Friday Punting Pointers, 5th July 2019

This week, rather than go through a single race, I've looked at some of the reports with a view to highlighting some potentially interesting runners.

This 'top down' approach can shine a light on horses with better chances than may be apparent from their form figures... and that normally means they are sent off at bigger prices!

It's a shorter video but I hope no less helpful from a general 'how to look at the racing' perspective.

Good luck!



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    Great watch Matt.
    As per handicap races where would I go to sort that type of data and then look at class and weight movement. That might be a way in for me. Instant expert?

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      Matt Bisogno says:

      Hi David,

      On any report, select HCAP in the Races box. That will give you a shortlist of runners. If you’re using the card, you can do the same there – select Hcap races – to get a shortlist of races.

      From there, Instant Expert will show today’s rating versus the last winning rating (in the same code).


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    Villa5 says:

    Hi Matt
    This was an excellent video, especially with the number of fixtures/runners which are typical of this time of year and really help to give a guide as to how to narrow down any possible selections.

    Some more of these would be great please.

    Best wishes


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      Matt Bisogno says:

      Thanks for the feedback, Richard. I’ll endeavour to oblige. If you’ve any specific questions, do fire them in and I’ll cover them.


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    therams1962 says:

    I would like to see you go through finding selections using the shortlist either on win or place and what you look for in your selections other than being high scoring shortlist players .

  4. Avatar says:

    Hi Matt,

    Great video and good to show starting points, would have been nice to have a follow up of your best fancy on the back of the initial research? Or be interesting to have you suggest a race that has a good make up to get stuck into? For what it’s worth my shorter fancy today would be 4-20 Bev Indomendo 9/2 and at bigger odds 5-00 Hay Normandy Barriere 14/1,

    Thanks Brett

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    Mr says:

    Very interesting Matt, I would certainly be interested in further tutorials using any of the reports rather than the racecards or instant expert (excellent though these are).

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    Brian says:

    For my two-pennorth Matt I’d welcome a tutorial on the Hot Form report please. I’m sure there are nuggets to be found from races where the form has shown to be hot and wonder if and how you use this tool. Thanks.


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