Geegeez Gold: Introducing Snippets

Geegeez Gold continues to evolve. This week, we've added the first part of the latest addition, Snippets, to the report suite.




The first snippets relate to sires, and are unimaginatively called Sire Snippets. Currently these have been incorporated into a report of the same name. That report can be found here: Sire Snippets

Each snippet appertains to a different cut of the two year performance history of that sire. There are currently four views:

- All: The entire two-year performance history for the sire in question

- Race Type: The two-year history based on race code: Flat Turf, AW, NHF, Hurdle, Chase, Hunter Chase

- Distance Range: The two-year history based on distance, as follows:

  • FLAT: Sprint (less than 7.5 furlongs) / Middle Distance (7.5 - 11.5 furlongs) / Staying (greater than 11.5 furlongs)
  • JUMPS: Speed (less than 19.5 furlongs) / Middle Distance (19.5 - 25 furlongs) / Marathon (greater than 25 furlongs)

- Age Range: The two-year history based on age, as follows:

  • FLAT: 2yo / 3yo / 4yo+
  • JUMPS: 3-5yo / 6-8yo / 9yo+

Here's an example of how the data is laid out, which will be familiar to existing users of Gold's reporting suite:


Example of the new Sire Snippets report

Example of the new Sire Snippets report


New Report Filters

You may also note that there are two additional filters that have been added to the set at the top of this - and most of the other main - report(s).

They are for A/E and IV, more information on which can be found here.

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I personally use a bare minimum setting of 1 for both of these filters, which helps to add a layer of confidence to the returned results. Ideally I'm interested in scores of at least 1.25 for both.

As mentioned, you can see these filters on all of the main reports now. If you don't see them, please refresh your browser cache.

Here's an example of the Trainer / Jockey Combo Report:


New filters on TJ Combo report

New filters on TJ Combo report


What next for Gold Snippets?

This is the first part of the first phase of the addition of snippets to Gold's cards and reports. In due course, it is my intention to add this data to the inline form icons on the racecard. And snippets will not just be for sires, but for trainers also.

The trainer snippets element is a big piece of work that will ultimately lead to an incredible amount of insight being added to the racecards for Gold subscribers. It takes as its inspiration something found on the cards of the US racing daily, Daily Racing Form.

Have a look at this DRF excerpt, which displays the form history of the brilliant Liam's Map prior to his impressive Breeders' Cup Dirt Mile win last October.


DRF Form Example. Note the Trainer Snippets

DRF Form Example. Note the Trainer Snippets


Note the red highlighted area, which outlines various contextual elements relating to this runner for this trainer in this race. The key is context. This horse last ran 31-60 days prior to his Breeders' Cup start. It is therefore irrelevant to display the trainer's form with runners lining up after, say, 61-90 days off the track.

Likewise, the Dirt Mile is, oddly enough, a dirt track race, so the trainer's dirt track stats are flagged, but not his turf track record. Make sense? Good.

Ultimately, I'm looking to introduce the relevant contextual snippets into the inline form on the race card, which will look something like this, with the data acting as an addendum to the existing four rows:


Inline trainer snippets: Artist's impression

Inline trainer snippets: Artist's impression


Trainer Snippets Report

There will also be a highly configurable report, allowing users to select those snippets of most interest to them, and to apply the normal report filters to those selections.

Here is a basic mock up of roughly how that will look:


Trainer Snippets report: artist's impression

Trainer Snippets report: artist's impression


As you may be able to gather, there is a degree of complexity associated with this that our existing reports largely don't have. As such, it might be a month or two before this is online. But I for one cannot wait to see how it looks!


So what else is new?

That's just one element of our current development stack. In tomorrow's post, I'll share a video of a very cool upgrade we're building for the Full Form Filter tab. In a stroke of genius inspiration, I decided to call it FFF v2 (I know, brilliant, right?), and I think you're going to love it.

It will be available to Gold subscribers only, but all free registered users will be able to sample its charms daily via the Races of the Day highlighted in yellow on today's racecards. I hope to have this live by the end of next week, so stay tuned. In the meantime, look out for the video tomorrow.

And do let me know what you think about the above!



Your first 30 days for just £1
5 replies
  1. Avatar
    Ray Thompson says:

    Fascinating stuff, but technically doesn’t a Sire Snippet usually result in a gelding?

  2. Avatar
    jethro says:

    Hi Matt,
    Firstly, well done on the two juicy priced SotD winners this week in Chris’s absence! Nice to see things taking a turn for the better, after numerous hard luck stories over the past couple of months!
    Just a quick question/suggestion in regard to your new Sire Snippets, which looks a really good addition. I find in the often fickle weather, especially during the Summer months, that when the track conditions suddenly change from good, to soft or heavy, there is often very little to go on as to whether a horse might handle a deteriorating underfoot change. Especially so with younger horses who may be untried on ground worse than good. Breeding is at least something to go on in this regard and although a lot of keen racing folk will know the best soft track sires off the top of their heads, unfortunately I am not one of them!
    I would find it really useful to have a tool which gives a sire’s performance stats over all its progeny who have raced on each of the varying track conditions from firm through to heavy. Would this be a possibility using the two year’s sires stats you have developed thus far?
    Would appreciate your thoughts and best regards…

    • Avatar
      Matt Bisogno says:

      Hi Jethro

      It’s a really good point that you make and, at the moment, Sire Snippets – like all our reports – is focused on the advertised going at the time of report generation. What that means is that, should the going change, our reports (including The Shortlist, which features a Going element) do not get updated.

      The way to get around this – which you probably do already – is to change the going on the Racecards menu page. In FFFv2, you will then be able to see how the progeny of all sires in the race have performed against the revised going.

      It sounds more convoluted than it is: in reality it’s a couple of clicks:

      1. Change going on main cards page
      2. Click Full Form, and select Sire tab
      3. Click the ‘Going’ filter
      4. Er, that’s it

      Hope that offers some food for thought. I think FFFv2 is going to be a big step forward in terms of quickly understanding various aspects of each of horse (either directly or by implication via sire), trainer and jockey performance – especially the first two.

      Best Regards,

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