Geegeez Gold: Full Form Upgrades ++

We've just released another upgrade to Geegeez Gold, which includes the following key elements:

- Added TJ Combo 1 year to jockey inline form

- Upgrade to Full Form

- Added odds to Report Angles report

- Bug fixes

Here is a little more detail on each.

Trainer Jockey Combo 1 Year data added to Jockey inline form

We've now added a row to jockey form on the card that shows the jockey's performance with this trainer over the last twelve months. It looks like this, see the bottom row:


Full Form Upgrade

A few tweaks and enhancements to Full Form, as follows:

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i. Added alternate row shading to past performance lines
ii. Added layoff blocks
iii. Added Draw (DR) and Run Style (RS) data into past performance lines

Full Form now looks like this:


A few quick notes.

The thickness of the layoff line indicates the length of the layoff, as you can see in the above. A horse is considered to have had a layoff if returning after 60 days or more.

Run Style notations are L - Led, P - Prominent, M - Midfield, H - Held Up, and U - unable to score (insufficient information in the comment).

The draw and run style info can be instructive when looking at horses' win and/or place data, where you will often see patterns hinting at a runner's preferred setup.


Odds on Report Angles report

We've added an odds column to the Report Angles report, like so:


This was in response to a user request. We always welcome user requests, though we cannot always accommodate them, for obvious reasons.


What's next?

We have a few bug fixes to implement in the next fortnight or so, and that will be the last of the functional enhancements in 2018. The reason for that is we're undertaking a significant infrastructural change to our software. Once complete, we'll have a deal more flexibility in terms of the way we do things, particularly the speed with which we present results and such like.

This is a necessary change which should be complete by end January. After that, we'll get back to development, with the next big things being allowing users individual notes and rating spaces for races and runners; additional of 'last run' and 'second last run' data elements on Query Tool; and, potentially, the introduction of ratings pars (feasibility work underway).

Thank you as always for your support of Geegeez Gold. There is an almost infinite number of things we can do to enhance it still further, and 2019 looks like being another exciting year on the development roadmap!



Your first 30 days for just £1
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    Noisynoy says:

    Even your “tweaks” are a delight to study. We are SO lucky to have your vision brought into reality, dear Matt (and team!) – on a daily basis I say “what WOULD I do without Geegeez and how much worse would my bank balance be?” I rarely bet more than £3 on a horse, yet my bank balance is UP £1,000 this last 28 days alone. Yes there were a couple of “biggies” in there (317/1 BFSP on an Irish NHF race where the sire info and trainer’s propensity to excel in NHF races was enough for £2 win!) but I now bet almost without fear in ANY race! By careful “dutching” I expect to win or break even in 40% of the races I bet on! Geegeez Gold makes this possible.

    • Avatar
      Matt Bisogno says:

      Many thanks for the comment, Richard. That’s fantastic to hear.

      Well played, and keep on dutching!


  2. Avatar
    referencepoint says:

    i’ve been using Geegeez Gold for 5 weeks now, and from day one I haven’t used the Racing Post or Attheraces websites once, and never plan to again. It is so true what you said Matt about feeling excited that you’ve uncovered a 33-1 shot – the bigger the price the better these days. I’m a small time punter, staking £5 level stakes – yesterday, two horses jumped off the Instant Expert page – Piazon at Southwell and Younevercall at Kempton, £5 win on each at 8-1 and 10-1 and the icing on the cake was my £2 double – a fantastic profit of £286 !! In all, since I started using Geegeez Gold 5 weeks ago, my profit reads £623.43p. Thank you so much Matt, and all the team, for running the best form reading website on the market today.

    Clive Howlett

    • Avatar
      Matt Bisogno says:

      Hi Clive

      That’s brilliant – very well done.

      When we have data > information > knowledge on our side, what is there to fear?

      Thanks a lot for your comment,

  3. Avatar
    Lawrence Frampton says:

    Hi Matt,
    Good work as usual. An enhancement to the draw in the previous form line of each horse would be perhaps to colour code it eg red for poor draw green ave and blue good draw so it then becomes obvious how a past run can be either upgraded or discounted due to poor draw, or vice versa. You could also do the same with run style where hold up horses for instance are inconvenienced at certain courses such as Chester or Newmarket so a leader there would have the L in blue etc.

    • Avatar
      Matt Bisogno says:

      Hi Lawrence

      I’m afraid it’s not as simple as that – it couldn’t be, could it?!

      Draw ‘biases’ are often pace biases and it is borderline impossible to codify that.
      On the matter of run style, I think it’s more about looking for patterns within the individual horse form than any macro comparison vs course: that is certainly relevant in the context of ‘today’s race’ but perhaps less so in the historical form context.

      That’s my take anyway, and my way of saying that the data is offered ‘as is’ and users are invited to infer as they wish. 🙂


  4. Avatar
    lazyhazy says:

    Hi Matt,

    One thing that I think could be good is on the ‘Then what’ section. It’s probably not easy to do but is there a way to show the quality of the future form, ie from that race there may have been 3 winners out of 7 runners, but were they stepping up in class, down etc? As I say probably too complex to show in a simple graphic but I thought it worth the mention.


    • Avatar
      Matt Bisogno says:

      Hi Lee

      I agree, that would be useful. It’s actually on the wishlist already and I’ll ask my guys to look into it in the new year.

      Thanks for the suggestion.


  5. Avatar
    Imposter says:

    Hi Matt,
    Loving the new updates!
    Would it be possible to incorporate Proximity Form into Horse Recent Form on the racecard?
    Just a thought!


    • Avatar
      Matt Bisogno says:

      Hi Stuart,

      Interesting request. It’s not quite as straightforward as simply adding that, due to the way that ‘string’ of information is produced; but providing an option to view that should be possible. I’ll put it on the list. No guarantees, however, I’m afraid.


  6. Avatar

    Hello Matt,

    Still using stat of the day so far….any thoughts with what to proceed for more profit?
    I ‘ve been a football punter for many years now and don’t have a clue about horses 🙂

    Looking forward for your advise!


    • Avatar
      Matt Bisogno says:

      Hi Lefteris


      Very simple advice – check out the videos on the My Geegeez page. Start with #1, and go from there.

      I appreciate this reply may feel like a bit of a hand off, but those videos really WILL help!


  7. Avatar
    N17 says:

    Blimey, I go away for a few days break (get away from the computer etc) then log back in today and there are more improvements to Geegeez Gold. Cheers Matt.


  8. Avatar
    CDB199 says:

    Matt/GG’s admin,

    Any chance of adding to he report an identical search engine to the Trainer 1st handicap runner (code) BUT for a trainers 2nd handicap runner??

    Really find this a useful tool, along with many of the recently added functions. The second hcap run from trainer is hidden somewhere as it does often pops up for me – can’t be too difficult to add his under the Reports?

    Bravo on the additions.

  9. Avatar
    CDB199 says:

    Thanks Matt,

    Yes, have that switched on so I see the occasional 2nd hcap trainer runner pop into my trainer snippets report.

    The same with 1st hcap run – it’s just that separate report function that everyone can use under TRAINER H’CAP 1ST RUN (CODE) in the drop down under “Reports” , I find useful to play around with on a daily basis – looking at what crops up under 1yr, 2yr, 5yr & 5yr @ course.
    Having identical but for trainers 2nd hcap runners would be fantastic edition (he says selfishly).

    Thanks for the reply pal,
    Chris (CDB199)

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