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It's a veritable mixed bag today, dear reader, as I ask you a question; we have an end of the week chortle; I remind you of a closing opportunity; and I show you another cool little system for making some extra money...

First up, as some of you will have noticed, there is a new Question of the Week. It relates to racing systems. But, this time, I want to know how many of you are already researching your own systems, and how many of you are interested in learning how to.

To be honest, I think the readers of this website might be the biggest collection of racing systems fans in the UK. I can't say that for sure, of course, but here's what I do know:

1. There are over 5,000 signed up Geegeez members

2. The numbers so far indicate that 92% of you either already research systems or might be interested in learning how to research them.

Now that second number is based on 49 respondents - the percentages become far more meaningful when there are more replies.

So - it takes literally two seconds to do this - please click the appropriate box to the right, and then click the 'vote' button. You'll then see the running total information, and you'll have helped me understand a little more about what you guys, the dear readers of, are interested in.

(I'm also pretty confident that we do more here to understand your likes and dislikes, rather than assuming I know what you're for and against, than any other site. At least, that's my objective.)

Thanks for those two seconds of your time. By the way, what did you think of the result? Were you surprised? Maybe add a comment below if you were. As ever, your thoughts are most welcome.


A very quick final plug for the Betfair Espionage system. Yes, it's got one of the WORST sales pages we've seen for ages. And yes, it takes some time to get used to the method (and about an hour to pick the horses out). But.... it's done really very well. 12 from 12 winners for Kevin, my reviewer man (Kevin, can you comment on how it went yesterday please, if you were tracking again?)

Usual Clickbank money-back rules apply - if you're not happy or it doesn't work for you, you get refunded no questions asked.

4 weeks' free access to Geegeez Gold

Kris is closing the doors tonight at midnight. I know this for a fact (ignore the 'there's only 9 copies left' stuff as well - if you want it, just be sure to go to the link below before midnight GMT).

Get Betfair Espionage before Midnight GMT


Now then, how about another little system to add to the portfolio?

Following on from the very popular 'bet favourites in selling races' system (see, I've got another ruleset that's proven profitable to follow in recent years.

This time, it's a laying system, and it uses a couple of my universal negatives (i.e. factors that I always consider as unfavourable when looking at the shape of a race) in it's method.

I started by looking at short-priced fillies running against the chaps. On going that was good to firm or softer, and at distances beyond seven furlongs, these runners LOST a whopping 23.71% of stakes. Allowing for laying at around 6-8% over SP (at odds on, the margins between Betfair and SP are much narrower), and paying the 5% commission, this still gives us a tidy enough 12% return on investment.

YEAR    WINS    RUNS   STRIKE%        LSP     LSP%

2005      26      50           52.00       -7.16   -14.32
2006      25      61           40.98      -21.42   -35.11
2007      28      56           50.00      -11.54   -20.61
2008      33      72           45.83      -16.25   -22.57
2009       8      17           47.06       -4.34   -25.53
TOTAL    120     256       46.88      -60.71   -23.71

Although they win often enough - nearly half of them come home in front - you can still profit handsomely in the long-run, because these beasts are being sent off at 1/2, 1/3, 1/4...

It is of course an inexorable truth that the shorter the odds, the more likely horses are to win. The above system demonstrates that strike rate is only half the battle. That is to say, it is only relevant in the context of the odds on offer.


Finally for this post, it's Thursday so, after a couple of humourless weeks, let's jump back in the Thursday Fun teleportal. Today's destination is Hitler's Bunker, date circa 1945/2009... (with apologies to property speculators and war veterans, both of which groups I hope you see the funny side of this).

Don't forget to answer the question top right!


4 weeks' free access to Geegeez Gold
26 replies
  1. Derek says:

    When I go to answer the Q of the week it tells me I have already voted, when I havn’t
    Poll ID #8

    • Matt Bisogno says:

      Very strange Derek – not sure why that is. What would you have voted for?


  2. Sim says:

    thanks to you & gavin, i now always research my systems, a good bit of advice, thanks a lot guys, keep up the great work. sim

  3. Gordon says:

    A word of warning about Clickbank. Dont be fooled by the offer of money back guarantees. Yes for sure you will get your money back, but once you have had a few refunds for some of the crap that is pushed around, YOU WILL BE BANNED BY CLICKBANK, having been deemed to be a “serial refunder”
    Personally I have NOT asked for refunds on far more items than I have, but I have been unable to purchase through Clickbank for months now ( I use Paypal via Clickbank) all I get is an error message. Numerous emails to both paypal and Clickbank have failed to get a satisfactory explanation as to why I cant make a purchase, they just kept telling me to use the “send money” option.
    Eventually I suggested to Clickbank that I had been banned for having the audacity to actually take up the offer of a money back guarantee, their response was simply that I would not be able to use Clickbank any more and there was nothing that could be done about it. Charming!!
    So be careful, both Paypal and especially Clickbank must be 2 of the worst companies in the world to try and deal with when things go wrong, quite frankly they just dont give a sh*t, and DO NOT be fooled by the offers of a guaranteed refund, particularly if losing the use of Clickbank would cause you a problem.
    Sorry to highjack the subject today Matt, but the mention of Clickbank made my blood boil!!!
    They are just a bunch of ars*holes!!


    • Matt Bisogno says:

      Hi Gordon

      Long time no hear.

      Re Clickbank, I agree and disagree… 😉

      Essentially, Clickbank have an obligation to both buyer and seller. There are people out there – not Geegeez readers of course – who are serial refunders. They buy whatever they want and then ask for their money back.

      It is impossible for Clickbank to monitor everything, so they presumably set rules around the number of refunds a person may have in a set period of time. This is to protect the sellers and, ultimately, themselves as well.

      I don’t have a problem with the concept that they’re operating to, but I do accept that it’s very subjective as to where they put the bar.

      The other major problem – specifically in relation to horse racing systems sold on Clickbank – is that, as you rightly identify, there is a vast swathe of toss on there! That’s one of the areas that Geegeez tries to help with, by doing the trialling for you. You may still disagree with our findings, but at least you’re not going in completely blind.


  4. Dave says:

    Hi Matt

    Loved the video, one of the best laughs I’ve had in ages.
    Keep up the good work.


  5. stewboss says:

    Hi Matt,

    Is this just flat or jumps as well?

    Presumamby not AW tracks?

    Having trouble replicating the figures with the Massey site.


    • Matt Bisogno says:

      I used Racing Systems Builder Stu.

      It’s for flat including AW. And thanks, there is an error in there: it’s actually 7f or more (not a mile). My apologies. I’ll edit the post.


  6. John says:

    Hi Matt,

    I have been stirred to add a post here in support of Gordons experience with ClickBank.
    I too was banned after a few refund requests, I think I had about 50% refunds mainly concerning the Rochdale Road ebook factory.
    I emailed several departments at ClickBank trying to get reinstated until finally I mentioned what I thought were my ‘human rights’ upon which I was allowed to purchase again!!!
    I got the feeling that maybe ClickBank were reacting to requests from certain sellers to ban certain customers but of course I may be wrong.
    Anyway I now delete on sight any emails from the Rochdale Road gang and things seem to be OK again.
    Off course the reviews here by Matt and his team are the biggest help, so thanks and keep it up!
    all the best,

  7. Gordon Mills says:


    Taking a bite from the Clickbank–Paypal saga I can also add a poor response from both: Paypal in particular leaves one with a nasty taste in ones mouth:

    The trouble is that there is no eye to eye contact with both Seller and buyer and the middle man be it Clickbank or Paypal rally are stuck in the middle. Neither knows a darned thing about the other so accross the board rules have to be set up to protect one from the other, which of course drags innocent and guilty alike into the net:

    With such rules and practices in place there are bound to be a relatively high quota of disgruntled sellers- customers and clients on both sides of the equasion, but because the real power lies in the hands of seller and middle man it will always be the client or customer who comes off second best in the end, assuming of course that the customer-client is honest and above board which obviously some are not, and it is they who are holding everyone else to ransom:

    There is no ready made solution, at least not yet, but who knows? maybe science will come up with a brain stormer one day, and would’nt it be fate accomply is the scientists name just happened to be ——-“GEORGE ORWELL”
    Gordon Mills

    • Matt Bisogno says:

      Hi Gordon

      Trust me, when there is a dispute with PayPal, the seller is GUILTY until proven innocent. I have had terrible pains with these people, when I’ve done nothing wrong. But I appreciate it may be that way for buyers too…

      Both Clickbank and PayPal are ultimately the lesser of many evils…


  8. Ian Morris says:

    Hi Guys,

    I personally run a service, and use Clickbank for payment processing. As far as i am concerned Clickbank do not react to the authors wishes and is more in tune with Matts comments above. It does however look more favourably if the refund request comes from the author themselves. I can uderstand in a lot of cases that this doesnt happen, but is always worth a try at first, if you dont suceed email Clickbank.

    Also a note here about recurring billing products, you can get each payment back if you get there in time as each month counts as its own bill so the refund period actually applies to each month.

    As an author Clickbank have been a nightmare on occasions where ive personally sent the email to Clickbank for a refund only for them to charge the customer the next month, not very helpfull on customer satisfaction terms.

  9. Kerry says:

    Had a letter today from The Masters Syndicate – Colin Davey, Rose Cottage, The Street, Coney Weston, Suffolk IP31 1HG.
    41 bets, 34 winners, 80% strike rate. The cost is £64 per month.
    Sounds too good to be true ?

    • Matt Bisogno says:

      Depends on whether its backing or laying Kerry, and what the odds are. But yes, assuming it’s backing and the bets are odds against, it’s probably unsustainably good (or outright lies..!).

      Has anybody used this service?


  10. Gordon says:

    Hi Kerry,
    I have no knowledge or experience of The Masters Syndicate, but I do have personal experience of Colin Davey.
    I was a member of one of his schemes many years ago and even attended his seminar after paying for 12 months. I turned up in my old banger as he pulled up in his bentley with the CD1 plate on it. I can assure you he didnt buy it with his winnings from backing/laying horse!
    My advice? DONT GO THERE!!


  11. Hugh says:

    I have also been told that I have already voted ID No.8. This happens every time I try to vote in one of your polls.
    I would be very interested in developing own systems.

    • Matt Bisogno says:

      That’s quite strange Hugh (et al),

      I’m not sure why it is, and not clever enough to resolve it alas.

      Your preferences are noted however, so many thanks for that.

      Best Regards

  12. David says:


    Do not touch Colin Davey with a bargepole.

    He has been trying to con people as far back as Sovereign Racing in the 1970s

  13. terry says:

    regarding the systems question I do follow a couple of systems that require only the Newspaper Forecast to help with identifying selections. A tidy profit, not getting rich quick, like the already rich do, can’t afford the big stakes alas.

    Basically, at the moment I’m monitoring how important the jockey on board is in certain races. I find that if the jockey has won a race with the horse already it a) narrow’s selections down and b) improves the strike rate. Works well on the longer races of 10f plus. Have just started to apply the same approach with 7f+.

    With sprints I’m of the opinion that I may as well leave them alone as the fields can often be large and many if not all are dependant on the draw, plus the chance of three or more selections in one race is likely to occur on a regular basis.

    So don’t follow those top jocks blind, check to see if they have won a race on their mount already – it might help.

    • Matt Bisogno says:

      Hi Stu,

      Here’s the full criteria:


      Trainer : All Trainers
      Jockey : All Jockeys
      Sire : All Sires
      Dam Sire: All Dam Sires


      2005 2006 2007 2008 2009

      Variable Category

      Horse, Sex
      filly in open race

      Odds, Starting Price
      < 1/2 1/2 - 20/21 Race Distance Group mile (7 - <10 fur) middle (10 - 14.5 fur) long (more than 14.5 fur) Race Going heavy or very soft soft good to soft or yielding good good to firm YEAR WINS RUNS STRIKE% LSP LSP% 2005 26 50 52.00 -7.16 -14.32 2006 25 61 40.98 -21.42 -35.11 2007 28 56 50.00 -11.54 -20.61 2008 33 72 45.83 -16.25 -22.57 2009 8 17 47.06 -4.34 -25.53 __________________________________________________ TOTAL 120 256 46.88 -60.71 -23.71 Best Regards Matt

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