'All' and 'All Hcap' rows added to inline Trainer Snippets

Geegeez Gold: Improving Your User Experience

Towards the end of last week, we introduced a couple of new UX elements. UX? Eh? Well, it's techie speak for 'user experience', and relates to making things easier to access and/or navigate. As well as that pair, about which I'll share more below, we also introduced a small but significant additional snippet type on trainer inline form.

The video below demonstrates each of these but, for those who prefer to read than watch, I've expanded on the new changes beneat the video.


Latest Geegeez Gold Changes

All / All Hcap Inline Trainer Snippet

Since we introduced the inline Sire Snippet two-year record, featuring an 'All' row that highlights the overall performance of the stallion in question, it has been a personal frustration that we have not been able to display the same information for trainers. Until now.

We've added two new inline Trainer Snippets, showing the two-year record for the trainer overall and, where relevant, in all handicaps. It can be found by clicking the Trainer Form icon on the racecard, and looks like this:

'All' and 'All Hcap' rows added to inline Trainer Snippets

'All' and 'All Hcap' rows added to inline Trainer Snippets

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Report 'Clear' and 'Show/Hide All Inline'

Moving on to usability upgrades, and we've added a couple of new buttons to the trainer, jockey and sire reports, as follows:

Clear Report Filters

Historically if you wanted to reset the filters on a report, you had to click in each 'from'/'to' box individually and set them to 'Any'. Now it's just a matter of clicking 'Clear'. Simples...

The new time-saving 'Clear' button appears on all trainer, jockey and sire reports

The new time-saving 'Clear' button appears on all trainer, jockey and sire reports

Report 'Show/Hide Inline' Button

Another (former) frustration was that in order to review the inline content on reports, a user had to click each row individually; and click it again to close it. Not insurmountable but a slight pain the arse wrist.

We've corrected that with the introduction of the 'Show / Hide Inline' button. Now, with a single click you can open all rows (up to a maximum of 35), and one more click closes them again. Neat. And tidy. Your carpals are thanking you already!

One click reveals/hides all inline content on trainer, jockey, sire reports

One click reveals/hides all inline content on trainer, jockey, sire reports


Query Tool Filters

We've also taken some of that report output configurability and added it to Query Tool. Specifically, when grouping by an entity, for instance jockey, it can be frustrating to have to sift through a number of irrelevant rows where there is very little data. As of now, users may select parameters for their QT output... and clear those parameters with one click to return to the full set of data. Bang tidy, as the little people say.

Sifting your Query Tool output just got a whole lot easier, with our filters and 'Clear' button

Sifting your Query Tool output just got a whole lot easier, with our filters and 'Clear' button

Hope you like these small, but perfectly formed, changes - and that they enhance your enjoyment of Geegeez Gold.

If you're not currently a Gold subscriber, you can sign up here. £1 for your first month if you've never tried us before.


p.s. Anything you'd especially like added? Or what about something you already love? Leave a comment below.

We can't promise to include your improvement suggestions, but if you don't ask, you don't get! 😉

Your first 30 days for just £1
11 replies
  1. Avatar
    Brian Coyle says:

    Talk about information overload! This might be all very well for a few people (very few), but what most people want is something along the lines of : Ascot – 2:30 – The Winner – as per all this information. In the real world, what we want are the details of a possible winning horse that emanate from all this information. Trainer statistics, overviews, query tool, filters, show/hide, UX, trainer snippets, Inline Sire Snippet, Show/hide, 1 year form, 5 year form etc etc ad nauseam/infinitum – Who can be bothered?? Nobody. Forget it. This the last thing that people want I can assure you. People can’t be bothered to wade through all this info. That’s what you’re doing/have done, so come up with an answer, i.e. a horse. What people can be bothered with, is paying you for this info – provided of course, that the end results produce a profit – simples. All you have to do is to fix a price for this information. To me, this just shows a lack of confidence in your own ‘system’.

    • Avatar
      Matt Bisogno says:

      Hi Brian

      Thanks for your comment, but I’m afraid I can assure you that I’m more aware of what ‘my’ people want than you are. 😉

      This is because I survey them and ask them. Geegeez is NOT for people who want the name of a horse, although we do run a very successful tipping feature called Stat of the Day.

      Geegeez IS for people who want to engage with the sport a little more, to have fun with the process of picking value selections, and to know more about why a horse might perform better or worse than media / general expectations.

      As you are testament to, Gold is NOT for all punters. In fact, I’d even suggest you are right that it’s not for most punters. But it is for many punters, and I/we unashamedly work on that group’s behalf, trying to create better tools which are easier for them (and us) to use.

      So, it’s totally fine that you think it’s information overload. But, with respect, it’s slightly less fine for you to tell us what people want.

      We are in the business of helping people help themselves. We are not, nor will we ever be, a betting system or tipping service. Geegeez Gold is a toolkit for smart punters: a formbook packed full of pointers.

      Thanks again for your comment, Brian, and I hope you now understand a bit more about Geegeez and its ethos.

      Stay well, and good luck,

      • Avatar
        Chris Worrall says:

        And I’d like to add that quite a fair chunk of my data used for SotD does come from the tools provided and that Steve also uses the same tools for his Race of the Day feature.

        It isn’t for everyone, but like life itself, the more of your own work you put in, you more you’ll get out.

        I’m now off to B&Q to tell them not to sell gardening equipment any longer, but that they should be going round cutting people’s lawns for them. 😉

        • Avatar
          Blokeshead says:

          It’s not often I really do “laugh out loud” at a comment on a horse-racing site, but that B&Q remark….. !

          Thanks, Chris. I’ve had a sod of a day (bloody customers!) and really needed that.

    • Avatar
      hillsy945 says:

      Interesting comments Brian and I find it strange that you’re on here at all if you just want the name of a horse. I do however totally acknowledge that many people do not have the time to go through the information in this level of detail. At the risk of just commenting for a shameless plug, if you want the name of a horse, check out my free service called The Handicap Breaker (@thehcpbrkr) on Twitter where the source of our selections is based on the analysis we conduct using GeeGeez Gold tools. Ultimately, if I’m going to inform people and make them part with their hard-earned cash, I need to damn sure myself of the reasons why I’m putting something out there.

      I religiously pour over the data and I love it. Matt, as a user of the reports on a daily basis, the inline expand button is great and thanks for the continued work.

  2. Avatar
    sondrio2 says:

    The additions are going to save some time thats for sure Matt, anything that reduces the amount of clicking is fine by me thats for sure. Not sure where Brian is coming from with his comments to be honest, but we are all differant i suppose, but personally i prefer doing my own legwork rather than rely on someone telling me which nag to back, i live and die by own deliberations and the geegeez tools give me a great chance of narrowing down a field to a workable list.

  3. Avatar
    RonCombo says:

    Matt, that is pleasingly comprehensive and as ever well explained. If I have a ‘complaint’ it’s that I can spend far too much time just playing around with all that data provided by Geegeez – because it’s so enjoyable. Keep up the fantastic work!

    • Avatar
      Matt Bisogno says:

      Thanks Arthur, and yes, I know the feeling re spending too long playing with angles!


  4. Avatar
    Mrg749 says:

    Thanks Matt and all involved with these little tweaks.I for one am a number and stat cruncher,the more the better for me personally. It,s the working out the puzzle of a race that floats my boat,and all the info on this site are all bits of the puzzle.You just need to find the right bits and hey presto your in the dosh smoking a fat one in the Bahamas lol.
    Keep up the good work,and many thanks.
    (Just a quick P.S for Brian if he,s reading this,I,ve only been a member of this site for a few weeks and already have won enough to pay for a yearly subscription and then some,using the info on here.So a bit of effort will pay dividends)

    • Avatar
      Matt Bisogno says:

      Thanks for taking time to comment, MrG749, and really glad to hear you’re enjoying your Gold sub and making it pay. Great news.


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