Fun on Fursday, And Fancy Fillies

Only three more sleeps until my trip, dear reader, and excitement is growing apace here at Geegeez Towers, in leafy Hackney (yes, there are leafy parts to Hackney!).

It's quite difficult to keep my mind focused on more mundane fare at this time, so after yesterday's spate of winner tipping and loser laying, I'll stop short of trying to repeat the dose.

Instead, I'll report on the system trials progress, and present to you some Fursday Fun, prior to doing my washing ahead of the weekend.


First up then, the system trials. Fancy Fillies and Legacy are both in front at this time, though FF has provided a good bit more punting action than the Legacy to date.

Yesterday was another no bet day for Legacy, but Fancy Fillies opposed Key To Love in the 6.50 Kempton. Sent off the 9/4 joint favourite, she could only manage a well beaten fourth, to strike another notch for FF.

I'm starting to like the look of this one, though of course there is plenty more of the trial to go - I'll keep tracking both systems until the end of the month.

Today, Fancy Fillies is against Gilt Edge Girl in the 4.10 Nottingham. This is both the 'official' view, and the Geegeez view.

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Legacy, surprisingly quiet thus far, has another blank day. I happen to believe that this lean spell, in terms of the number of runners, is quite atypical, and I'm seriously hoping for a bit more ammunition with which to gauge the mettle of this system before the month is out. Hang fire for now, and focus on the merits - so far - of Fancy Fillies.


Yesterday I laid Pepporoni Pete for a lot of money, and was a bit lucky that he bungled the last barrier. That said, as predicted, he was running out of petrol having appeared to be cruising. He looks one to continue to oppose, as he seems to habitually snatch defeat from the jaws of victory.


Finally in today's somewhat abbreviated offering, some Fursday Fun with which to prematurely commence the weekend...

This week, I was sent the below and almost wet myself. I forwarded it to a few chums, some of whom suggested it was a set up. For that it is no less funny... You decide!

And what wedding would be complete without a good old fashioned punch up, erm, I mean, knees up...

Until tomorrow,


Your first 30 days for just £1