can verify a) that a horse is well enough suited to race conditions and b) that it is capable of winning.

Here's Wolf Shield on the Race Analysis Report yesterday:

Wolf Shield on the RAR

Wolf Shield on the RAR

As you can see, he'd won in the grade, and over course and distance, and he was also ten pounds lower than his last winning rating. So he fitted situationally, although Micro Mission might have been a more obvious selection if just using the RAR.

The combination of rating and RAR is a powerful one, and it's one I'll be using in the coming days to see if it improves my The Shortlist selection methodology.

The Puntology 3.0 Ratings Software is available for a short time, for free, from this link.


Your first 30 days for just £1
25 replies
  1. Robert Grimes says:

    Hi Matty,
    Thanks for an unbiased and sensible take on Mr Wildings gadget, every one and his brother are trumpeting its virtues today, sounds like it could be a useful addition, and it is also `free`,
    so there should not be any whingers, but regardless of Mr Wildings ability and knowledge, there will be some `wailers`.

    thanks again

    Bob Grimes

  2. Iain says:

    Looked to be good in the video however like many who posted downloading it seems impossible, just keep going round in circles? Any ideas?

  3. ian says:

    doest it download i cant tell asks for email doesnt go there seems to go somewhere but where cant find it anywhere

  4. GEMMAZ says:

    Will you or can you include these ratings in your software

    if his figures are any good by using both together in the RAR system you will get a better rating on what you have mentioned above,

    i have spent many hours with his system now its your turn, LOL, crunch the numbers and send me an email on your findings,


    • Matt Bisogno says:

      Hi Gemmaz

      No, I’ll not be adding these into the RAR. It’s very simple to have the RAR open and compare with the ratings software, so I suggest you do that. 🙂


  5. Matt Bisogno says:

    I have heard of others having issues with receiving the emails with the download links. Apparently, this is normally nothing worse than a delay with them being sent. If you’re still having problems an hour after registering, please contact the puntology guys directly and they’ll be able to help further.


  6. Liam says:

    If it is from Michael Wilding I know it will live up to the claims and as you say 10/10 so there is the proof and yes the two together are sure to compliment each other so here’s to some good results.

  7. deecaldee says:

    Thanks for arranging this – don’t use Internet Exploer to download it, use Firefox or Chrome. Anybody tried using it on Android?

  8. IanS
    IanS says:

    No problems with the download, but I have something quite different from you Matt. The version I received doesn’t include Topspeed ratings in the software, and doesn’t refer to them in the video that comes with it. I don’t know what to make of that, because loading in Topspeed ratings manually for one race today, (2.00 MR) changes the projections markedly.

    Horse Without Topspeed With Topspeed

    Crouching Harry 17.37% 15.06%
    Mulligan’s Mate 20.51% 10.38% (no Topspeed rating)
    Chalk It Down 19.72% 12.41%
    Yorkist 20.48% 16.7%
    Favourite Girl 15.8% 15.05%
    Cappielow Park 5.76% 5.41%

    Neither can I access the chart you show with the runners and their Puntology Rating and Puntology Ranking.

    I’ll think a bit more before working out how best to use this really interesting tool.

  9. IanS
    IanS says:

    Ah, I downloaded something calling itself The Monte Carlo Manifest, from Michael, which is similar but not quite the same.

  10. Robert Day says:

    Thanks Matt you are an absolute GEM down loaded without any hitches witch is good for me,
    one slight problem when I updated Air adobe having downloaded first time it cam up error
    1629 or something like that, but I am still able to access the ratings so I shan’t worry too much.
    Interesting you chose the Newcastle race Iayd Romany Ryme in that this would have confirmed
    my decision having looked at your cards last of all, I have two or three methods v d w being
    the one I use first, so now I have this it will confirm everything, happy days laying and maybe backing. yours sincerely Bob.

  11. Nessie123 says:

    Shame I use an I Pad,I’m unable to download the software.
    Apple do not recognise Adobe.
    Only slightly cheesed.

    • Matt Bisogno says:

      Good old Apple, eh? They don’t want to play with anyone… (That said, I’m told it should work on all devices, but I might be wrong on that).


  12. Andy Ness says:

    Well Matt,it won’t download onto my I Pad.
    It’s a shame because I’m really interested in it.

  13. bonzar1 says:

    A neat bit of software, hope it produces some good results. Checking it against one of my regular systems across two meetings today.

  14. Stephen says:

    Hi Matt…………Downloaded without a hitch and upgraded to v. 1.0.4 this morning. I checked out three races yesterday and the top two rated in each race obliged with the winner. ‘Double-Dutched’ two of the races for a nice little cross double. Many thanks to you Matt and of course Michael and Chris for a new and interesting approach to the perennial problem….

  15. john says:

    Intresting bit of software, I will look forward to playing around with it. Is this going to stay free in the future ??. Cheers Matt for the download anyway.
    John C

  16. Nessie123 says:

    Once again I am being penalised,just because I use an I Pad.
    Really p****d off.

    • Matt Bisogno says:

      You’re hardly being penalised, Andy. Nobody forced anyone to buy an Apple product. The whole rest of the world gets by with sharing platforms, but Apple insists on doing its own thing.

      In any case, I’d imagine there’s an Adobe reader for iPad, though you’d have to investigate that yourself.


      p.s. I decided I would check this, and there is pdf reader software. Maybe this will help:

      If not, any other iPad users able to help Nessie?

      • Chris Worrall says:

        Most pdfs open automatically on iPad, Matt.
        It’s Flash that the fruit-based tablets don’t have.

  17. tonyb65 says:

    Downloaded with no problems and used in conjunction with my other ratings tool I ound 2 winners yesterday. Most impressed so far.

  18. Rambler says:

    Puntology is working well when combined with Race Cards – looks like a good checking tool for R.C’s & Shortlist. Download was fine – more excellent advice provided by GeeGeez – Many Thanks Matt & Chris.

    • Matt Bisogno says:

      It’s not mine to send, Joe. You’ll need to speak to the Puntology boys.


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